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DoubleNThe bad knee

recovered enough finally that I was able to go for a short run this morning – probably somewhere in the 3.2 – 3.6 mile range. It felt soooo great to stretch the legs! And the weather is nice and cool again. Ahhhhhh! 14 months ago

DoubleNThe Monday holiday

was such a godsend. I was able to do my long(er) run then, and not only was there heat relief, but it actually rained!!! Unheard of at this time of year in the Sacramento valley, but sooooo wonderful. I logged about 8 miles, I think. Wish I knew for sure. 15 months ago

DoubleNShort one this morning

probably only slightly over 5k, since I needed to come to work early so I can leave a bit early and attend a thing at the kiddoes’ school.

Any day I get to see the kids is a good one! 16 months ago


I went the farthest I have been since moving here 2 years ago (albeit very slowly!). It was only about 7 or 7 1/2 miles probably, but it feels good to work on extending the mileage a bit, even if the speed is not coming back. I surely do wish my garmin still worked so I could get an accurate distance.

It was an out-and-back route along my usual, Miner’s Ravine Trail, and my turnaround point was a portion of Sculpture Park I had never been to before. There were all these great mosaic tiles, which I discovered later were created by children and organized by an older child working toward becoming an Eagle Scout. Apparently there had been quite a few bronze sculptures there previously, but vandals destroyed many of them and the rest were moved for protection. Loved these happy tiles! 16 months ago

DoubleNI need to

bump up the mileage, now that I’ve signed up for the 1/2 marathon Oct. 6th. I’ve missed a few mornings this week, and tomorrow the Saturday soccer games for the kiddoes start up again, so I will probably have to switch my “long” runs to Sunday mornings.

4.5 miles this a.m. Had a stabbing pain in my right hip the first 2 miles, then it started to loosen up a bit and I took some advil when I got home. Think I will set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier next week. (ugh! 5:15 is so early for a night-owl like me!) 16 months ago

DoubleNThis morning

I logged 4 1/2 VERY sweaty miles. It felt great, though! 16 months ago

DoubleNNice run

laced with the scent of wild sage (I presume) this a.m. 4 1/2 miles. 16 months ago

DoubleNIt is weird

that the days are getting shorter already, and when I leave for a run on weekdays it’s still pretty dark. The morning twilight is nice, it’s just a mental adjustment – I feel like I should still be home in bed!

4 miles this morning. 16 months ago

DoubleNGORGEOUS morning!

I got up a little earlier than usual and was able to log 4.5 miles in the nice, cool morning air! Ahhhhh 17 months ago

DoubleNThis morning

even though I did not feel great when I got up, I hit the road and finally made it back to my usual weekend route before I did my Team in Training team runs. Although it has been very dry, there was still some water in the creek, and once I got going, I did feel a bit better.

There was a bit of walking mixed in, but not much, which surprised me, since last week was kind of a bust.

Not sure about the mileage, but I would guess maybe 6 or so. Hopefully I can start extending that again.

And I got to hop into the pool this afternoon…. ahhhh! 17 months ago

DoubleNA little over 4 miles

in the heat of the day, but with a bit of walking mixed in at the end. Along the American River bike path! :) Aidan’s 5-game soccer tournament and Kaiya’s opening day scrimmage were close, and I just couldn’t resist. 2 years ago

DoubleNThe Sac 911 Run to Remember

is Sept. 9, and I am thinking this may be my first race in CA. Since I already missed the price-break pre-registration deadline (I just found about about the race), I may as well wait until just before the race to register, so I’m sure I don’t have any soccer game or other conflicts, and so I can decide if I’m up to a 10K or just the 5k.

This would be a fun way to tour downtown, since I haven’t been there much! 2 years ago

DoubleNOnly about 3 1/2 miles today

and only about 4 1/2 miles Saturday. Although my daughter is getting better and more independent every day, there are still a lot of things I need to do for her (like helping her shower, fetching food & water, etc.), so I am kinda wiped out and have trouble getting up and out in the morning.

But the whole day is so much better when I do, I really need to make this a priority. And quit staying up too late at night! 2 years ago

DoubleN4 1/2 hot miles late this morning

Which was just what I needed! It’s only the 2nd time I’ve been out since daughter Nicole’s horrible accident 3 weeks ago. But she’s working so hard on her recovery and progressing so nicely that I felt fine with taking off for a bit – she’s getting increasingly independent.

Must get back to it! 2 years ago

DoubleNMy foot injury

has reappeared – damn it. :( So I didn’t make it out at all over the weekend. Working in the yard today was a bit of a workout, but it’s not the same. 2 years ago

DoubleNSalmon Run!

Last Friday when I was enjoying my day off by starting it off with a nice daylight run on the bike path, I was treated by the surprise of being able to see a few salmon spawning in Dry Creek at the mouth of the path!!! This is my first time, and it was awesome!

I’ve been slowly extending distances by itty-bitty bits, and am up to about 4.5 miles on weekdays and maybe 5 or 5.5 on weekends.

I wish I were still in marathon shape; the California International Marathon here is this Sunday, and the route looks great, ending up at the state capitol! But while drooling over the website, I noticed there are several upcoming races that may possibly be doable in the coming year – a 10k on super bowl Sunday and a half marathon just before Halloween, specifically. There’s also a half marathon at the end of March, but I’m not sure if I can train that fast any more. The foot’s holding together well enough lately, but I’m only going out 3 or 4 days a week doing pathetic distance/pace. Anyway, maybe the thought of races will give me the kick in the arse I need for motivation! 3 years ago

DoubleNLast week

I made it out 4 days, and hopefully this week will be better.

This morning (after that glorious extra hour of sleep!) I was finally able to locate how to reach the Miner’s Ravine Bike Trail – yea! I was unsuccessful last weekend in finding it, but came home and checked out the google map to see where I went wrong, and also had the benefit of watching a couple of runners ahead of me.

This is the path along Dry Creek I used to run when we’d come visit in January and stay in the Best Western – it’s a beautiful path, and even though I’ll only be able to get there on the weekend, I’m excited! 3 years ago

DoubleNThe Move

has totally taken over my life, so my running has been practically non-existent.

Our office is doing the local marathon as a 5-person relay team just 8 days from now – oh no! We have all been in such a state of uproar with numerous changes in the firm, that our training has all been nil. Good thing our office manager came up with a relay team name of “Mission Impossible”! :) But I’m looking forward to it, anyway. It’s the only way I’ve never run the marathon. 3 years ago

DoubleNSo far

this week, 3 days running and 1 biking. Trying to build up to some acceptable level of fitness again. 3 years ago

DoubleNWhat a

beautiful morning it was! When I reached the bike path, I was greeted by a soaring pelican. :) I will miss this soooo much when we move. Just a 3 1/2 mile run, but it felt really great. 3 years ago


the last few weeks have been unbelievably pathetic, I am finally getting back to it. Yesterday was only about 4 1/2 miles, but was plenty challenging for my lame condition. Today I only did about 5k, and was really awful – had to mix in some walking in the last mile ‘cuz I went out when it was late enough to be pretty hot.

Feels great to get back to it, though! 3 years ago

DoubleNI only

made it out twice in CA, so busy. The running in my daughter’s neighborhood is awful anyway; I’m all hemmed in by super-busy streets and the accompanying noise.

This morning was so nice – had a refreshing summer thunder shower. Only 3 1/2 miles, but fun! 3 years ago

DoubleNTough week

so I’ve only been out twice. Frolicking deer last time; it was great! 3 years ago


I did about 6 – 6 1/2 miles, and I saw lots of pelicans and a heron with his freshly-caught lunch! Ran into my sis-in-law, too. Loved it! 3 years ago


cool run this morning. Glad it wasn’t raining, though. Pitiful, slow 5k, bah. 3 years ago


at 4 days a week. Last Saturday I did 10k, and my foot was not happy.

It’s been great outside finally, though. This morning I took the ol’ iPod, which has a few new tunes. Probably won’t extend the distance tomorrow, till the foot feels better. 3 years ago


My first glimpse of this year’s goslings came this morning – the first batch was big – 9, the second only 4. The rowers were also back out. Despite the over-the-top sweatiness and the pain in 3 areas of my feet/toes, it was really a fun run!

I only extended the distance by about 1/4 mile, and sadly had a slightly positive split, but still feel I am progressing ever so slightly. I just don’t want to talk about the younger woman who blew past me in that final mile!3 years ago


the distance ever so slightly this morning, and was totally amazed to see a gorgeous, brilliant, deep orange sun peeking through the thick, gray cloud cover. Nice! 3 years ago

DoubleNThe Pelicans

have returned! Woo hoo! Today I saw my first ones of the year (late, due to the recent flood) on my 4 – 4 1/2 miler. The foot bugged me a bit the last mile, so I mixed in a bit of walking, and I’m icing it down now.

Also did my 5k before work on Thursday, so I ran 4 days this week, and hope to really hit an increase in both days out and mileage now.

Loving it! 3 years ago

DoubleNThe Scene

in my bedroom yesterday, 5:30 a.m. –
Beep, beep, beep, beep …... ugh, who am I? where am I?

Oh, yeah – supposed to get up and run. Crap; didn’t sleep well.

Little Jabba The Hut on my right shoulder: “You’re too tired. Just go back to sleep for an hour & go after work”.

Jiminy Cricket on my left shoulder: “Ha! You know you never have energy after work, and would need a 2nd shower & your skin would dry up like leather”

Jabba: “Seriously. Just get the sleep you need.”

Jiminy: “Shut up! You know she needs and wants to get out there!”

Jiminy won out after about 15 minutes of this. :) And I’m so glad! Today was a Rest the Foot day, but tomorrow I’ll see my little friends again at 5:30. 3 years ago

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