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Wundergrl21 3 years ago


We got three more cards out on Christmas Eve.

43/43 3 months ago

Wundergrl21three cards

Christmas cards to my mom, my grandparents and my dad.

40/43 4 months ago


This goal would have been completed ages ago if I’d ever remember to post to it.

37/43: A Christmas card to England

Hoping to get the rest of our Christmas cards out on Monday. 4 months ago

Brownian 21 months ago

Sammie 19 months ago

Simon02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 - Rediscovered packages.

Better late than never, eh folks? 21 months ago


Manila envelopes to:

1. mi ma
2. SM

36/43 23 months ago

Wundergrl21couple more

I sent Flat Stanley back during our vacation and earlier this week I sent a letter, forms and pictures to Marcus.


If I were better at keeping track of what I send, I’d probably have already reached 43 by now.2 years ago


I’ve sent three boxes to my mom this month.

At the end of last month I sent something to a friend of a relative. (And in return, her son sent me Flat Stanley! Don’t really know what to do with him, though…)

32/43 2 years ago


Something for Wyvie.

28/43 2 years ago

Wundergrl21forgot one...

A Christmas card to BSA.

27/43 2 years ago

Dreamer7787 3 years ago


Well… Christmas time made this goal fly by.

  • 15 cards for another card exchange through another website I frequent
  • 6 Amnesty International Cards
  • 1 congratulations you’re having a baby card! :)
  • 4 more Christmas cards for some 43Ters 2 years ago


I haven’t been keeping track on this goal, but at least 7 of the things I mailed today should count.

26/43 2 years ago


Ten Christmas cards and my Secret Santa gift. :) 2 years ago


Another card for another surprise scrapbook for another online friend’s wedding. lol :) 2 years ago


Four postcards while in Disney and a wedding card for scrapbook to surprise a good online friend. :) 2 years ago

Wundergrl21Oh boy...

I still haven’t sent the postcards! But I received one from a fellow 43t’er today, so that has lit the fire under my butt and I plan on writing them this weekend. 2 years ago


A birthday card to my dad.

19/43 2 years ago


Ten invites to K’s birthday party.


I still haven’t started on the postcards, but I haven’t forgotten. They’re on my kitchen table with pens and stamps nearby. 2 years ago


My apologies to the few of you that want postcards. I’m a procrastinator and I haven’t written or mailed the cards yet. I do have one picked out for each person that wanted one, so that’s the first step. I’ll try to get them in the mail by the end of the week. 2 years ago


I need to get a postcard in the mail to LGS. Would anyone else like one? 2 years ago

Wundergrl21another two

1. Father’s Day card to my dad on Friday

2. thank you card to MIL today

8/43 2 years ago

Wundergrl21two more

1. a card to my grandma

2. something very overdue to a friend

6/43 2 years ago

Simon01 - A postcard.

Nothing fancy. I have to start somewhere, right? 2 years ago

Simon 2 years ago

Wundergrl21Four in one day.

1. letter to a friend

2. letter to ML

3. surprise

4. card to my mom

4/43 2 years ago

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