go on a 43t anti-spam rampage


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Recent activity

joie de vivrewhoa

Only ~30,000 spammy accounts up for review, which means about 50,000 were recently flushed! 1 month ago

joie de vivrestuff that makes me go insane

over 10,000 spamster accounts under the goal, “daily entries”; 299 new spammy accounts just today. How can we possibly keep up with nuking these? 3 months ago

joie de vivreaaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

F’ing seo spammers!

cottoning on, perhaps, that they are evaluated by entries, and even on the “About” section, they’ve now turned to just commenting on other people’s entries.

Look at this one: http://www.43things.com/subscriptions/person/staceybeck01, and weep. 3 months ago

Celtic Christian 10 months ago

joie de vivregod damn

So this idiot seo spammer says, well, golly gee, this article over yonder (http://www.insidecrm.com/articles/crm-blog/50-social-sites-that-every-business-needs-a-presence-on-53508) states that 43things is for business, you can’t blame me for strewing my seo shit all over the site.

GRRRRR!!! 7 months ago

Celtic Christiangetting even more overwhelmed

In the pockets of time that I have been voting to give spammers the boot I am finding it crazy in how close to a quarter if not a half of the ones that I am reviewing are underwear spam. In a fit of spam rage I created this goal to express my feelings about companies that spam to promote their products. Too bad we can no longer invite others to join goals, otherwise it would have been tempting to invite the spam accounts to join this goal before voting them off the 43 Things Island in the sea of the internet. 8 months ago

joie de vivreList of evil SEO spammers

I’m going to list them here. I’m going to use the word CRAP for SEO if they use the word SEO in their names or websites. Most of these companies have comments sections on their sites. I encourage you to tell them to stop spamming 43things.

Starting with:

http://1stCRAP.org/CRAP-service-provider/ 8 months ago

joie de vivreAnother letter

Dear Dustin:

Please for the love of God, do not strew the website, 43things.com, with your seo spammage. I do not work for 43things, I have no financial interest in the company that runs the site – I am just a loyal user of the site for many years. Through the wonderful, supportive community that’s there, I have been able to make positive change in my life.

So here it is, Dustin. I do not come to your local park, and leave my garbage all over the lawn. Please do not come to 43things and strew your SEO garbage over that website.

Right now, we’re DROWNING in fake articles written by fake people, purely to boost their or some client’s SEO, and it’s companies like yours that generate it. There is a corps of dedicated volunteers who go through and report, report, report report, but it’s feeling like we’re swimming in an endless sewer. It is so discouraging.

You probably don’t care. But I can hope for a glimmer of humanity, some teeny spark of morality. Maybe you’d simply just never do it again. Or even better, you’d write me back and say you’d never do it again. Or even better, you’d write, say you’d never do it again, and also apologize. Or even better, you’d come to 43things, not as some loathsome abuser, but as a real human being, if you actually do have this glimmer of humanity. One of the first goals would be to perhaps – I don’t want to set your goal list for you, of course – but I can hope – the first goal could be:

Sincerely apologize to the entire 43things community for being a SEO spammer

Your second goal could be:

Report ten times as much SEO spam as a member of Neighborhood Watch as my company has generated

...but hey, it’s your personal goal list, so you come up with what you want.

Thank you, Dustin, for reading this email, and realizing the depth of frustration, anger, and despair that companies like yours generate for the real, sincere users of 43things.


Claire Petersky

From: Dustin Miller 
To: cpetersky@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 1:12 PM
Subject: RE: Contact form request
Hello Claire,
Thanks for stopping by our website. I received your contact form submission from our website and wanted to reach out to you. What can I help you with? 9 months ago

joie de vivreidiots

Where I made this comment:


Just sub “seo” for crap, above. 9 months ago

Celtic Christianmore value than I realized before

I’m back to going on anti-spam rampages again but for a different reason this time around. When I tried to give it up when it seemed to become too frustrating and a waste of time I found that I missed the little quotes that you see on the pages when flagging spam goals. On the side I’ve been building up a text file of my favorites as part of my commonplace book project and I now realized how much enjoyment I get from the quotes. 9 months ago

Celtic ChristianI Give Up

Despite spending a few hours a day for the past few days in a row the list of flagged accounts that I have yet to review continues to grow like crazy. If the Robots want us to continue to review them they had better start paying us more than bonus cheers as this is looking like more and more a full time job not a little effort here and there to make up for cheer leak to catch up on cheers. So from now on the only time that I will go in neighborhood watch is when I want to catch up on returning cheers. There is a lot better things that I can do with my time than flagging spammers. 9 months ago

Celtic Christianthe tide never ends

I am going to continue to spend time taking out as many of the spammers when I can, but only when I do not have anything better to be working on. As lets face it at the rate that things are going 43 Things could likely hire somebody with a full time position to be doing this and they would likely have no problems with running out of work anytime soon. 10 months ago

a 10 months ago

Celtic Christianinsane

I voted on a little over 200 accounts and goals that I flagged as spam tonight. I would do more but my fingers have had it so I do not want to push it any more as that would go into self harm for me given my joint issues and hence violate the 43 Things TOS. 10 months ago

joie de vivreSuggestions

Start at the back, and work your way to the front. We now have hundreds and hundreds of entries, and none of them are going to get dealt with if we start at page one, because they’ll be more and more and more coming in each time.

Open up multiple pages in separate windows, and report an account on each page, then close the window. This goes much faster than …back, ...back, ...back and then reporting the next one. 10 months ago

joie de vivreAngry?

One of the companies that’s doing it:


let them know what you think of them. 10 months ago

joie de vivreit's insane

90% of the new goals are seo spam related. We have hundreds of junk accounts in NW. I contact the robots, but 43things isn’t their priority these days, and they might eventually get around to fixing the problem.

Meanwhile, everyone, rally to the cause. Not because you need the cheers, but because we need to drain the sewer! Hit Neighborhood Watch NOW and get rid of all this trash! 10 months ago

joie de vivreLetter written:

Dear Mr. [name omitted]

This morning, I was doing volunteer duty on the Neighborhood Watch of the 43things community. One of the companies spamming our community I believe is a customer of yours.

Mr. [name omitted], probably you would be upset if I came to your neighborhood in Kirkland, and shat upon your sidewalk. And as you can imagine, I would feel the same if you did the same to me on my street here in Bellevue. We don’t throw garbage on each other’s lawns, either. It’s because you (I hope) and I are responsible and considerate members of the general Eastside.

So, as a member of the 43things community – not as someone who works there, or owns the company, just a long-term user of the site – please don’t create fake accounts on the 43things.com site, and then post fake entries that are there only to boost the seo of your clients. It’s like shitting on our sidewalk. Loyal users of the site, like me, then have to go through these ads, vote to delete them, and then go through these fake users, and delete these as well. It’s like making us scrap up your shit from the sidewalk and pick up your garbage from our front lawn.

Instead, I recommend that you set up a real account on 43things. Then, I recommend that your first goal is: “Patrol Neighborhood Watch until I have removed as much advertising as I have created”. We’ll be cheering on your progress.

Warm Regards, 11 months ago

joie de vivrenext time the queue clears

[done] 15 months ago

joie de vivreRampage

took a little break from housework and reported, I dk, about 30 or so seo spammage-type goals. Go over to NW and enjoy the extra cheers! 15 months ago

joie de vivrewhen queue clears

[done] 17 months ago

joie de vivrepeople to report when my queue is clear

[done] 18 months ago

joie de vivrefinally contacted Joe

A huge list of seo farms sitting there in the discussion forum, and I think no one is paying attention.

Enjoy all the cheers, everyone! 18 months ago

joie de vivreminor rampage

I had some spare time and needed something non-demanding to do. Go forth and vote on Neighborhood Watch, everyone, under “Goals”. Earn yourselves some cheers. 19 months ago

joie de vivreFrustrating

All of today’s most popular goals are spam headers
Every new account in Zeitgeist is a fake account for seo purposes, except one. 23 months ago

joie de vivreMore people to report

[deletia] 2 years ago

joie de vivreMore people to report

I’ve been gone for a while, so I had an empty queue. The problem is that I came upon more than I had room for in that queue. 2 years ago

seasonsoflove 2 years ago

joie de vivreUntitled

lots of random stuff, some odd domains, then:
more not the merrier bridal spam 2 years ago

joie de vivreHong Kong Lottery Spam

holy moly, there was a lot of that to report. 2 years ago

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