do that thing that I said I was going to do and haven't gotten around to doing it yet

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I said I was going to send postcards to people from England and I never got around to doing it. I did buy postcards, so I’ll spend some time this week filling them out and mailing them. 17 months ago


Today I dropped the following off at the post office:

1. something for the Butt’s (you may know them better as Moonie, Hokey, Baby and Bitty)

2. something for TP

3. a very large box (26 pounds!) for my mom

4. something for my dad

5. a card to my uncle

6. a card to my cousin

7. a card and pictures to my grams

8. a card and pictures to my grandma and grandpa

9. a card and pictures to my aunt S

10. a card and pictures to my aunt D

11. a card and pictures to my dad

12. something for SM

There was supposed to be a 13th item, but I forgot it at home. It will go in the mail tomorrow and I hope the recipient is very happy when they get it and will forgive me for my horrendous procrastination. If I can get my act together in time, there will be a 14th item that goes out tomorrow too. 2 years ago

Wundergrl21ship packages

1. to Wiggum’s son

2. books that I borrowed years ago from SDM

3. books for JDL (did I already send them? I don’t think so but I haven’t seen them in awhile… will have to find them)

4. book for the Yeti

5. clothes for JBM (ha.. just realized her initials are the same as J’s!)

6. a care package to mom

7. an envelope to SM 2 years ago


I did this! Well I did the very specific goal that inspired this. So now on to the next thing… oh I did that too. Okay another thing… ship packages! That’s what I need to do that I’ve been saying for years that I’m going to do and haven’t done. For my next act I am going to ship packages. 2 years ago

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