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nobodyinyoureyesI see you

They see you and call you ‘Bad’ or ‘Unlucky’,
They look into your eyes and see evil.
What they don’t see is that even through the fear there is Hope.
A Hope that something over there cares.

I just wanna reach out and protect you.
and touch that soft silky fur…
I know that you’re misunderstood
I know that people look at you and think that you’re evil.
I know that you’re really scared.

You were enjoying the beauty of that flower, until something bigger then you came along….
Something Scary.

OF COURSE, you can defend yourself if you have to, I don’t disagree,
But most things are bigger than you - EVERYTHING around is bigger than you and could catch you and harm you….
So you want to run!

But…. you stopped to look and wonder,
“Is it harm or something good I see, is it something pretty like me?”

I just want you to get a glimpse of Maybe?Just Maybe
Everything’s gonna be OK.

I stoop and stare. I could reach out and confirm your fears, but I’ll let you decide…..
The power of you glare keeps me captivated as time stands still…
Will you decide to run or will you see, that it is you looking at me, me looking at you, me looking at me in you.
The two is one…don’t run. 20 hours ago

nobodyinyoureyes 2 days ago

lflowers 2 months ago

greenandblk 3 months ago

uniqsoul 3 months ago

birdladyb2 4 months ago

curedart 4 months ago

agathiel 4 months ago

klarrra 11 months ago

diamondfarah13 5 months ago

aquolina 6 months ago

jessietomm 6 months ago

itsjusttu 8 months ago

flowersandgore 9 months ago

FriedrichWilde 10 months ago

sitruunapuu 13 months ago

Cruselda 13 months ago

sbailey71 13 months ago

shirinaxo 14 months ago

onyaila01 15 months ago

onyaila01removing this goal

I’m writing more poetry but the goal is too vague for me. I’m going to set a poetry volume goal and aim to acheive that. 14 months ago

onyaila01Severly Inspired

I’ve written four more poems and started a song. This is an excellent start to the year. More to come, more to come. :) 14 months ago

Debbiekay 15 months ago

Daniel 15 months ago

chacker12 15 months ago

msh_northwest 15 months ago

6591deco 15 months ago

DracoI had a plant

A Golden Pothos plant
They grow green vines
And like to climb

From the time it was young it always did well
It stretched and thrived in the summer sun
Everyday it grew some more
It was thirsty and thanked me for the water I’d pour

But when wintertime came, the sun went away
The mornings came later and the plant became sad
It got weak and sick and lost more leaves every day

It turned yellow and brown. ALL its leaves on the ground
I was distraught as the plant fought
It was dying quickly… And then I thought
“what can I do to help you renew?”

The plant needed change, so now it has a new home
I brought it to work and it sits under the lights
though its recovery so far has been only slight
I watch hopefully as the plant continues its fight

It brushed itself off, and now can rise from its low
As buds show promise for a brighter tomorrow 16 months ago

ziyakhan 16 months ago

Elizabeth June 17 months ago

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