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create and stick with a daily schedule

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TomI think I can write this off soon...

I dropped a lot of outside commitments and think this is done. 3 years ago


CarmarielosWhen dealing with family

Having a family is wonderful thing. It makes me complete, grateful, humble and makes the kind of person I am today. I wouldn’t change it for anything…though I wish I could have, should have, would have done some things differently. Without dwelling into what I cannot change in time, I do with what I have at this very moment. That is the ability to choose how I react to the circumstances I face daily. When creating and sticking with schedules or routines, it is the “sticking” what I have most of trouble. Nothing seems to go “according to the plan”. Case in point, my daughter Karymar woke up last night feeling for I don’t know what reason. She sleeps in a loft bed so at that time time in the AM, I was in no ability to take her to her bed. So I let it cuddle up with us in our bed. If you have children, you can imagine what happened later. Karymar took the center of the bed and spread eagle around me and my wife. At many times, I felt her hand in my face and other times her foot. Now, we have a king size bed which is a pretty good size, but when you combine Karymar’s sleep rotations and sleeping with a 7 month pregnant wife who has a cache of pillows barricading her sleeping perimeter, I didn’t get a good night sleep.

I woke up with an intense pain in my shoulder and lower back, the latter probably because I slept on top of one of Karymar’s toys. Numbness was slowly going away as my circulation started flowing in my body which was clinging to the edge of the bed ready to fall. I moaned and cursed under my breath, surely this was going to be a really bad day I thought. For an instance I let that feeling run through my mind, feeling my mood turning sour, negative thoughts arising as I regained full of my senses. Then it happened! A voice, which was mine,asked: Am I gonna let this ruin my day? and I let go at once. I took a series of deep breaths to release the tension in my sore muscles, said a few positive affirmations to myself, rolled over, did a small routine to release my energy and I was gone to seize the day.

I could have let the circumstance of a bad night’s sleep ruin my day, but I choose to be proactive and make the best of what I got at that time. The sun rose, the aroma of coffee filled the air and a while later the sleeping beauty woke up like nothing ever happened.

When creating a schedule it is important to have a good range of flexibility to deal with the “unexpected” in life. For a single person, unexpected events can be adjusted way different that one with a family to look over. Priorities change, mood and energy varies, so having a positive mental attitude and the ability to react accordingly with the circumstances thrown at us are important keys that have helped me “sticking” with my schedule. 4 years ago

CarmarielosRise and Shine

“early bird, gets the worm” or so the saying goes. rising early in the morning has allowed me to do a ton of things. I wake up say 5:30 AM, do my “breathditation” (breathing and meditation) before I get out of bed. I kinda briefly plan my day and do a Halo adjustment to keep my attitude in check. Then I roll down to the floor and do my Yoga “awakening” stretches. All this in minutes which setting up a short routine helps a lot. I do a mental roll call while I prepare the coffee, check my daughter etc… I write down in any piece of paper my to do list. Sometimes I do this before I go to bed the night before. If I get to the computer, I sit down and write whatever is in my mind. I use the quiet time in the mornings to generate ideas and goals. Then is on to the daily chores of waking up my daughter, help my wife with breakfast and preparations.
If I don’t have to work that day, it is precious time with me , myself and I. Love the solitude and stillness of a beautiful morning. During the day, I do my list without missing a beat. If I am stuck on something, I leave it alone for a while and then at it again at a later time. This works great, when I think I am wasting time. One things that helps me maximize my time is to avoid the TV. I only watch the news once to summarize the day or the week. Whatever is so important I will get informed by others telling me what is going on. This “information ignorance” mode I learned makes me value my time efficiently and also keep my sanity in check.
If I have to work, I use my travel time to nourish my mind and soul. I listen to self help audio books about any subject. My car is my rolling classroom. I spare no time for meaningless talk shows or worry more about what’s going on in the world. In the afternoon, evening hours I like to do my hobbies. Whether riding my motorcycle, learn Systema,work out, play guitar, practice languages, etc… I set time aside to do these in no particular order.
When my daughter and wife arrive home, it is family quality time. I avoid the computer and leave worries behind. It is time to play with my daughter, read stories, prayers, dinner with the family, etc.. Once my daughter goes to bed, then I return to my computer to write in my daily log, catch up with I have left and prepare for the next day. Before I go to bed I set a special time to get my mind at peace, talk to God, leave my worries behind. Tomorrow is another day and whatever didn’t get done, It will be on the top of the list the next day. 4 years ago

CarmarielosWork in Progress

I have been working on a non-scripted schedule where I write my things to do list and go over my list through the day. Very flexible, not so carved in stone approach. I prioritize urgent or important tasks, but I have gone through it as the day goes by without having to set time or deadline. I simply do whetever needs to be done around my time in the office, around playing with my daughter, traveling from point A to B, etc… If I don’t finish a task, it gets rolled over to the next day as a first thing to do task if is that important. I noticed that I cannot set a specific time to do a task because of the unexpected things happening in life. Yet this flexible schedule works for me and I have from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed to do as much as I can do and if not , well, tomorrow is another day :) 4 years ago

CarmarielosIn creating a schedule

I have been working on creating a daily schedule for some time now. It seems though to me that whenever I put a schedule in writing by the hour I end up not doing it at all. However, I write a list of things to do every day on any piece of paper and include the things I want to do along with the chores or errands at random. I do not prioritize just yet. Over the day I go over my list and do the things I can at that specific time or place I am at. At the end of the day, I have done most of my things on my list and the ones I could not do, they get rolled over to the next day. Those I try to do first if time and circumstances permits and so on. Synchronizing tasks with my phone and setting reminders for specific (must get done) things works very well so far. 4 years ago


Still struggling with this task. A must for 2010. Want to create a schedule that I can stick to it and enjoy it. I somewhat have a routine but it is not on paper. Need help on this. 4 years ago

TomEasier now

I’m making progress. What is different is a new job, 90 minutes commuting every workday, a health club membership, and taking two college classes. It’s forced a schedule on me. 5 years ago

peekayBack on track

Back on track with this goal – I really do find that keeping the lists that I keep reassures me that all my to-dos are in one place, and that I can allocate my time better when I use it. Of course using it sometimes gets tedious, or can feel like overkill, but generally I like it. 6 years ago

peekayDaily Schedule

I have gone through so many different ways of scheduling my day, and of breaking out of that schedule, and then losing my way, that it is getting crazy.

The most current way I have that had been working recently was to have a master-list of things to do in Excel, seperated into Work, Home and Mixed. ie. Stuff I can only do in work, only at home, or both.

I would then schedule my day with the amount of time I have spread between urgent tasks, then random tasks from the two relevant lists. I would then track the time I actually spent and add more tasks if able, or remove some that I no longer have time for.

Extremely sad maybe, but hey it worked for me. 6 years ago

TomLast week wasn't so good, trying again this week.

So far, so good… (it’s 10:00 am). 6 years ago

TomThis week, starting Monday

I’m going to try to do this and report back with how I do. I’m going to try to make progress on my 43T list, too. 6 years ago

TomGood day yesterday

This is an important goal because it helps me to make progress on many of my other goals, so as I do this one, I am also able to work on the others. Yesterday I did very well. 7 years ago

TomProposed weekday schedule

6 am – out of bed
6:30 – breakfast, take vitamins, prepare for the day, etc.
7:45 – leave for work
8:00 am-5:00 pm – work (lunch around noon)
5:00-5:45 – gym
6:00 – arrive home, dinner
6:30-9:00 free time, take a walk, update budget (spending record), chores, relax, etc.
9:00 – prepare for bed, pray and read the Bible
10:00 pm – lights out, sleep

It’s simple, but should help me meet some goals:
Read the Bible, pray every day, keep a prayer journal, exercise or walk every day, lose weight, don’t procrastinate, sleep more, spend less time on the Internet, be more organized, and probably a few more. If I eat healthy food during the scheduled meal times, there’s another goal. Of course some days there will be unexpected interruptions to the schedule, but if I go about this with a little discipline, it should work out well. 7 years ago

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