have a body like Jillian Michaels

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besidequietwaters 3 years ago

besidequietwatersAimed High

and missed the mark, but I’ve been working out consistently almost every day for over eighteen months, so I’m gonna say I actually did hit close enough to my target to call this goal complete.

If I were sitting on an island surrounded by foodstuffs my body would look like Jillian’s looks in this cute pic…;)16 months ago

besidequietwatersIn My Quest To Be Jillian-Like

Photo from atlanticcitypress.com

I was doing rear deltoid flies this week at the gym. Two women were standing watching me. I heard one of them say, “What she’s doing looks awesome.” After a pause, the other replied, “I wish Jillian Michaels were my trainer.” Oh wow! Did those women just associate me with Jillian? I wondered, and just the possibility got me thinking all kinds of happy thoughts then feeling ever so slightly pleased about how fit and healthy I’m becoming.

But lest I become puffed up with pride, I returned to the gym the next day, stopped my thinking for a short moment and was promptly thrown off the back of the treadmill. I sorta caught myself mid-air so that I did not splatter all over floor, but there was this big, loud, mondo-embarrassing commotion. Everyone stopped what they were doing, turned, and looked. Oops, I’m Okay!! I’m just still a little more I-Love-Lucy-like than Jillian-like…;D 19 months ago

besidequietwatersJillian Lately

Is aspiring to look like the Shape Magazine cover model too shallow a goal? 19 months ago

besidequietwatersSlow Progress

If you picture a scale with the Pillsbury Dough Boy standing at the far left and Jillian Michaels at the far right, I’m near the center progressing steadily toward the right.

I look a little like a cross between PDB and JM, so you could call me Jigglian (hehe) 2 years ago

besidequietwatersMy Only Question is

How many hours per day must someone work out to look this way? 2 years ago

besidequietwatersJust Got

a free two-week trial pass to a local fitness center.

My plan is to work out five days per week over the next fourteen days. 2 years ago

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