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Dreamer7787Cheer Fairy

Is it just me or is the cheer fairy even more stingy than she used to be? Maybe she doesn’t like me anymore because I left for so long. :( 15 months ago

Dreamer7787Le sigh.

Had call backs tonight. Unsurprisingly, I did not make it through the first round of cuts. I’d been more hopeful than I probably should have been because I was the only one called back for two of the March sisters. There were 12 girls total for the four parts.

It was good experience, but I’m pretty crushed. Which is funny, since I didn’t even want the show to begin with. I just forgot how much I love this story. Ah, well at least Cinderella is starting up next week and I have dress rehearsal for my recital tomorrow, so I’ll be throwing myself into performing to get over this rejection. Tis the world of show biz. Breaking into production company’s that already have their core group of people is hard. 18 months ago

Dreamer7787Gearing up for Little Women Callbacks

We’re not sure what happened, but I got my phone call for the Little Women callbacks, but Indigo never did. :( Not cool, Mr. Director dude.

So, I’m going solo now…

I was asked to focus on Meg and Amy, but to also know Beth and Jo’s material. That is a lot of stuff to learn and they’re all so different! I’ve got a pretty good handle on all the songs, but I really hope that don’t ask me to sing for Jo. Belting is not my strong suit. I wouldn’t mind if they asked me to join the Beth group though. (At the same time, I don’t want that part because my sister had it and did a phenomenal job and I don’t want to have to live up to it lol). But Jo is a no. I have no illusions about my singing capabilities. That would be a bad life choice for their ears and I don’t think they would be able to ask me to stop quick enough. lol

I’m a little less enthusiastic about the show now that Indigo isn’t going to be in it, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope to make it past this next step. Little Women was the first play I ever saw. I still remember getting to go back stage to meet the cast and then pretending to be the March sisters with my own sisters for months afterwards. And I’ve never gotten a callback before! I usually just get ensemble or a bit part, so I’m excited to have at least made it on to be considered seriously for a March sister.

But I wish Indigo had gotten the call she was told she would be getting. :( 18 months ago

Dreamer7787Auditions, auditions, auditions.

Cinderella cast list is out. I’m the evil stepmother. Mwahaha. I’m a tad bit disappointed to not be Indigo’s sister (we really thought we were going to end up being the evil stepsisters) and I’m also feeling a little old (I’m going to have to two daughters lol), but I’m slowly getting more excited. I mean, come on, Bernadette Peters had this role! Love her.

Indigo convinced me to go to Little Women auditions. I didn’t really want the show, but figured what the heck and… I got a call back!!! I might be a little excited about it. Just a little.

So next week Monday, I’ll be heading back for call backs (with Indigo) and we’ll see what happens. Eep. It means I can’t audition for Les Miserables, but I’m kind okay with that. I’d have to commit a whole year in advance for that show. 18 months ago

indigoliquiddActing update

In the past year and a half, I have now been in 4 plays. There were 3 others that I auditioned for and didn’t get cast, but such is life.

Two of the plays were written by a woman affiliated with the Theatre Company I’ve been acting with – Lenten plays. I have also been in It’s a Wonderful Life (as Violet) and most recently in a more modern play called Grace, by Craig Wright (I may be biased, but I think that everyone should have the opportunity to see and/or read this play) as Sara Hutchinson, the only female.

I am loving acting, being on the stage, and singing with with local choirs. This summer I have one concert at the end of June, another at the end of July (I think… still debating dropping this choir), and Oh yea… I’m waiting on a call from a director to see what role I will be cast in for Rodger’s & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. (WITH DREAMER7787!!!)

This coming Tuesday, I will be auditioning for Little Women, the musical. More and more I try to look at auditions as just another opportunity to perform. An opportunity to perform and a chance to show some kind of developed character in a minute… or 3. Hopefully D7787 will come out with me for the experience. ;-)
xoxo 18 months ago

Dreamer7787Cinderella Auditions!

I auditioned for a show today. A show that will be going on until a month before my wedding, which I’ve been slacking on planning, but I couldn’t resist. And from the sounds of it I’m already being considered for at least two parts, so that’s cool. It will be my first show with indigoliquidd since high school and I’m pretty pumped!

Which means, I’ve decided to take the summer off from working two part time jobs. I’m a little stressed by that decision, but I need a bit of a break. I might also audition for Little Women with Indigo next week, but we’ll see. I’m not sure if my anxiety can take two auditions in that short of a time frame. 18 months ago

PlusMony 19 months ago

Dreamer77874 years!

Wow. I’ve been on 43T for four years today. It doesn’t seem like that long. I’m not quite as active as in past years. Each year I seem to be a round a little bit less, but I’m always drawn back by the motivation and positive vibes of this place. 43Ters rock! :)

Each year I’m here I’m always at such a different place with my life. Last year, I was discontent despite a ton of accomplishments. This year I’ve been too busy to accomplish many goals, but I’m content with life and what I have achieved. I’m getting married in five months. I’ve gotten back into writing and I’m on my way to be a librarian. I feel like I have a more solid grasp on who I am and what I want. Doesn’t mean that I don’t have my bad days, but I’m happy with the life that I’m living. I love the people in it. The places that it’s going. And I’m looking forward to seeing where another year on 43T takes me.

Cheers to everyone! Thanks for the encouragement and support over the last year. 43T wouldn’t be what it is without the community of people behind it.

20 months ago

Dreamer7787Who am I?

I ask myself this question all the time. In this moment, I’m happy with who I am. I like who I am. I want to be who I am. Right now I feel like a writer. I want to create. To think. I read quotes about writing and I see myself. But there’s a voice in the back of my mind saying, “You’re just pretending. You’re not a writer. What are you creating that hasn’t already been created? You’re not special.”

There was a time when I would have caved under that voice. I would have given up. I did it with plenty of things. Dancing, singing, acting. I had given up on them before I ever really started. And then I walked away from them for years. But writing has always been with me in some form. Even when I wasn’t working on novels, I explored my thoughts in writing. I need it. I can’t just experience a situation and move on from it. I need to think about it. Analyze it. I need to evaluate myself for the same reasons. Without it, I would stop growing. I would have nothing to write without my thoughts.

A new voice has started voicing its thoughts recently. It says: “I have so much to give.” I’m trying to listen to that one. I’m trying to believe it, despite the neurotic worry that has always been my companion.

I’m starting to figure out who I am. I’m starting to see what I want. It’s slow and it’s painful at times. And what I want never seems to be the same. It’s constantly changing as I grow. I will always being changing and evolving because of the thoughts that I over analyze and the worries that I internalize. They make me who I am, kicking and screaming all the way. I am a creative. It’s the price of thinking with the right side of my brain. And I really wouldn’t have it any other way. 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Hey there 43T!

I remember this website. Where I used to enjoy documenting my goal getting and reading up on other people’s progress. It feels like forever since I did any of that. And it looks like two people I was subscribed to have deleted! :( I can’t seem to figure out who. I need to find my own personal roll call list (which I think might have gotten lost when the laptop crashed…)

Hopefully, not that I’m not NaNoing writing, I’ll have a little bit more time to start working on goals again. I feel like my list is becoming a depressing gathering of things that I start and give up on half way through. 2 years ago

indigoliquiddThat awkward moment

When you realize that you don’t fit into your extended family at all. And maybe sometimes not really in with all of your immediate family. Or maybe I am just being insecure.

I guess that all that should matter is that I have my husband, a really good core group of friends, and a relatively excepting pair of parents and in-law parents. Sometimes I feel jealous of the girls at work who have super close extended families. Or families that get together once a week or once a month. Is it a poor excuse that my brothers and I all have super busy schedules??

One brother works a rotating shift at a home for kids with different emotional/behavior problems. Weird hours, late nights, over nights, weekends. He is marry to a nurse who works at a hospital. Another brother is on call 24/7/365 and has a very busy home life with his wife an baby. Third brother works rotating shift and doesn’t have “normal” Saturday/Sunday weekends. Is business an excuse? Is it OK to not see your family (immediate or extended) all the time?? 2 years ago

indigoliquiddI hate politics.

Reasons why Mitt Romney is one seriously scary mother-f*cker…
1. He cannot follow a timeline of events.
2. He cannot properly source quotes or
3. Has no problem lying about who said what, as long as it benefits him
4. He has no class, which I think is necessary to being a major statesman while representing our country
5. He doesn’t seem to have much regard for international relations. I certainly don’t want a hot-headed Commander in Chief who has no problem antagonizing the beans out of other nations. 2 years ago

indigoliquiddNote to self

Dresses in petite sizes do not look good on non-petite bodies. 2 years ago


Back from Tennessee!! Time flew by way too quickly, but I’m feeling much more relaxed and (almost) ready to head back to work again. I have one more day off which will be spent doing laundry and a Geico defensive driving online course to lower my insurance. Fun. lol 2 years ago

Dreamer7787One more day!

One more day of work and then I’m off on a six day adventure in Tennessee. I cannot wait. Tomorrow will not go by fast enough. I am so worn out and crabby and poor FI keeps getting the brunt of it… It’s almost been a year of working 50 hour weeks. The time has flown. I hope that this time off will help to recharge and relax me for what looks like another similar year. 2 years ago

BarbaryBlueThis is going well...

I’m really good at being up to no good!! 2 years ago

indigoliquiddFeeling feisty

In honor of hydrofracking, an extremely brief look at “do first, then ask questions and/or regulate later” in American history… US sweatshops (Sweatshop fires, lost appendages, crappy wages), internment of Japanese-American citizens, creating and using nuclear weapons, giving weapons to desparate third world nations, invading those nations later, allowing bioengineering of food & patenting of seeds, allowing companies to dump toxic waste in the ground, drilling for oil off-shore…

So do we really want to poison our water and air with chemicals just to extract the almighty natural gas? I prefer clean water and air, thank you very much. 2 years ago

Dreamer778767 Days

Up to no good, updating at work.

My mom texted me today saying that she finally found a place that she wants to go to for our family vacation this year. Tennessee here we come. She found an awesome cabin. I cannot wait to lounge around for six days doing nothing but relaxing and soaking up some sun. The countdown begins. 67 days till I’m out of Buffalo and get a much needed break. wOOt! 2 years ago

indigoliquiddThis other time...

It was my brother’s 35th birthday. And he called me to say he had a gift to drop off at my house.

A t-shirt. That had 3 Quidditch goal posts captioned “I’m a keeper.” He doesn’t know me or anything.

(I then promised that I would treat him to see “The Avengers” for his birthday present.) 2 years ago

Dreamer7787Travel Bug

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. I want out of Buffalo and I want out now. It probably has a lot to do with my hectic schedule and feeling tired all the time (I’m so worn out, I’m being bad and updating 43T at work which is something I would normally never do. But it’s a beautiful day so we’re dead here at the library. Shh.)

Now that the honeymoon is pretty much planned, I’ve already moved on to our one year anniversary (I want to go back to Germany in 2014). 2015 is of course a Disney year with my family. Then I’d like to go to Japan in 2016. Disney in 2017. Hawaii in 2018…

Dream big right? (Side note that’s the summer reading program theme for this year. How appropriate.)

But I honestly do want to get out of here and see more of the world. After this wedding is paid for every extra dime of mine is going toward that. My life needs more adventure. 2 years ago

indigoliquiddOnce upon a time...

I saw The Hunger Games at its midnight premier. And then again the next weekend at a matinee show so that it would be cheaper. And I already can’t wait until it comes on on bluray/ DVD so I can watch it again.


The movie was a great adaptation of the book. Very faithful. It paint a better picture of District 12 in about 45 seconds of different shots than I ever pictured in my head. And I cried during the reaping both times I saw the movie. I didn’t even cry during that section in the book. When I watch the previews, I thought the reactions were almost overdone, but in the scene they make perfect sense.

I think I was most impress at the way in just one look, many characters could give you the feeling of whole sections of text. Having recently been back on the stage ‘acting’ again, I have so much more respect for people who can make you feel their emotions just by the look in their eyes. 2 years ago

BarbaryBlueI was so happy to see this goal on someone else's list...

I promptly stole it. Is stole a real word?
The Marauders Map is quite possibly my favorite magical artifact ever…despite it’s somewhat limited usefulness. And the phrase to activate it…well, we all need to be up to a little mischief now and then…everytime I hear it (see it written, hear it in my head). I smile.

Mischief managed. 2 years ago

BarbaryBlue 2 years ago


Will Pottermore EVER get out of Beta testing??!! :( 2 years ago

Dreamer7787Seven Years!

I finally have two days off back to back and I’m leaving town. FI and I are off for a couple’s massage and then a nice relaxing evening in Niagara Falls to celebrate our seven year anniversary. :) I am SO excited! We’ll probably both end up just falling asleep since we’re both so worn out, but it is a much needed break.

Somebody once said, it’s the soul that matters, baby who can really tell when two hearts belong so well.

<3 2 years ago

Dreamer7787New Year

Well I haven’t kicked off the New Year on the best foot… I’ve been sick for a little over a week now. I finally caved and went to see a doctor today and they put me on some antibiotics so hopefully I’ll be back in action soon. All I’ve been doing is sleeping a lot because my head feels like it’s going to explode. :/

Hope everyone else is have a very good beginning of the year. 2 years ago

Dreamer7787Merry Christmas!

This is the first time I’ve really been at the computer all day. I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you all had/are having wonderful days (even if you don’t celebrate Christmas)!

Kind of sad that it was a green Christmas here. What the heck… this rain should be snow!3 years ago


Who gets sick right before Christmas??? This sucks.

Now the question is: was it the gym, the work party,the grocery store, or the department store that did me in? I’m shaking my fist right now. 3 years ago

borderchick406It's been rough

Between work and there being no snow, pretty much all of my Christmas spirit is gone. And I usually have a ton :-( 3 years ago

indigoliquiddBig fat lie

This morning on the radio, I heard a “news” story about the revenge of a tattoo artist. According to the story, a young woman was going to have her boyfriend tattoo a “Narnia” scene on her back. Before that happened, though, she cheated on her boyfriend with one of his friends.

The story goes on to say that the boyfriend found out. Instead of confronting her, he went along with the tattoo. Instead of tattooing what she wanted, he tattooed a big pile of dog poo, complete with flies. She is apparently suing him.

Now right from the get-go, everything about this story screams “Yea effing right.” I don’t have much first hand experience with tattooing, but I have watched plenty of “INK’D.” From what I have seen, tatto artists draw up a sketch, which is approved/ consulted on my the client. Said sketch gets transferred to skin to serve as template for tattooing. Client then confirms that everything looks hunky-dory. The let the inking begin.

At any rate, I’ve never seen any tattoo artists free-hand their tattoos. Or any person serious about getting a tattoo confirming what the want. I’m also pretty sure that no tattoo artist would risk their career to get revenge on a cheating ho. Another version of the story says that the chick claims she was drunk at the time of signing the contract and getting the tat. Which I am pretty sure is also illegal (at least I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in NY).

When I did a google search, it only seemed that one news source was even questioning this story. Most people just accepted it as a hilarious anecdote and re-posted or re-wrote. Doesn’t anyone fact check any more? And if such an inconsequential news article isn’t fact checked, what other big fat lies are we reading?? 3 years ago

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