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I’m lucky enough to have a friend who was willing and able to host me .6 months ago

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Our trip to New York was great. I’m glad we didn’t wait to spend our holidays there because it is overrated. The city is much like Los Angeles with taller buildings, but faster paced and a tad ruder. You have to be independent there and fend for yourself and I know if I stayed there for a few months, it will make me a stronger person. Their public transportation is amazing there because you’ll never be stuck in traffic and get to work late. You also don’t have to worry about hitting the gym after work because you’ll get a good workout from climbing up and down the subway stairs. The weather is a little bipolar considering it IS the beginning of summer, and it is assumed that it should be warm/hot… but over there, it’s that plus some rainfall. The food from the food carts (waffles, Halal) is delicious and affordable and that is one of the two things that I wish Los Angeles has more of. The second thing I wish Los Angeles would have is something similar to Dumbo, which is a mini city equipped with a park, shopping center, performing arts studios, and theaters right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge by the water.

I miss New York already. This trip was more than just a getaway from the norm. It has made me appreciate how far I can travel on my own two feet and also to be more self sufficient. Hopefully this trip will start off future trips to different cities waiting to be explored. 9 months ago

sunkissed22 13 months ago

sunkissed22in less than a week!!!

we still haven’t planned anything out yet!! i’m so excited :) 10 months ago

sunkissed222 weeks

in less than 2 weeks, i’ll be on a plane for 6 hours embarking on one of the longest and most expensive trip i have ever made. i have to commit to myself to these two things until i hop on that plane:

1. not spend frivolously (dining out/buying fast food)
2. exercise as much as i can! 10 months ago


I’M ECSTATIC TO VISIT THE BIG APPLE!!!!!!!!! 10 months ago

_Erykah_ 6 years ago

GrammaG 13 months ago

GrammaGA whirlwind day

In August 2010 I went to New York City with my friend Jenna to see one of my favorite actors, Fran Kranz, in an Off-Broadway play. We were in the city from about 10 in the morning until 11:00 at night, and we packed in as much NYC fun as we could: fancy cupcakes, a stroll through Central Park, celebrity sightings, riding the subway, Times Square, the public library, and our play. I’m antsy to go back with the family. 13 months ago

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