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jkhashab 12 months ago

Mitsou 3 years ago


Debbie 3 years ago

bermudamohawk 3 years ago

James BanksUntitled

I will start this from Feb on! My plan is to spend my budget (minus all the fixed expenses) in cash + make sure I do not overdraw any money. It is way too easy to spend money that is not your >.> 23 months ago

James Banks 23 months ago


It’s been 2 1/2 months since I’ve taken money out of my savings account. It’s a Festivus miracle! ;) Ever since I discovered the concept of minimalism and started resolving to curb the purchasing of new things, I’ve stopped spending more than I’m making. Coincidence? Nah.

But though I may technically have my spending under control, I’m still living beyond my means. My spending doesn’t necessarily reflect my values. Almost 50% of my income goes toward rent, utilities, and other bills… I always expected to have help with these things, but I’m on my own for the foreseeable future so something has to change. I should move because rent alone is 35% of my income (not including utilities) and our home bigger than we need. But I love this place and the location and I’m tired of feeling so transient, so I’m reluctant to move. (Plus, the rental market is very blah this time of year.)

If I don’t move (or even if I do), I’ve got to make other changes, too. I continue to talk about getting rid of the cable but I can’t seem to bite the bullet and actually do it. I could make little changes to make our home more energy efficient (especially in the winter) but I’m too stubborn to follow through. I keep saying I’m going to dine out less or stop buying so many lattes, but I’ve got no willpower to keep my word. My Jeep’s getting horrible gas mileage and there may be little fixes that could improve it, but I’ve been too lazy to make them happen.


Still, no dipping into my savings since October 15th isn’t too shabby :) 1 year ago

bermudamohawktime crawls

when you’re living on a budget.

I’m two days away from my next paycheck. I was pretty rigid about my budget for about a week, but then unexpected expenses came up and I became a bit more lax. I started by trying to shift my cash budget around. Then I resorted to using the credit card. This was a particularly difficult time to try and implement the cash budget when nearly all of my paycheck went to bills. Still, I only owe $37 on my credit card, and the second half of the month should be much easier. 2 years ago

Ivy45 2 years ago

bermudamohawkget it together in November

My accounts are reconciled! It was tough, and it required dipping into my savings to pay off some unexpected bills, but right now my credit card debt is $0, my checking account is balanced, and my savings account is still in good-enough shape.

Trying to implement a budget during the holiday season is like trying to start a diet during the holiday season. It’s not going to be easy, but if I can stick to it, I’ll feel much better in the new year. (I can’t believe how much I’ve already been thinking about 2013. It’s so close.)

Anyway, my November plan is to withdraw all my spending money for the 1/2 month (after each paycheck), leaving only money for bills and savings in my account. I’ll divvy the money up into different buckets and once it’s gone, it’s gone. (I tried to abide by similar rules over the past week and while it was tough, I succeeded in not using my credit card!) Since my payday is technically on the 31st, I’ll withdraw all my cash on Halloween evening and spend the night budgeting… in costume ;-) 2 years ago

bermudamohawkwell, the spending fast was a bust

I just spent some time reviewing my finances, as I’m considering the possibility of purchasing a home in the near future. I can’t help but regret a couple of things… loaning so much money to R and spending so much on take out. I can only imagine how much larger my savings would be – doubled possibly – if I’d controlled those two things over the past two years. Regret is far from helpful, though. I’m hoping this all inspires me to get my act together from here on out. (Also, that money helped fund some great memories… how can I regret that?)

Time to work on my budget again. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkspending fast

For the next week, I hope/plan to limit my spending as much as possible. Though I’m not necessarily living beyond my means, I am spending money without enough thought. Today, for example, I dined out for every meal. I probably spent close to $30. In ONE day. That’s ridiculous.

  • no dining out alone. if I need food, it needs to come from the grocery store. it needs to be affordable AND nourishing. currently, most of my spending goes toward food and beverages.
  • no more than one beverage purchase a day.
  • no purchasing of unnecessary things.
  • make my spending a reflection of my values. for example, I value spending time with friends, so I will splurge and spend $10 to go to the movies with N. I don’t value feeling grossly stuffed, so I will not waste $10 on a gluttonous meal. 2 years ago

bermudamohawknew ideas

I created a budget for myself in February and haven’t look at it since March. Oops. Reviewing it, I find that nothing’s really changed. I’m just not staying within my means. (It’s also tough when I have to make work purchases and I don’t get reimbursed promptly – it throws off my whole perception of how much money I really have.)

My latest idea is to withdraw $X each month (or week, perhaps) and let that be the only money I use in that time frame for dining out and entertainment purposes. Everything else is pretty much a fixed (or semi-fixed) cost. I should also go back to using – right now I ignore it because it’s always telling me I spend too much! 2 years ago

fluffisacoolword 2 years ago

bermudamohawkno more credit

Thinking of resolving to stop using my credit card in 2012. Not using credit is sure to help me live within my means. I’m racking up quite the bill right now (with the move and Christmas and whatnot) but I think I’ll be able to pay it off without dipping into savings by the end of the month.

At the VERY least, I’ll have the credit card for special purchases only.

Something to consider… 3 years ago

bermudamohawkcurrent goal

Find an alternative to my morning latte. An average of $4/day = $12-20/week. About $50-80/month. Oh, the things I could do with that money. But my lattes help keep me full throughout the morning. Hmm. 3 years ago

bermudamohawk"are you saving lots of money?"

My dad asked me this morning. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I have no excuse for not “saving lots of money.” I live rent free. My bills are minimal. I should have more money saved up than my bank account shows. I suddenly felt like my frivolous spending was just a slap in the face to him, who’s been helping me out so I can not be living paycheck-to-paycheck when I finally do move out.

It’s time to step it up even more. 3 years ago

bermudamohawkafter one week

I’ve cut back considerably on unnecessary spending. I racked up $145 in expenses, but most of that went toward things I NEEDED (prescription, vitamins, food, gas). Less than $20 were spend on frivolous purchases (coffee, snacks). 3 years ago

bermudamohawkthis fire is out of control

I think I’ve already spent close to $200 in the month of September. Baseball tickets, gas, LOTS of drinks, food, and random purchases (football socks and hair mousse, CD, DVD). And I actually thought I was exercising SOME self control (there were also shirts, hats, books, and more DVDs I wanted to buy). I’m not usually a purchaser of material goods, and most of my money did go toward doing things. I feel like if I cut back I’ll be depriving myself, but if I keep spending like this I’ll be out of control. (Who am I kidding, I already AM out of control.)

I’m not sure how to responsibly cut back. And I always considered myself to be responsible with money in the past. What happened?! 3 years ago

DebbieWhere does the money go.

I started a daily spending log to track my spending.

Here is a good little article to help with this goal. 3 years ago

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