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Discover what is already inside you! 3 years ago

Discover what is already inside you!what I have learned

In order be given anything in this life we must first give. for example, if you want money you must give your time, effort and energy to your employer. If you want good things in life you must seek the good which requires your time, effort and energy. If you want to be surrounded by close friends you must get close to people which will require your time, effort and energy.

So, you see, what you focus on in life tends to focus itself on you. What you give to will give to you. You must first give in order to receive.

The concept mimics the Law of Attraction. You draw near to yourself those things that you give your time, effort and energy. Even your mental time, effort and energy. You become the things you think about most.

So, if I want to make and keep more close friends I must think like a close friend, give my time to people, make an effort to be a good friend to people and it requires my energy. But the dividends that are paid on that investment give back tenfold.

Smile today, because friendship starts within. Buddha said this; “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” So give it to yourself and you will receive it. Than you will have Love, affection, time, effort and energy to give to others. 2 years ago

JackieGurl 2 years ago

Discover what is already inside you!one at a time

Reconnected with “acquaintances” and strengthening bonds with old friends and new ones feels good.

I am more open and less introverted. More humble and less of a by myself or all by myself type of person.

Its not all about me all the time.

And that is winning the friends back and gaining new ones going forward 2 years ago

Discover what is already inside you!Its so hard when...

The most attention I get is from females. Possibly because I dont have any female family members in my life. Mother passed when I was 12, Grandmother passed when I was 23, only lived with my sister until I was 11.

When girls come into my life every single one of them wants to go from 0 to 60 in a blink of an eye and be my girlfriend and always do sexual things with me. The problem is that I let them because I dont want to be alone.

Then they get mad, lash out and start to hurt me. I wish it were easier to just let them go mentally and emotionally but its so hard to say good bye when they are all I have sometimes.

Im so sick and tired of not having family, not being in a familiar area due to moving so much. I want to be done with the “new” for now and return to whats familiar in a positive and constructive manner (ie the Church, the bookstore, paying bills on time, actually having a job, not being wrapped up in past mistakes with the court). I do want to move one last time and it is out of Indiana. Indiana has ruined my life. Being here has caused the worst decisions, the worst feelings, the most destructive friendships and connections.

There is only one thing I stayed for, the traveling with Donah. It was the best time of my life and outweighs every other memory by 60 tons. But, she too, pushed me to the brink of madness a second time. She started walking home again the other night and we hadnt hung out in months and months, I let her back in my life and she walked off with what little trust I had left and was trying to build for the people here.

I have no faith in this place, no trust here, no love, no respect, no reason to stay, nothing. I hate Indiana as if it were a person I would fuck up for what its done to me. I would uppercut it like its a punk ass and a thief and a liar. And I would feel good about that.

Game set match. I am out of here as soon as God allows me to wrap up court and I am packing up and I am gone. I wont miss a single thing about Indiana. All my best memories were made traveling OUTSIDE of this state. 2 years ago

Discover what is already inside you!what a liar and a slut

I have never been more betrayed, deceived, lied to, used, looked over, taken for granted, and hurt more by any one in my life.

My best friend, and for all intensive purpose we were seeing each other and have been for a very long time. She knew I was not with any other girl but her and she told me many times I was the only man in her life. I had a feeling that over the past couple weeks (and probably longer) that she had been very very distant. I rarely see her and she doesnt respond like she used to. I shouldt have read her text messages but I did and it made my heart sink to my stomach all the dirty things she has been doing and talking about with another guy. She has been involved with somebody else even to the point where she had to ask permission to go places.

Ive never heard her speak so nasty and be spoken so nasty to. And she saved and locked all the messages so they wouldnt get deleted. I am disgusted, betrayed, cheated on and deceived by the woman I loved more than anyone on this planet. She knew she was the only reason I even stay in this state, I would never leave her without making plans to take her with me or set things in motion and let her know over a year in advance that I had plans to move back home.

I was really sick last week and she wouldnt come see me because she said she didnt want to get sick. She, randomly at the end of the night came over last night while SHE was really sick, didnt even care about getting me sick again, had me comfort her, console her, make her soup, toast and brew hot tea, put her to bed, set an alarm for her and get her pillows, blankets and a good nights rest. Some love that is.

Thats all over now. I have some ends to tie and I am out of here. I just have to stop making my car payments to keep the extra money (really needed) and get back home.
I am so disappointed in her. She was such a great person. Now reduced to a liar and a slut. Breaks my heart. 2 years ago

Discover what is already inside you!there is a way to creating new friendships

One thing I hear often from friends and acquaintances is that they are constantly getting hurt by others in some manner.

One reason for this is that as we get older our “story” in life gets longer, we have more to us, we become more and more complicated with all of our experiences, travels, ups and downs. It becomes increasingly difficult to deliver and convey a concise, and consistent, depiction of who we actually are and what we are all about.

The older we get, seemingly we grow more leery to “let others in” and when we do we are more prone to dangerous heartache because of the time it took to invest “giving” yourself to another.

Here’s the thing; you can never have the attitude that getting to know somebody is somehow “taking” away from you just because it involves YOUR time, YOUR energy, YOUR effort, etc. There is no measuring stick as to which one of you is putting in more effort. When you think about it in those terms you will always lose, or feel like you lost a part of you instead of gaining a friend, THEIR stories, THEIR experiences, THEIR good, etc.

So, what do we do? How do we find friends? Where do we go to make friends?

1. BE friendly. If you frequent a particular establishment and people kinda get to know you, one day you need to ask them to hang out with you outside of their job. Learn a little more about each other and possibly become good friends.

2. Be open to new things. If you feel like your life is too precious to share, or youre too complicated to explain yourself then its YOU that needs to SIMPLIFY. Chill out, smile. Go to a book store and browse in a section you never read or have never learned about or even are uninterested in. When you see somebody in that section spark a conversation. you may learn about that person, you may learn something new about that genre of books, you may gain a friend.

3. If you are like me, and you are out their needing more friends, knowing youre “worth it”, chances are there are others out there like us, like me, like you. So, whenever you get the chance in public, start a conversation with somebody. Dont be selfish, its not about a funny joke YOU know, or a story YOU have, because YOU ALREADY KNOW YOURSELF. You need OTHERS to know you and YOU need to know others. Thats how friends are made. The best of friends know each other better than they know themselves, its that outside perspective that is priceless because its true and they mean it.

now….if I could just take my own advice and do this stuff without being a depressed alcoholic. lol

-Derrick 2 years ago

Discover what is already inside you!because seriously

just like as if you were stuck in a thornbush that surrounded you on all sides, there all a lot of idiots out there. They just do what comes natural to them, but they are idiots nontheless whose sole occupation for the most part is to make the lives of others miserable because they themselves are miserable. The terrible part is that they dont realize they are making peoples lives worse because they dont know any better and its lke teaching a school of fish to clap… you just cant do it. 3 years ago

nilo1001 3 years ago

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