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Learn Lucid Dreaming

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edb224 7 months ago

tricitybendix 10 months ago

marmites11 10 months ago

Patfromboston 13 months ago

MaubeeMy take...

I have had lucid dreams many times. For this goal to be checked off I would want to learn how to train myself to lucid dream more often and more by my conscious choice. (i.e. preparing myself to be more likely to lucid dream and/or increasing my ability to notice that I am in a dream by practicing checking for common dream cues more often when I am awake.) 14 months ago

sitruunapuu 2 years ago

Sarah 15 months ago

yatto2 15 months ago

Daniel 15 months ago

user48163 15 months ago

instantpud 16 months ago

spdcbr 16 months ago


I have had a few lucid dreams this year and would like to master this skill! 16 months ago

Kiki 16 months ago

Tunni22 18 months ago

SpyrunnerI've had many lucid

dreams in my life. I learned to jump, fly and float. However, when I’m jumping it’s always on top of an apartment building like you would see in a spiderman movie. When I am flying it is always above railroad tracks with telephone poles to the right side of the track, and trees to the left. When I float I am always in a field with some trees nearby.

The main reason I would like to experience more lucid dreams is they are fun, and I haven’t had any recently. 19 months ago

Spyrunner 19 months ago

SparkleDarkle 21 months ago

ArtemisLux 22 months ago

ltartp 22 months ago

Miss Villainess 2 years ago

Nathalie Gabrielsen 2 years ago

sitruunapuuLucid dreaming

I had my last lucid dream a night ago (for those who don’t know what a lucid dream is, it’s a dream in which you’re aware that you’re dreaming) and have them occasionally, but they’re pretty random and I can’t have them at will. Since I don’t have them very often, I haven’t got a lot of practice and am also not very good at affecting my dreams – I’ve never for example managed to turn a nightmare into a “good” dream even when I’ve realised I’m just dreaming. I’ve only been able to decide to wake myself up but not do much to affect the mood of the dream.

I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for a few years now and have taken certain steps towards it in the past (such as keeping a dream journal), but have never really been serious about it. There are several reasons why I find lucid dreaming an interesting concept, such as the fact that you’d learn to be conscious in a normally unconscious state. Several advanced lucid dreamers have said that exploring lucid dreams has made them realise that our waking reality isn’t all that different from a dream; we just don’t realise how much we can affect it before we become lucid, very much in the same way as it works in our dreams – you don’t know you’re dreaming and you don’t know you’ve all the control over it since it’s happening in your own subconscious before you become lucid. I know that probably sounds crazy to most people, but I find the idea that our reality could work very much in the same way as lucid dreams very interesting.

Another reason why I want to learn lucid dreaming is the simple fact that at least for me a good, interesting dream can set a great mood for the whole day, while a “bad” dream often does the opposite (I’ve actual nightmares very rarely), so having the power to affect my dreams more and even pre-program myself to have the kind of dreams I want to have sounds like a good and fairly easy way to improve my waking life, as well.

I’m not quite sure what my first step will be, but I’m probably going to read a book or two on lucid dreaming and start keeping a dream journal again. I’m not quite sure how long it’ll take to have lucid dreams more often, but I hope to have made at least some progress a few months from now. :-) 2 years ago

user7797 2 years ago

Samantha Friar 2 years ago

soonforgetMy Dream Journal

I began my dream journal this morning. I read online that one of the easiest ways to start lucid dreaming is to take detailed notes of your dreams, and write in the present tense so it’s easier to become self-aware and thus gain control of your dream.

If I’m lucky, I may get some pretty interesting stories that I’ve written too. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll publish them. 2 years ago

MoonlightGrace 2 years ago

Leilani716 2 years ago

Dimitri 2 years ago

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