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mas00miss 3 weeks ago


My ebook reached number 20 for its niche in the Amazon charts. Sadly it is not a very big niche and it did not amount to many sales. I have enough written to publish several more this way but I am not sure if it is worth while. I have been asked to do a but why: maths so I will try to give that a go as I am always up for an interesting challenge.
“Rufus”.Rufus.Evison.Com 2 months ago

Tarja14 12 months ago

theryty 12 months ago

mikecitylife 15 months ago

cheesebuns 15 months ago

GrapheneTiger 16 months ago

RufusEvisonDoes this count at all?

I have published an eBook. I do not really feel it counts towards this goal but it seems like something that has to be done.

I write for pleasure, not for publication. I write a blog because I feel I should but most of my writing is just for me and has been happening since before there were blogs around.

I wrote a humorous book of excerpts from books that do not exist. It is funny and people have told me I should get it published but why should I? I enjoy people who find it sitting around and become engrossed and laugh a lot, but that is pleasure enough.

I wrote most of a book for fathers about stuff they needed to know before the pregnancy. Various people have used that one and I do feel a certain obligation to help people by getting it published. Instead I have joined the NCT trading board to help establish support networks and the like. That is worthy enough and will fulfil the same purpose.

Now I have written a book based on my experiences with child learning that has answers to the question ‘why’ that really help. When asked “why?”, “but why?”, “but why?” interminably people send their kids to come and ask me and I have written a manuscript to help answer properly. As always people have said I should try to get it published but it seems to me that there is very little money in kids publishing and it is a lot of work to try to get things published. That said I do feel, like in the NCT case, a certain obligation. This is the sort of thing that should be out there.

What I have done is take a small piece of the book and turn it into a mini-eBook. If people buy it I will make a series out of the rest of the book and go to a published with something that already sells. In practice no one will buy it because they will not know it exists but trying to advertise it would be expensive, not cost effective and a lot of work.

Have a look at http://amzn.to/UOB1gD and perhaps spend the price of a half pint to buy it? If your child likes it (or if you do) write a comment on here and I will say that this bit was worth doing and publish the whole series.

Rufus 19 months ago

fallingskyscrapersNaNoWriMo August 2012

Writing it is the first step… August 2013, here we come!
I should probably finish STRONGER first… They’re still in the middle of the snowball fight:) 19 months ago

fallingskyscrapers 19 months ago

julzCAN 20 months ago

Phoenix LeFaeTechnically....

Yes, I got a short story published, but it isn’t one that I am very proud of and it is only in ebook format and I am earning no money off of it. So I don’t really think it counts. Of course, I am still working on my two fiction stories. Slow going and all since I have to write for a living, writing other people’s stuff… 21 months ago

Toni Preston 21 months ago

user26055 22 months ago

Foxxfire1970 1 year ago

Bleu_Magenta 2 years ago

xtarynx 2 years ago

Killdoomkid 2 years ago

thatgrrl17 2 years ago

runrunrabbit 2 years ago

NicAndFaye 2 years ago

Phoenix LeFaeFiction it is

It seems that what I have to say in the Pagan genre isn’t really wanted at this time. Oh well, maybe later.

I am working on my fiction story. I really like it and in the last week, thanks to NaNoWriMo, I have totally revamped it.

I feel confident that I will be published. It feels good to just trust that it is going to work out. 2 years ago

KayDeeKaykes 2 years ago

argonsweater 2 years ago

charlottepompom17 2 years ago

Jess Whittall 2 years ago

James 2 years ago

Eva Moylan 2 years ago

Vitisin 2 years ago

La Farera del Ártico 2 years ago

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