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Saraband 3 years ago

Kathrinthis weekend I was thankful for:

- the compliment by my co-worker (he told me that I would look beautiful on a picture)

- the light of my candles

- sunshine

- my work (I’m looking forward to Monday, I know sounds strange, but it’s true. Work keeps me from thinking about my state of health…)

- that I learnt to care for myself

- the smell of the quinces in our garden

- that my sister seems to found love :)

- my friends who asked me how I were (even if I didn’t call or write them for a while)

- my new nail color (mud color :o )

- the chocolate cookies my mother made (Thanks Mum, they were delicious! Also its dough…Yummy!) 3 years ago

Kathrintoday I'm thankful for:

- Lady Antebellum’s new album which is so great

- my co-worker’s smile

- my new shower gel that smells of oranges and cinnamon

- David’s voice

- my parents’ sympathy

- that I can learn so many things

- the beauty of fall 3 years ago

Kathrintoday I'm thankful for:

- an almost pain-free day

- the good effect of Yoga

- the kind words and the smile of a waitress who works near to my office

- the rays of sunshine

- that I’m still able to walk

- Jessie J and her music :) 3 years ago

Kathrintoday I'm thankful for:

- my father’s kindness

- the smell of my roses

- that two of my Orchids are sprouting

- that I’m able to take care of myself today

- that I can be looking forward to tomorrow evening

- that I have time to relax and just nothing really important to do. 3 years ago

Kathrintoday I'm thankful for:

- my best friend’s support and love

- the beautiful rose that I got from a client

- the presence of my favorite neighbor

- my daily train trip over the Rhine bridge

- my Guardian angel :-) 3 years ago

Kathrintoday I'm thankful for:

- again for my job (can’t say it often enough :-)

- free from vomiting the whole day

- the possibility to work in one of the world’s wealthiest cities

- the compassion of my friend and co-worker

- my best friend’s humor (he makes me laugh even at the worst times)

- X Factor on Vox which gives me a moment to relax and laugh

- the smell of my choco tea in the evening

- my freedom

- beautiful sunset 3 years ago

SarabandSunday 9th October

Today I am thankful for:

• Red admirals
• Blackberries – finally got out and picked some!
• Warm winds sighing
• Silvery moonlight amidst scudding clouds 3 years ago

Kathrintoday I'm thankful for:

- my latte macchiato this morning (first time for days that coffee wasn’t nauseating to me) :-)

- waking up with only a bit pain

- my old Westlife CD which sounds really good after so many years

- Mum & Dad: love you <3!

- nature (feels so good to walk through the rain; and after every rain there’ll be sunshine! :-)

- the fact that I’m still able to work

- for my few loyal friends from all over the world

- that my friend in Afghanistan is still safe. 3 years ago

Kathrin 3 years ago

SarabandSaturday 8th October

A nice day. Gentle and flowing :)

Today I am thankful for:

• Waking slowly: refreshed despite a restless night
• Anticipation. Ponderings. Energy and flow.
• Humour
• Good news: Mum & Dad are one step closer to their extended (and final) trip to S Africa
• More good news: E has stopped therapy with her therapist’s agreement. From E: “I realised I simply didn’t have anything more that I needed to talk about” :) 3 years ago

SarabandFriday 7th October

Today I am thankful for:
• Magical moon glimpses
• E feeling better – on all fronts
• Feeling tired – and going with it
• An unexpected invitation
• Rice pudding with greengage compote
• Portabella mushrooms, perfectly ripe figs and dolcelatte 3 years ago

SarabandThursday 6th October

Today I am thankful for:

• The crisp, sharp, tangy air
• Autumn sunshine: low and blinding
• Feeling invigorated
• Good energy
• R helping E
• Freshly aired laundry
• Home-made mango chutney :) 3 years ago

SarabandWednesday 5th October

Today I have given almost the entire day to new thoughts and plans. I feel enlivened and enthused :)

Today I am thankful for:
• Serendipity, synchronicity, simplicity, streamlining
• A brisk, breezy morning stroll – part of my new morning routine
• Robin in the birdbath
• Potential and unknown possibilities
• Sunshine through closed eyelids 3 years ago

SarabandTuesday 4th October

Today I am thankful for:

• Sun!
• Peace
• Contentment 3 years ago

SarabandMonday 3rd October

Today I am thankful for:
• Gentle sunshine: a gradual winding down of the Indian summer
• B being home
• Lovely chat with E
• Long evening shadows
• The wind in the trees after dark
• Love
• Bliss 3 years ago

SarabandSunday 2nd October

Today I was thankful for:
• A rest day: slow and gentle
• Pottering with no plans at all
• Ongoing glorious sunshine
• Being home again :) 3 years ago

SarabandSaturday 1st October

October! With soaring temperatures – what a gift :) A leisurely start after our late night led on to another lovely day.

Today I am thankful for:
• Time at K’s lovely home – always restorative
• A day at the Autumn Show. Autumn with temperatures in the eighties was a little incongruous but I’m not complaining ;) Dogs and people of all shapes and sizes; farm animals sleek and cared for; craft stalls, food stalls, ice creams, chat and endless blue skies. Perfect!
• The return of my car – all ship-shape and running well again
• A quick and easy drive home to a warm welcome including flowers, wine and chocolates :)
• Sleep 3 years ago

SarabandFriday 30th September

Today was dedicated to catching up with old friends. And the wall-to-wall sunshine was the icing on the cake :)

Today I was thankful for:
• A one-to-one over coffee in the morning sunshine. We caught up mostly on difficult things unfortunately, but I know we both felt better for the experience
• Lingering into the night with the old group. Bottles of wine and candles; chat, banter, laughter, hugs and smiles. So good to slip immediately into old ways as if time hasn’t passed at all
• C arriving to join us at the pub. Such a wonderful surprise!
A VERY late night back at K’s. She talked, I listened; I know she felt better for it
• Stumbling into bed some time after 3…

And a brief mention for Cm because I had to blow out our planned get together in the afternoon. It was out of my control but I’m not convinced she realises that. I know how disappointed she was – as was I. It’s rescheduled but that’s not helping her right now. I’m including it here because I’m grateful for having reached a point where I can accept her disappointment with respect and love but also with detachment :)3 years ago

SarabandThursday 29th September

Today I was thankful for:

  • Amazing sunshine
  • A precious day at the zoo :) 3 years ago

SarabandWednesday 28th September

Today I was thankful for:
• An early start: no traffic delays and nothing falling off my car. (A very real possibility given the noises it’s been making.) Delivering the car to P for a few days to put right what needs doing.
• Finally meeting H’s twins! At 11 months old, it’s about time I got to see more than just photographs. And of course, they are both gorgeous :)
• Relying on my feet and public transport to get around. A slower pace meant slowing thoughts and time to revel in a nostalgic journey through old haunts in my old village. Eight years since I left it: down the High Street, past the children’s old schools; across the common; past the pond…
• Sparkling blue skies and contrasting gold-tinged leaves. Lunch on shaded benches. 3 years ago

SarabandTuesday 27th September

Although less than a week ago, it’s hard to look back on this day and remember specifics. It was a day of doggedness and doing what needed to be done in readiness for being away the rest of the week; a day of some misgivings about how this trip might turn out since I was feeling so low physically and emotionally. But those misgivings were unfounded: my time away was a wonderful tonic and exactly what I needed to break out of the rut.

Today I was thankful for:
• September sunshine
• A very good hair cut
• Finally being packed and ready to go! 3 years ago

SarabandMonday 26th September

I am on leave this week which is nice, though slightly marred by the email which arrived today explaining that redundancies are necessary and are being considered over the course of this week. We shall see.

Today I am thankful for:
• Silence and solitude and time for reflection
• Writing and being gentle with myself
• The golden sunset reflected in empty windows
• Birdsong

Only after writing this did I notice that I’ve used the word ‘reflection’ twice. I saw last night’s sunset reflected back at me as I walked up the garden from the greenhouse. I hadn’t noticed it before that. There’s something in that image that I’m not quite able to reach yet. I feel a little like those windows: blank and empty but reflecting back a sense of golden life and beauty. That sounds negative. I don’t feel negative, just a little detached and ‘set apart’. I’m relying on external factors for beauty and inspiration at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with that; my own inner vitality will return in time :) 3 years ago

SarabandSunday 25th September

I could easily write a lovely list crammed full of gratitude and thankfulness for today, all of which would be true. But honesty compels me to preface it with an acknowledgement that things are still far from right. I’m out of kilter and still chasing after that all important equilibrium. I catch it for a moment or two but it escapes again. It’s elusive, that sense of peace and balance! I know it will return in time, most probably when I least expect it and when I stop actively seeking it.

So for now, internally I’ll continue being with what is, which is fairly low, bleak, lost and lonely. It’s very tiring.

But outwardly things are quite different. Outwardly there is love and much to be thankful for. Today was a special time; today I choose to look outward :)

Today I am thankful for:

• An extended Sunday lunch – and eating outdoors at the end of September
• My three wonderful children. E looking great; boys looking fit – must be all that running! It’s rare to have us all in the same place any more
• Family time across 4 generations. Dad looking so well. Little E being his usual generous self and sharing his food with his great-grandfather

For this and much more I have thankfulness in abundance :) 3 years ago

SarabandSaturday 24th September

Today I am thankful for:
• Feeling the tension that I hadn’t noticed I have been carrying melt away as my thoughts settled
• Flow! I hadn’t realised how far I’d slipped
• Long-handled apple pickers and tiny green warblers
• Soft September sunshine
• Quiet and solitude
• Love and concern 3 years ago

SarabandThursday 22nd and Friday 23rd September

It has been an interesting couple of days. I could write reams, and perhaps I will, but not here. Instead I am truly thankful for:

• Insights and lessons that are ever-present in our daily existence and wait patiently to be plucked and savoured when the time is right
• The love, warmth and generosity of spirit I see and feel all around me from family; from friends near and far, old and new, and from the wonderful community that is 43t. Thank you :)
• Transformation and growth and the miracle that is life and humanity in all its magnificent imperfection

Thank you :) 3 years ago

SarabandWednesday 2st September

I feel a little like I’m fighting a losing battle at the moment. One step forward, two steps back. Everything’s an effort. Hey ho, it will pass…

Today I am thankful for:

• sunshine after the rain
• raisin-studded porridge
• tiny pink flowers beginning to show themselves on the viburnum
• autumn colours growing more apparent by the day
• E calling; little E chattering as ever in the background

Edit:almost from the point of writing this things began looking brighter again. Here’s hoping :)3 years ago

SarabandTuesday 20th September

Just one big gratitude today. On a day in which I felt out of sorts and the weather did little to help, it felt good to be thinking of this one :)

Today I am thankful for:

• B spending the evening with his elder daughter. Slowly, softly, the relationship is building again :) 3 years ago

SarabandMonday 19th September

Today I am thankful for:

• Restful, dreamless sleep
• An unexpected but very welcome sunny start to the week
• Purposeful activity
• A good chat with E
• Contentment
• The stirrings of an idea 3 years ago

SarabandSunday 18th September

I’ve been feeling rather burdened of late. Some things on my mind are out of my control but I can choose how I react to them. Others are really of my own making and one of those is my list-making fetish ;) There comes a time when lists cease to be a help – adding structure and purpose – and instead become a millstone. One can have too many lists!

So today has seen a list cull. A few refinements have made all the difference!

Today I am thankful for:

• Simplifying
• Good news from a friend
• Jelly making: jewel-red juices; deep plumy fragrance
• Quiet & inner peace
• Smiles and affectionate teasing
• The beauty of unexpected evening sunshine; golden sunset; luminous waning moon 3 years ago

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