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Salen11Deleting the past from my memory...

I really wish i could change the outcome of my last failed friendship.. I know i was wrong through some things, but i know it all wasn’t completely my fault like she says. There’s no confronting problems with her, and she leaves me hanging for weeks on my own, then gets mad that we never hang out anymore. oie.. idk. it’s the past, but somehow it still bothers me. I’m not the angry person i am anymore, and i feel like she tried to be that happy version of me noone could find. when i became that pink happy version of me she didn’t know who to be, so she just left.

I still have dreams where we just laugh and hangout like friends do, ya know? But i know that’s over with. And i’m tiered of apologizing. If i apologized today though, would it change anything? In a way i guess it’d make me feel better to leave things with her on good terms instead of what had happened, but i know it’d just get my hopes up that things were going to be happy and change, and they’re not going to. ...The past is the past i guess… 15 months ago

Salen11:-/ i want a new bestfriend

Having a bestfriend is the strangest thing. It’s like having someone new in your family, that’s specifically there for YOU. I’ve had two bestfriends…

My first bestfriend was Elisa. :) We kind of drifted apart..
My other one was Tori. ..But turns out we weren’t as close or alike as we thought… So now i just have me. And sometimes that’s not reassuring when i’m the one who’s putting me down. I really want a new bestfriend this year… Someone i can rely on, and talk to, and someone who’s not going to put me down, or make me feel bad. I’m tiered of negative people… I want something new… 15 months ago

Salen11 15 months ago

hisprincess27 18 months ago

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