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Deni HI've not done all my physical therapy exercises...

in quite a while, but that is mainly due to my total lack of energy. I’m going to retire this goal, though; because I’m tired of it staring me in the face day after day when I come on-site and I know full well that when things get better it’s very important that I resume them. 6 years ago

Deni HGood news today!

I went to my first appointment for physical therapy! I was really worried, because it is supposed to be my regular copay per session. Well, that would be $75 for 3 sessions a week! I called the place to schedule the appointment and they said that if it were a financial hardship all they’d do is bill the insurance and take whatever they paid as payment. I am so thankful that this is the case! I would not be able to do 3 times a week if I had to pay that! No exercises assigned yet, he just put me on the pain relief machines today. I will be getting exercises on Friday, I’m sure, though. 7 years ago

Deni HOkay, everyone:

I have just gotten back from my orthopedic appointment, and my doctor agrees that physical therapy might help, since my back looks normal and my knees aren’t anything other than he’d already expected them to look. I’m just glad that there’s no reason for alarm right now. So, when I get my routine, I’m going to have to start doing them and actively doing as much as I possibly can so that I don’t get in this shape again. I’m glad that dwlt was a good influence in getting me to add this goal. I’ve decided that if I can be good and do my exercises faithfully for two months, I’ll be able to check this goal off. So start expecting entries on this goal regularly again. 7 years ago

Deni HQuite a few people have cheered this goal...

and I’m feeling pretty guilty that I haven’t done any for a long time, but I’m going to my orthopedic doctor a week from tomorrow and maybe he can either give me some exercises to help my knees and lower back or will set me up with a physical therapy round. I’m really hoping for that if it’s not going to cost me a fortune…but I’m afraid that if I don’t do something soon, I’m going to be headed for surgery and that will be even more expensive. 7 years ago

Deni HOkay, it's time to dust this goal off.

My ankles continue to hurt, but now I’m getting some shin splints when I walk, so I think I’ll just have to live with the ankles hurting so that I can avoid shin pain, which I consider to be much worse. I’m going to start out slow and do one set per day, next week I’ll aim for two sets, and then the week after that I’ll aim for three sets.

9-Sept- done
10-Sept- done
11-Sept- done
12-Sept- no, injured
13-Sept- no, injured
15-Sept- 7 years ago

dwlt3-Aug to 9-Aug

4-Aug: Done + run
5-Aug: Done
6-Aug: Done + run
7-Aug: Done + weights
8-Aug: Done + football
9-Aug: Done + ill-advised run

I got some ankle weights at the weekend, so I’ve added them to my regime. 7 years ago

Deni HUntitled

3-Aug: 1
4-Aug: 1
5-Aug: 1
9-Aug: 7 years ago

Deni H27-Jul to 2-Aug

27-Jul: 0
28-Jul: 0
29-Jul: 1
30-Jul: 1
31-Jul: 1
1-Aug: 1
2-Aug: 1

My ankle still hurts me, but today I plan to start doing one set a day at least so I don’t lose my routine with this completely.7 years ago

dwlt27-Jul to 2-Aug

27-Jul: Done, plus 1.5 mile walk
28-Jul: Done, plus 1.5 mile walk
29-Jul: Done, plus 2.5 mile walk
30-Jul: Done
31-Jul: Done
1-Aug: Done, plus football
2-Aug: 7 years ago

Deni HSorry so late! :(

20-Jul: 2
21-Jul: 1
22-Jul: 2
23-Jul: 1
24-Jul: 0
25-Jul: 0
26-Jul: 0

I would like to say that my ankle has been bothering me lately and making me not want to do the full amount I’m supposed to do.7 years ago

dwlt30-Jul to 26-Jul

20-Jul: Done
22-Jul: Done, plus 1.5 mile walk (half of which was done with several kg at the end of each arm)
23-Jul: Done
24-Jul: Done
25-Jul: Done
26-Jul: Done 7 years ago

Deni HNew week:

13-Jul: 2
14-Jul: 1
15-Jul: 0
16-Jul: 2
17-Jul: 3
18-Jul: 3
19-Jul: 2

Last week’s results were 6/7! Not bad at all. :) 7 years ago

dwlt13-Jul to 19-Jul

13-Jul: Done
14-Jul: Done
16-Jul: Done
18-Jul: Done
19-Jul: 7 years ago

dwlt6-Jul to 12-Jul

6-Jul: Done
7-Jul: Done
8-Jul: Done
9-Jul: Nope
10-Jul: Done
11-Jul: Done, plus football
12-Jul: Done 7 years ago

Deni HThis past week...

was pretty good 5/7. Still room for improvement, though. Hopefully I can do even better this week! :)

6-Jul: 3
7-Jul: 3
8-Jul: 0
9-Jul: 3
10-Jul: 3
11-Jul: 3
12-Jul: 3 7 years ago

Deni HToday...

I’ve already done two sets. Starting tomorrow I have these exercises on my checklist I referred to in my time management goal. So we’ll see how much it will help me with this goal.

29-Jun: 0 (I was too busy and I forgot)
30-Jun: 3
1-Jul: 3
2-Jul: 3
3-Jul: 3
4-Jul: 0
5-Jul:3 7 years ago

dwlt29-Jun to 5-Jul

29-Jun: 50%
30-Jun: 50%
1-Jul: None, but walked 2.5 miles over the course of the day
2-Jul: Done
3-Jul: Done
4-Jul: Done, plus football
5-Jul: Done 7 years ago

Deni HMaybe if...

I synchonize my “week” with my teammate, I’ll pay better attention to this.

22- 0
23- 0
24- 11
25- 3
26- 3
27- 3
28- 0 (I forgot) 7 years ago

dwlt22-Jun to 28-Jun

24-Jun: Done
25-Jun: Done
26-Jun: Done, plus 30 minute walk
27-Jun: Done, plus football
28-Jun: Done 7 years ago

dwlt15-Jun to 21-Jun

15-Jun: Walked for 2 hours
16-Jun: Walked for 1 hour
18-Jun: Done
20-Jun: Football
21-Jun: 7 years ago

Deni HSorry, dwlt!

I’ve not been keeping up with this goal, it appears. I’ve had an awfully stressful week last week, but I remember doing some on Friday and Saturday, but that’s all.

Resuming logging this week:
M- 1
T- 0
W- 0
R- 0
Sa- 7 years ago

dwlt8-Jun to 14-June

8-Jun: Done
14-Jun: Done, but think I set myself back. :-/ 7 years ago

dwlt1-Jun to 7-Jun

1-Jun: Done
2-Jun: Done
3-Jun: Done
4-Jun: Done
5-Jun: Done
6-Jun: Done, plus football
7-Jun: Done 7 years ago

Deni HUntitled

Su- 1
M- 3
T- 0 (I was sore and exhausted today.)
W- 0
R- 0
F- 0

Note: I’ve been very tired and working in two counties this week (T-F). Hopefully I’ll get in at least some on Saturday and do a lot better next week. 7 years ago

dwlt25-May to 31-May

25-May: Done
26-May: Done
27-May: Done
28-May: Done
29-May: Done
30-May: Done, plus football
31-May: Done 7 years ago

Deni H5 of 7 perfect days last week!

Not too bad, although not what the doctor ordered, either! I failed last week, but I plan to pass this week. Passing is having a perfect week this week. (Meaning 3 sets minimum daily with no missed days.) I will do one last mini-challenge on this goal, because I do think I’m becoming more focused on this goal. I must meet my goal outlined above or I will go without tv for a length of time to be determined by my teammate.

Su- 3
M- 3
T- 3
W- 0 (I was too busy!:()
R- 3
F- 0 (traveling)
Sa- 3 7 years ago

dwlt18-May to 24-May

18-May: Done
19-May: Done
20-May: Done
21-May: Done
23-May: Done
24-May: Done 7 years ago

Deni HNew week...

already! Because last week was so awful, I’m going to expect a perfect week with the exception of Sunday, because I was traveling and didn’t feel good. This means 3 sets at minimum every day. I’m continuing my challenge, too. If I don’t do this, then my teammate will assign me a deadline to read the remainder of the books on my list.

Su- 0
M- 3
T- 0 (I thought about doing them two or three times yesterday, but got distracted and didn’t do them. I was very tempted to not report this, because it means I automatically fail this week, but I feel much better because I’ve not given into that temptation.)
W- 3 (I know it’s early, but I didn’t want to forget again!)
R- 3 (even despite being very sick)
F- 3 (despite total exhaustion from the day…I can tell that I’m getting a little more dedicated to this goal :))
Sa- 3 7 years ago

dwlt11-May to 17-May

11-May: Done x2
12-May: Done
13-May: Nope, but I did play football for 2 hours!
14-May: Done x2
15-May: Done
16-May: Done, plus football
17-May: Done 7 years ago

Deni HThis week...

I guess I’ll continue my mini challenge, because yesterday I was traveling and only managed one set. If I don’t get in 19 sets, my teammate will get to choose as many books as he wants for me to read from my list with the deadline of his choice.

Su- 1
M- 3
T- 3
W- 0 (Oh my word, yesterday was entirely busy and I didn’t even think about this…which is sad, because the doctor who ordered the exercise was a part of my dinner group last night!!!)
R- 1 (better than Wed, but I was still insanely busy this day.)
F- 3
Sa- 21 (I did one regular set, and then I rode horses this morning for 20 minutes, which is equivalent to 20 sets because my feet are in the same position as my exercises.) 7 years ago

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