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user37098 19 months ago

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diyadifrent 23 months ago

Emily Matchamhow to stop?

How on earth do you stop thinking. Its got so bad that i litally can’t control what i think, i end up over-thinking everything!! I just wanna be able to control wheni think and what i think :( any ideas? 2 years ago

Emily Matcham 2 years ago

Esteronja 2 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudin 2 years ago

Ubeauty 2 years ago

mattieb36 2 years ago

Alastair PetersThinking about thinking, thinking about everything, OCD, etc.

A lot of what I see people saying here relates to what I had gone through. I don’t think there is some perfect, sure fire
Way to pin down the problem, but some of the OCD help I have received applies I think.

The struggle is made more complicated when we start to become bothered that we are bothered. Or we start thinking about how much we think, and we get introspective, and try to study ourselves to figure out the problem. I think the problem is actually in how we ruminate. We do it with important things, but even with random stuff. I think we can get fixated on things, and because we can’t understand or fully grasp something wih perfect explanation or certainty, we keep puzzling away, and then. Each detail becomes a hang up. A control freak fest.

I think what ends up happening is that were so zeroed in on one thing, that we then fail to experience life around us. And without more life exPerience and interaction with others, we become more isolatEd and feel more and more alienated. Sometimes I feel like no one is caring about really important, specific topics, but in my tunnel vision, I loose ability to care about all the other important things in life.

I think it’s actually because of how sensitive I am. And then I get bothered and hung up, and it just circles out of control. I end up becoming less loving, more of a hypochondriac, and just only care about me. I know this was a bit of a rant, but I just wanted to put it out there. 2 years ago

Alastair Peters 2 years ago

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