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Stop telling people what to do with their lives.

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When I’m comfortable with people I am really bossy.

I have a domineering personality and I love very much to be in control – but I have no fear in giving out control/sharing control/someone else being in charge/control.

I love to talk, even though I get a sore throat nine times out ten when I talk loads.

My biggest stumbling block in my personality is that I love to tell people what I think they should be doing in their life. I love to give advice to those I care about.

I’m such a bossy big sister to my younger brother (younger by 14 months but it feels like 5 years.) I’ve always felt older than my age and I’ve always been a listener and a problem solver. I’m good at solving my own issues, too, so it’s not as if I’m helping people overcome their issues to avoid my own.

The reason I need to cut down on this behaviour is because I don’t want my son to feel smothered or pressured by me. I want him to make his own choices and be governed by his own set of rules and standards. 2 years ago

caz0rz 2 years ago

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