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Finally started this one today….

http://zaynie.wordpress.com/ 4 years ago

manzoidnot trying to be some fancypants "blogger"

Well I have started a blog, to collect the times “when silly thoughts go through my head” (a lovely tune).

I am coming to the blogging thing very late, but oh well. I’m not trying to be some fancypants “blogger” so much as I’d simply like to collect some of the stuff that amuses or inspires me, and concentrate that into one handy repository of personal goodness. So when I’m feeling out of sorts, I can riffle through a collection of guaranteed chuckles and sparklers, or at least warm myself a little in the afterglow of such things.

Also I find that writing things down makes them, and me, more real. I find when I go back and read stuff I have written, it’s almost like communicating with an interesting stranger, someone I’d like to get to know. Someone I like a lot better than the scolding monkey-man who’s usually jumping around in my real-time skull. 8 years ago

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