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ExGratia 2 years ago


have a new job!!! And it fits great and doesn’t make my butt look big. 2 years ago

ExGratiaI think my ribs just split apart, I laughed so hard.

I got a random text from a friend, while she was in a meeting, requesting my resume for a marketing manager position. Ideal situation, as I have her, a higher up in the company pushing my resume. The person who would make the decision viewed my resume, and wants to meet me. The office is WALKING DISTANCE from my home, and their reputation is flawless. When things like this happen unexpectedly, out of the blue, you have to be overjoyed right?

Here’s the funny part…The company considering me is also the employer of my ex FIL, and previously my ex MIL as well. Wow. Jusssst wow. (head hits desk)

We would work in different departments, and never work together at all they assure me. All I have to say is that the salary and benefits would have to be outstanding, and the role a perfect fit. 2 years ago

ExGratiaI talked to the prospective employer's HR person

and she said the owner gets back from vacation at the end of this week. My references have been checked, all my followups have been done, I’ve been given positive feed back from her, so now all I can do is await the big dog’s decision. This is going to be the longest week ever. 2 years ago

ExGratiaI haven't heard back yet,

but my boss and my previous employer called me Friday evening to let me know they did call to check my references, and the prospective employer spoke very highly of me and referred to me as the perfect fit. I am trying so hard not to get too excited, or be too hopeful, because this one will sting if it falls flat. 2 years ago

ExGratiaI have an interview Monday

that is very, very promising. I have a job, great, but if someone were to offer me the RIGHT job at the RIGHT salary, away from the ex, oh hell f’n double yes I would take it. Tomorrow. Word. 2 years ago

ExGratiaWelly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well.

To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit news?

Just when I’m about to have a flippin’ heart attack worrying about being jobless soon, my boss comes to me and asks me how I’d feel about moving into inside sales for 6 months, getting hands on experience with the equipment and then when I can expertly demo and discuss the equipment moving into outside sales.

I’m speechless.

On one hand, I’m excited, thrilled and eager to get started. Nevermind the Ex, we’ll handle it. I’ll handle it. I have to. This would re-engage me with my company, light a fire for me and allow me to not lose my benefits or paycheck. Eventually, I’d have a raise, commission, a company car and some expenses paid. While still in inside sales, I’d be out of my windowless box of an office, engaging with people on a daily basis, on my feet again and using my brain in new ways. I’d be less tied to this computer, and feel less trapped.

On the other hand, there is a voice in my head saying you need to get out of here and start fresh, letting go of this last remnant attached to my old life. But you know what, that voice doesn’t pay my damn bills, and it can take its idealistic view of the world and shove it up its imaginary ass unless its going to go out there and help me find a new job FAST. 2 years ago


Me? Um, right. If I hear that again, I’m going to scream. That’s twice this week. I’m going to rewrite my resume and dumb it down. For christ sakes, I’m willing to accept the pay offered, and can obviously do the job, and WANT it…why the hell would it be a problem for me to be overqualified? Maybe I want a simpler job. I just want out of here.

On the bright side, I have an interview coming up for a rehabilitation therapist recruiting agency. At least I’m landing interviews, many friends of mine have had trouble even getting that in this competitive job market. It ain’t easy, but this IS going to happen. I am willing it so. I refuse to accept defeat. 2 years ago

ExGratiaThis is not going so well.

This was one of those days where my pragmatic, practical side is telling me to suck it up, deal with the ex differently and go to the boss and talk about finding another type of role for me in the company I am at now. There aren’t that many jobs out there, and the competition for the ones open is huge. I’m applying to about 10 a week, and only hearing back from half, and a fourth don’t pay enough and the other fourth I get beat out on the job by someone else. FUCKSTICKS.

I’m at that point where I’m also thinking maybe now is the time to look into further training and education, to increase my value as a potential employee, but I have to figure out a way to fund it, attend classes and still manage to pay my bills. 2 years ago

ExGratiaAnd as yet another position finds itself filled

by someone that isn’t me, I find myself frustrated, but at the same time resolved to exploring other avenues of generating solid income. What if I find that my paintings generate enough income that I can cut to part time here? What if I give up the idea of a normal 9-5 altogether, and seek out contractual work, thus freeing blocks of time for painting? I don’t know.

I’m letting go of being adamant about getting out of here. I need to, yes, but I’m wasting energy churning my brain over it. I’ll continue sending out resumes, interviewing, painting, showing, selling until something falls into place. The sound of a door closing is very similar to the sound of another opening. 2 years ago


I just got the call, and they ended up making the decision today. The chair called me and said it came down to me and one other candidate, and if she passes the background check, the job is hers but if anything happens…yaddayaddayadda.

Oh well, at least I already had a bunch of other resumes submitted for other positions, and I did another one today. Sooner or later something’s going to click. 2 years ago

ExGratiaI finally just called today

as I haven’t heard back from them on the job status yet. There are ‘finalizing things and should let everyone know something next week.’ Very non-informative as to MY status, and I’m not feeling like its promising. Still, I made it to the final 4, something to be proud of for sure.

In happier news, I had another interview for different position there yesterday. Its a huge university, with tons of jobs and I’m sure to find something eventually. If I can get my foot in the door…great benefits, secure job, and the ability to transfer to other positions without losing benefits. 2 years ago

ExGratiaSince Thursday left me empty handed,

I went fishing again this morning and sent another follow up letter inquiring about the opening, expressing my continued interest and such, and now I am just waiting, holding my breath.

I cannot fully express how frustrated I am. I want out of this job so bad its driving me insane. I feel suffocated by my ex, and beat down by two bosses that can’t seem to decide what they want from me, each having a polar opposite view of what my role here actually is. Personally, my work is suffering, I’m unable to focus and my work ethic has gone to hell in a handbasket. I’m trying my best to put on my game face and do my job, keep the job I have until I find something better, but there are days when I want to stand up, knock my desk over, scream at my boss and punch my ex in the face on my way out the door.

Normally, I’d look for a way to change my role here, to help reengage my brain, but its futile because working with my ex is the problem. This is the ONLY role in this small company where I wouldn’t have to work directly with him. I’m fucked. 2 years ago

ExGratiaWednesday, half of Thursday - No WORD...gah

The job is still listed as open I’ll send another follow up email tomorrow, just to check in.

It rough…at this point, I just want to be anywhere but here. I dread coming into this office everyday and I’m unhappy about how long finding a new job is taking. I’m trying hard to stay focused and do my current job well but its tough when my heart’s not in it. I’m at that point that I’d take just about any half way acceptable job just to get out of here, away from the ex. 2 years ago

ExGratiaTuesday, no word.

On the organization’s HR website, my status is still open so at least I know they haven’t ruled me out yet.

I applied to another position today as well.

I’m starting to grind my teeth over this a little. I really want out of here before I lose my freakin’ mind. The ex was hovering again today, but it was ignored and he did cease and desist. Still works my nerves and it would do me so much good to be out of this place. I’ll take a cut in pay, even. I just want out. 2 years ago


No word. I hear crickets. They’re going to notify each of us, even if we didn’t land the job, which is nice, but the suspense is killing me.

In the meantime, to sooth my nerves I applied to two other jobs and one temp agency. Get more sticks in the fire.

Good news is, because of some changes at work my job is more secure, but I still don’t need to be working with my ex. At least though, I know I’m not going to get laid off anytime soon before I’m ready. 2 years ago

ExGratiaI found the job,

but its not mine yet. Out of 400+ applicants, its down to me and 3 other equally qualified people. The one thing I have going for me that the others don’t is my personality, and that 3 big dogs already at the organization wrote me really incredible letters of recommendation. I hope the other applicants find fabulous jobs elsewhere that pay them twice as much, and that I’m a great fit for the job.

This one combines my love of fitness and marketing. Its huge. This would be one of those jobs that would change my life. Usually, I’d not hold out much hope for fear of being let down, but this is such a great fit for me, that my heart is screaming for it. I mean SCREAMING. 2 years ago

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