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Tartsy40th Party Shenanigans

Everything was wonderful yesterday. Here are a couple of pics so you can see my family in action supporting my borderline unhealthy obsession with moustaches, monkeys, & ice cream! ;) 1 month ago

TartsyOff to a good start...

. 1 month ago

TartsyShow me stash...

. 3 months ago


This is when the sun shines tangential to the earth in day time. I don’t get it, but that’s how it is.4 months ago

TartsyShow me socks...

. 5 months ago

TartsyWhat are you two doing?

Fun @ Walmart… 7 months ago

TartsyShow me your kicks...

Rockin’ it Chuck style! 7 months ago

TartsyShow me your furnace...

The weather is turning chillier and we’re now prepared for both the remaining hot and the coming cold (maybe a picture of the AC to follow if I get off my tired butt). WOOT! 7 months ago

TartsyLovely Ladies of the PJ Party

The 2nd Annual PJ Party with the nieces was loads of fun!! 8 months ago

TartsyShow me a birthday...

Yesterday was hubby’s 40th and here’s the evidence of merriment! 9 months ago

TartsyShow me some gifts...

Hubby’s 40th birthday is on the 13th and we’re having an informal dinner with his family that night. Over the last six months or so I’ve created a basket of gifts to give him for his big day. I’ve already posted the box my FIL made but here’s stuff I’ll be wrapping this week. I’m trying to remind him that he’s still young at heart…

From left to right: 73 t-shirt (as seen on Big Bang), a Wii arcade game, Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD, Darth Vader light saber LED flashlight (he is on the dark side now – heehee), handmade ceramic mug, an assortment of magnets, and Icons by Jim Lee. 9 months ago

Faustusli'l niece

is very active. Nothing stops her from jumping around all day every day; well, nothing except a sheet of bubble wrap! It changes her personality and reorders her priorities (popping comes first). Her mom doesn’t approve pacifiers… but someone supplies her with the controlled substance! :P9 months ago

TartsyShow me your Dad...

Happy Father’s Day to one hell of a guy! 10 months ago

TartsyShow me your morning face...

What? I don’t know what you’re talking about…?

I look AWESOME in the morning! 10 months ago

TartsyShow me something you've built...

Okay, I didn’t build this but my FIL did so it counts! Just a simple peach crate type of box which will 1st be the gift box for hubby’s 40th bday & then it will become our recycling center. 10 months ago

TartsyShow me a holiday...

This was Easter at my SIL’s house. 12 months ago

TartsyShow me your pajamas...

Nothing better than a lazy Saturday! 12 months ago

TartsyShow me your family...

We went to my folks for dinner last night. When we showed up, both my Mom and sister were wearing the same color top. Total coincidence that we were all “matchy-matchy” but super cool none the less! :) 13 months ago

FaustusMinimalist-ish framing...

I don’t know why I like this, but I do. 15 months ago

TartsyTis the Season

Family dinner 15 months ago

TartsyI am the only person you know...

Who could manage to get 6 paper cuts simultaneously!

Jealous? 15 months ago


Phone cam, a tube, and a mask hanging on the wall… 15 months ago

TartsyShow me your day...

These were taken yesterday while lunching & shopping with my BFF.

Great day! 17 months ago

Faustus 18 months ago

TartsyShow me prom...

I went to prom with a neighbor when I was a junior.

Please to enjoy 17 year old me… 18 months ago

TartsyShow me book cases...

When D & I got together he was insistent that we have many book cases. Since I love books there was no disagreement from me and we preceded to build a wall for books. This is part of our dining room and you can also see the Grandfather clock. Over the years, we’ve bought less books because I utilize the library so frequently however that’s not to say we haven’t filled them out with other stuff… 19 months ago

TartsyShow me your toes...

Somewhere at the beginning of this goal I posted my finger nails so why not toes too? They’re painted 98% of the time & this time the color is Blue Flare by Avon. 21 months ago

TartsyShow me a body of water...

. 21 months ago

TartsyShow me a mascot...

Disclaimer: At the end of the parade route yesterday we encountered the local Department of Health & Family Services sitting around with their mascot for the Pride event. This isn’t your usual mascot. Please do not click the below link unless you’d like to see a picture of a happy male genitalia mascot…

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to see that?

Totally could NOT stop laughing & sorry I didn’t get a picture with a person in there!!22 months ago

TartsyShow me your Mom...

Gone but not forgotten.

Love you Mom! 23 months ago

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