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noun [usually sing.] (pl. -ies)

the state of not being able to decide what to do in a difficult situation, syn dilemma

George was in a quandary – should he go or shouldn’t he?21 months ago



(of people, animals or behaviour) noisy and full of life and energy

  • It was a challenge, keeping ten boisterous seven-year-olds amused. 21 months ago



to accept behaviour that is morally wrong or to treat it as if it were not serious

  • Terrorism can never be condoned. 22 months ago


pronounce: [‘vælient]

adjective (especially literary)

very brave or determined; syn courageous

  • valiant warriors
  • She made a vialiant attempt not to laugh. 22 months ago


old-fashioned, formal


in the habit of doing something, syn accustomed
not before noun
wont + to do something

  • He was wont to fall asleep after supper.


something a person often does, syn habit

  • She got up early, as was her wont. 22 months ago


adverb (formal)

more than you think is reasonable or necessary; synonym: excessively

He did not sound unduly worried at the prospect.

The levels of pollution in this area are unduly high.

The thought did not disturb her unduly.22 months ago




Grub’s up! (= the meal is ready)

They serve good pub grub there.23 months ago



- LL – (extolling, extolled, etc.)

to extol sb/sth (as sth)


to praise sb/sth very much

Doctors often EXTOL THE VIRTUES of eating less fat.

She was EXTOLLED as a genius.23 months ago



squander sth (on sb/sth)

to waste money, time, etc. in a stupid or careless way

He squandered all his money on gambling.23 months ago


DECLINE – noun or verb.

noun: countable noun, usually singular, uncountable noun

decline (in sth)/decline (of sth)

a continuous decrease in the number, value, quality, etc. of sth

a rapid/sharp/gradual decline

urban/economic decline

The company reported a small decline in its profits.

An increase in cars has resulted in the decline of public transport.

The town fell into (a) decline (=started to be less busy, important, etc.) after the mine closed.

Industry in Britain has been in decline since the 1970s.


1. to become smaller, fewer, weaker, etc.

Support for the party continues to decline.

The number of tourists to the resort declined by 10% last year.

Her health was declining rapidly.

2.(formal) to refuse politely to accept or to do sth, syn refuse

I offered to give them a lift but they declined.

to decline an offer/invitation

Their spokesman declined to comment on the allegations.

3. (grammar) if a noun, an adjective or a pronoun declines, it has different forms according to wheather it is the subject or the object of a verb, wheather it is in the singular or plural, etc. When you decline a noun, etc. you list these forms.23 months ago

amaniaMy electronic dictionary

This is my tool I use to understand beautiful English words :) This is one of the most used thing in my room. There’s no day without it.
I bought it in Shanghai, China, and I use it for Japanese too.
The picture quality is not good, sorry for that. 23 months ago


dachshund [pronounced:’dæksnd/’dɑ:kshʊnd]

also British English & informal: sausage dog ;)

a small dog with a long body, long ears and very short legs 23 months ago



to gradually become less successful and end in a disappointing way

Unfortunately I don’t have any example sentences. Someone help please? 23 months ago



1. to pull a tree, plant, etc. out of the ground

- The typhoon uprooted some of the trees along the street.
- There uprooted flowers are the work of your dog.

2. uproot + yourself/somebody – to leave a place where you have lived for a long time; to make somebody do this

- We decided to uproot and head for Japan.
- If I accept the job, it will mean uprooting my family and moving to USA.
- The city uprooted many families from their houses near the station. 23 months ago



used only before noun; especially North American English

meaning: going to happen soon


- the upcoming presidential election
- a single from the band’s upcoming album 23 months ago


DIMPLE (noun)

1. a small hollow place in the skin, especially in the cheek or chin

Amania had a dimple which appeared when she smiled.

2. any small hollow place in a surface

a pane of glass with a dimple pattern23 months ago



-Like a star, as in brilliance 23 months ago



-become young again
-return to life 2 years ago


Invigorate 2 years ago

zumbafanmy word

Procrastinate 2 years ago

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