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stop eating wheat

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spoonose 4 months ago

Taehreh 19 months ago


Been going very well with this, I’ve been having a max of 1 or 1.5 servings of bread a day. I personally want to change this to eat less wheat. Because if I cut it out completely, I might relapse and binge on it. mmm 9 months ago

Jolly_ChikaI still don't know

why it’s so hard to accomplish this D:
it’s bread not crack!!! 9 months ago

Jolly_Chikano wheat no problems

I swear I feel so much better without bread even if I’m sick atm.
I want to keep this up but also cut other starchy things like potatoes and corn. Which I’m kind of addicted to as well. Ok potatoes are not bad when they’re not drained in oil. But corn is terrible for you!
And I’ve been having the multigrain tortillas and such… So got to quit that too. 9 months ago

Jolly_Chikafeeling sick

I had a bagel this morning, whole wheat and mutligrain! the apparently good stuff for you. However, I feel really sick! My belly feels and looks swollen and it hurts! I feel really sleepy… I felt more awake before breakfast… I have terrible heart burn. All from just one bagel…

On top of that it makes me gain weight in the long run, so might as well just stop eating wheat or any wheat products.

I’m going to sub it with brown rice and quinoa and see if I feel better :) and weigh less! 10 months ago

TaehrehI have to do this.

I am embarrassingly addicted to wheat products, especially toast. I can eat rounds and rounds of toast at a time, and never feel like I’ve had enough. Actually, that’s so true… I can never have enough. I know myself, my husband says to me: “Just have a couple pieces and be done with it.” But that’s not possible for me. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. The only way to get this under control is to get rid of it completely.

This is so easy to say right now as I had my toast this morning and thus my ‘fix’ is okay for now. But I know later that bread on the counter is going to look pretty delicious, and my brain is going to say “you look fine, just go ahead and have some. Just one piece.” Well SCREW YOU wheat-addicted brain. I will anticipate your sabotaging ways and ignore you. I know I can do this. I’ve given up many things in the past (salt, soft drinks, dairy, chocolate), but for some reason giving up wheat is a real bitch. I’ve tried and failed so many times. But hopefully this will be it.

Please let this be it…......... 19 months ago

annamoiWheat free day 1

am wheat free since yesterday, not gluten free, which am guessing will be harder to follow. I feel great so far. I used to feel hungry half an hour after having a toast, now i have linseed bread and am full for hours! My goal is to be wheat free for a month. After that, we’ll see.. 2 years ago

annamoi 2 years ago

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