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go to a movie alone

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this was not awkward at all like I thought it would be. Went during the day got my popcorn and snacks and there were actually a bunch of other solo movie goers there. Will definitely do this again! 3 months ago

ninagolden 7 months ago

shardaixoxo 14 months ago

hecalledherbob 2 years ago

HollytheGrownUp 15 months ago

leccy 16 months ago

LoveAllTrustFew 3 years ago

LoveAllTrustFewToday I became a feminist...

As mentioned earlier I decided to go to a matinee alone, why not? I wanted to see a movie and everyone else was busy so I decided to go alone. I sit down close to the door at the back in one of those short side rows and look around and see that about 1/3 of the people are singletons and feel content sitting alone to enjoy my film. The lights dim and the movie starts, about 30 minutes in four teenage boys saunter noisily in and sit in the row behind me. They are loud and rude and I can barely hear the movie over them, I consider moving. At this point two of them move down to sit on either side of me. Here we go. They open with the classic ‘I’m surprised to see you here alone, you’re cute.’ and continue loudly hitting on me for about 15 minutes. After the third time they asked me how old I was I stood up and told them that I was old enough to have paid my own admission and as such wanted to hear the damn movie and moved. The couple next to me applauded.

I am so angry I am still seeing red, I’m not mad at those boys really. They where just kids. I am mad at society. It’s messed up that I have to reconsider what roads I walk my dog down at night, that I feel like I can’t wear shorts because of creepy old men leering at me, that I can’t do simple everyday tasks that a man would never have to even think twice about. I am mad that just because I am a women I can not even do something as simple as go to see a matinee superhero movie on a Sunday alone. It’s bull, and it needs to change. 21 months ago


I think I may do this today, why not? I don’t see what the big deal is, you really just sit quietly for two hours anyways, not a big deal if the seat beside you is empty right? 21 months ago

jillperzi 22 months ago

Nj1200 22 months ago


Kate Sloan 2 years ago

lavendrin 2 years ago

lavendrinAs soon as I put it on the list..

I did it! I guess it’s just putting it down on ‘paper’ that made me consciously seek out this opportunity. I saw Drive and liked that I could absorb the moldering hotness of Ryan Gosling all by myself :) 2 years ago

rosehips85 2 years ago


I want to do this cause I don’t like going to the cinema in groups. I don’t think it’s a social thing to go and do. I prefer watching films alone so I want to go to the cinema by myself. Al though I know I’ll feel like a loner – who cares 2 years ago

Jason Nadin

Kate Sloan 2 years ago


I must admit that this is really hard for me… Maybe i will do it in a foreign city where i dont know anybody… It just makes me really uncomfortable but this is something i want to do. 2 years ago

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