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BeautifulDay#25: The water fowl saga continues

At a park in Kitchener 22 months ago

BeautifulDay#24: Awesome flowers

I stole some from the tree 22 months ago

BeautifulDay#23: This one has mallards too

Not just geese. 43 pictures of water fowl, I guess22 months ago

BeautifulDay#22: Speed River

A bit crooked 22 months ago

BeautifulDay#21: How romantic

:) 22 months ago

BeautifulDay#20: Killing time while waiting for the bus

Downtown, Guelph 22 months ago

BeautifulDay#19: Faces on the court house

The furthest on the right is making a silly face 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#18: Lamp posts outside old court house

Attached to the old City Hall, also T-dot 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#17: Old City Hall, T-dot

Went to Toronto for a day trip to buy a dress. Passed this on the way23 months ago

BeautifulDay#16: Macondo Books!

Used book store (it’s the red building) 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#15:City Hall

:) 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#14: Church of Our Lady Immaculate

Possibly more to come of these 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#13: Patrol goose

This goose was walking back and forth along the fence.

I also witnessed something very sad the day I took this. There was two geese and two goslings walking around the road. One of the goslings walked on to the road and made it like 3/4 of the way and the cars stopped for it and stuff and then this red car came speeding by and hit it. It was so sad. The geese seemed devastated. Started squawking and wouldn’t stop. It was so sad.23 months ago

BeautifulDay#12: Birdie eating pizza crust

At a restaurant called The Fat Duck. 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#11: St. George's Square

The centre of Guelph. Yes, I’m aware that there is awful glare.

This picture was taken portrait. Maybe it’s Safari? Time to dl google chrome, I think.23 months ago

BeautifulDay#10: A moth

It was on the curb outside a coffee shop. I think it was hurt. :( 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#9: Sunshine

No lollipops though 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#8: I <3 baking too

These are lemon butterfly cupcakes :) 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#7: Wheat

A field near home 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#6: Geese and their babes

Not sure if you can see them :) 23 months ago

BeautifulDay#5: I <3 spring

I can’t seem to upload pictures from my MacBook. Very annoying.2 years ago

BeautifulDay#4: tall man

:) 2 years ago

BeautifulDayNumber 3: The cannon

You are allowed to paint (essentially, vandalize) the cannon every day at 2 am. You can endorse your club, tell the world how much your residence building rocks, raise money for free trade goods, allow the rest of the world to appreciate the importance of your major in society or just be awesome and paint it like a giraffe.

I might end up posting more of these. They do have some pretty awesome ones.

Check it out here2 years ago

BeautifulDayUp next: Johnston

This is probably one of the nicest buildings on campus… but it looks like shit of the inside. It’s mostly a residence now but also houses the co-op bookstore and the place where you get your books if you take distance ed. courses. If you, the audience, are considering going to Guelph, I wouldn’t suggest staying in Johnston. It’s gross. :) 2 years ago

BeautifulDayWelcome to 43 pictures of Guelph

We’ll start of with the most awesome building in the city (no bias): the engineering building (actually called Thornborough or Thorn as it is colloquially known- usage: Let’s hit up Thorn for a mad study sesh. I’ll stop being a geek now). 2 years ago

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