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rehab my hip


Recent activity


Trauma_Junkie 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkieset back

Huge one.

Lots of pain started last week. Eventually ended up at the docs, and he agreed that PT had discharged me too eearly and that my hip was still quite weak. So back to no running, not even 8.5 minutes of intervals.

Ah well. I return to PT in about 2 weeks, as they dont seem to have an appointment for me and my chosen PT – NOT the old one.
And thats that.

I feel so angry. ANd also irritated. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieHip up and hip down...

felt pretty good on Friday, had a killer headache, but managed to run for a total of 8.5 min. It’s not a lot but considering the surgery, it is really very good.
Today felt ok, worked all day, and suddenly at the end of the day I noted a huge amount of pain in the glute area.

Hopefully this will improve overnight, especially because I have tomorrow off, and frankly, I want to run for the 8.5 minutes again. Bah.

THis week is the first week that I am starting to feel no pulling and tugging in my hip area…my hip and groin feel normal. This is a good thing. 3 years ago


Really sore today.

Had a simple 30 minute workout with the coach yesterday. I thought it was nothing but today my upper body and quads are feeling it, and my adductor area on the left (surgical side) is hurting.

I may over foam rolled. I think actually I just really really stretched the adductor and its sore from that.

So…rest day today.

I want to do my little running, but. I am being wise… 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieFeeling really good

I thought I would be upset about stopping PT, but I actually feel very free. I do what I want now, and dont have to consult the PT, who actually was sort of a pain in the neck.

I foam rolled my left hip and my right actually a bit, for about 40 minutes the other day. I rolled, then stretched and then walked about, then rolled a different area, stretched, walked. Today, I feel GREAT. It really soothed out some of the deep tissue irritation. Probably better than the PT because I can stop when the pain is unbearable. No bruising either! And I can roll for as long as I can tolerate.

Today I go back to my coach. Yipee. Hopefully it will all be well. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieMD follow up today

Doctor was looking very relaxed, as I am feeling pretty good. He was a little shocked that I was already DC’d from Physical Therapy. Asked me if I felt like a “rapid Healer” and I laughed and said, No not at all. Apparently the usual is PT for 4 more weeks. But I have my trainer, sooo….

Still with pain when he manipulates my leg, but you know the leg is not normally made to bend that way anyway.
Very pleased I got him to veto the Princess Half marathon, as I did not want to run it. Whoo Hoo, Nice to use your Doctor as a scape goat. He says to stay on flat short running very controlled situations…I guess this is what it really means to have No base.

It would be nice though if I could increase running a wee bit without pain. It will come soon enough.

He also said he never thinks of me as a bad patient. Which was nice. 3 years ago


check it out here:

I did finish PT. There was not that much more he could do for me, unless he wanted to continue the ART work on my groin and leg. I know he sure did not want to do that, so now it’s me and the foam roller…
and Coach H.

When I do run for the 6 minutes, my hip no longer feels like something hit it the day after.

I am getting really excited about running in December! 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkie10 days

I missed making an entry for ten days. I have been exhausted with work and PT and everything.

I am running.

I am allowed 2 minutes of running at a 10MM pace on the treadmill. It feels really wonderful. Max amount allowed is 3 sets of 2 minutes.

The next day I feel like a donkey kicked me in the hip. then it gets better.

I graduate from PT this week, which is scary and exciting…

Soft tissue restrictions are being worked out well.
I am hoping to get new shoes this week. I feel great. One of the gym trainers told me yesterday I looked radiant, and “really good” There are a lot of reasons for this, but for the first time in months I feel entirely at peace and am looking forward to my running future. Boy though progress is a lot slower than I thought it would be! 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiemore adventure

I did the pool running, one whole hour.
and then rode the bike for 30 min.


I tried to do more but because the pool was so tiring, I just went home.

My hip feels sort of bad. But I am encouraged, this bad is not as bad as it used to be. There is just that one area left that hurts only when running, a pulling sensation, which is probably another adhesion. I sure wish I could pop that one loose.

COuld use some ART right about now, but will have to wait for Wednesday.
Keeping my eye on the eventual prize, and feeling somewhat Zen about the whole thing. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieEvery day an adventure

I am finding every day brings new hip issues, and others that decrease. It’s like a choose your own adventure book, but without being able to choose really.

Yesterday I Biked 10 miles at 5 am. then worked 12 hours. I had a “sitting” job. By the end of the day my hip was really tight. I stretched it, but…this morning it still feels tight and my glute is really sore.
Going pool running today with a friend, deep water running, so it will be easy on the body…and fun to do with someone else.

I’m not scheduled for more PT until Wednesday. I hope my glute muscles relax before them.

Ahhh a new adventure each day. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 83?

Hip is still weirdly painful. Occasional pain shooting all over leg and quad muscle. pain at the Piriformis, pain at the trochanter.

I skipped elliptical. ROde the bike.
did a pretty good but not very balanced weights workout.
Did pool running.

Then consulted with my PT to make sure I was OK. Sadly, I find I am becoming somewhat dependent on him, whom I used to hate. (grammer? oh NO!) I had to have him tell me I was OK. He didn’t but he did say he didn’t feel concerned. So now I have to work through this abnormal attachment.

I will cycle in the am tomorrow, go to work, and go home and rest. Saturday if things feel better, I will be heading to try the trampoline.

I did promise the PT without his asking that I Will NEVER EVER try running again until he says I am ready. Wow. I was so not ready. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay I dont know which one it is. Probably 82

I have had a crazy schedule this week. Sooo.
My PT has been doing some ART style muscle release on my leg.

He was very entertained as I used the F word to describe my leg, and I am not one to curse (You look ugly when you say ugly things.)

I tried to run on the TM in PT, and it was really painful. So so much for that. I feel quite a bit down about that, and I think the PT was very surprised at the pain as well. Oh well. strengthen. Recover. It was excellent while it lasted.

PT Red was oddly very affectionate with me, I guess he is fond of me, not in a romantical way, just fond of me. I am as always confused by anyone showing me any sort of affection.

My Range of Motion is improving A lot. I feel pretty good.
I do not feel ready to graduate PT on September 2 though, so we shall see what actually happens. I’ve been going 2-3 times weekly for about 6 months now, so it will be a big change to be on my own, or with H. my coach. Emotionally, I am frightened about it, so I am probably ready. I mean, The PT is located in my GYM, for heavens sakes the guys are always there, and pretty available even when I dont have an appointment. And I do have several more visits that are allocated to my rehab if the PT thinks I can use them.

For the 2 mins I did run I was able to keep an 11 min mile pace while still talking mile a minute, so that was nice to see that while I am slow, I am not THAT slow. but man did it hurt. I want to be strong like a freaking Bull. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 79

Not a bad day.

Spent a lot of it doing gym stuff. Oddly could not bring myself to run on the trampoline, I just did not want to get the trampoline out of the closet and put it back. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

I am feeling frustrated and at a standstill. I am doing the exercises and working hard, but My hip is still too weak for running.

My pain is much decreased, which is great.

I’m learning that to have a better day and a better nights sleep I need to actually stretch when getting into bed, and also before getting out of bed in the morning. I feel sort of old, and annoyed that my body is not cooperating that well…
Myabe someday this will be a vague memory…. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 77/78

I must be feeling better, writing a combo entry.

The day after the PT session, my leg was really really bruised and swollen. Saw the PT at the gym. He apologized for the bruising, but noted that before he saw it I was walking a lot better. Now that he listens to me better, we are working really well. I biked 9 miles, and did some exercises. Was very very tired. Went to bed at about 8:00.

day 78 I had work and had the trauma rooms again. It went MUCH better than the first time in the trauma rooms, even with the Bipolar person in the manic phase that was brought into my room. I admit, the day went by very fast with screaming hallucinating man in there.
I actually considered going to the gym and spinning a bit but really I am tired.

I am starting to feel healed. But I still am unable to deal with the pounding that running will give this hip. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 76

thinking pretty seriously about taking the few percocet I have left tonight.

Had a 1.5 hr PT session today. Was supposed to be 30 min. Pt massaged or something at my restrictions that are through my tensor Fascia latae. I cried. He asked me to relax, I cried. He massaged and massaged. It did open up the leg a bit…and now I have tons of bruises on that leg.
I also ran on a trampoline and pool ran and and and. Whew. feeling tired enought o go to sleep now. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 75

Had the “easiest” job in the joint at work. Sat almost all day, except to pull a stroke victim from a car and take her to the back stat.

Hip actually hurt like a mother…but we had unusual pressure changes all day- rainy and such, plus I think the new PT did not supervise me too well in the gym and I may have well, overdone it.

Today back to normal and have the “old” PT. so I am good. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 74

weirdest PT session evah.
worked with a different PT and it was not easy as he has no idea of my history…but he did massage my TFL and released nicely the piriformis.

Looking forward to the PT I used to hate on Wednesday.

WORK though seems to have sapped me of all energy. I spent today doing very little, and would have preferred actually to sleep, than to go to the gym… 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 73

Work again good, challenging but good.

My hip got pretty sore and stiff by the end of the day.

I noted that I can sit in a 90 degree flexion a little bit more comfortably than before for longer. (we dont sit a lot at work but we do sit.)

so good stuff. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 72

WOrk was great. it was one of those odd days when the patient load was actually within the limits of the Emergency Staffing. So everyone was able to work, do the job and not get too stressed out. My hip felt pretty good and I had a “sitting” type job.

Walked 1 mile with the pooch afterwards…and then slept heavily.

One more work day then back to physical therapy. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 71

As instructed by my Physical Therapist, I took today as a “light activity” day. I walked the dog, and went cycling with my friend.
The cycling was so so hard. My left leg, the quadriceps hurt. I felt it in the left side with every step. Sooo.

Apparently going back to work was well, more than I had bargained for. I have To work this weekend, so hopefully the rest day, and going to bed obscenely early will help.

No real major pain, and I feel semi-flexible, and am not obsessing so much over the hip anymore….nice. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 70.

well, let me just refer everyone who can stand to be reading about Day 70 of my hip rehab to yesterday.

Almost identical. not bad. but exhausted. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 69

No work today, Sooo, much better day.

I saw the Dr. and that was quick.
Walked the dog twice,
Biked on the stationary
ran on the elliptical.
did some PT exercises.
And made a veg lasagne. Of course…that is just info.
I ran on the trampoline. It sounds so much fun, but it hurts and is not that fun, but the impact is very important. I was able to do 3 sets of 30-35 seconds each. I did this in the PT area, and while I was not doing PT, my therapist freaked out because he was listening to make sure I was not jumping, and all of a sudden her heard this “thunk” when I hopped off the trampoline.
Icing now, feel pretty good.
Amazing that all that activity was still easier than a full day at work! 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 68

for yesterday.

I had to go to work, and was assigned the most challenging assignment in the joint. Whew! one man to the Cath lab, one critical pediatric patient, and one lady flown out, all mixed in with a variety of blood transfusions and regular complaints…I got to go home.

Managed to handle it with ice, and a hot epsom bath and some elevation of the leg on pillows.
I have several days off now, so I am going to rest up to be ready for the weekend. Our weather is predicted to be sort of bad over the weekend (tropical storms) so hopefully that will keep people involved and at home, not in hospital… 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 67

back to work today.

Completely exhausted. And I had an easy assignment and lots of help.

Also saw my surgeon who did not believe me when I told him I felt great…

I did feel great. right up until about 2-3 pm.
then I started to feel stiff, and “tender” no actual shooting stabbing exciting pain, but just a very tired body.

Have to go back tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it, but…
it is part of getting recovered.

Now off to stretch Psoas and get some sleep. No Sleeping tablets needed tonight. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 66

Had a good day, but still ended up in some pain. boo.

walked the dog.

ellipticalled 3.10 miles in 30 min.

and then did an extravaganza of PT exercises.
I was pretty careful to do a variety of exercises….
but I think the second set of three planks there at the end set me off.
Also saw PT McDreamy, he is younger than me I think, but he is still McDreamy. Luckily I avoided having to talk to him, i get tounge tied round him which he knows and I think he likes, it does keep me from saying dumb stuff. going to be interesting when he does my piriformis release next week (not my reg PT.).
Got home and did a variety of stretches and stuff but remained in pain in the groin.
I got a little frustrated and used a percocet. Now of course, I feel pretty fine, but that is the Percocet and Benadryl combo talking. I may have to ask for a Percocet refill…that will be humbling, and I am unsure it will be given this late in the game.

For the Past 4 days my Pain has been Super Low. that stretch I did seemed to loosen up an adhesion or something. I now get why the heck I had the surgery. I am amazed that people actually walk around with their hips feeling like mine does now. and I can sit like a normal person for about 45 minutes to an hour! It is making me a little giddy…and surprised at how bad I hurt for so long, I had no idea how bad it was…
Now, If I could just you know…RUN. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 65

Yes, I am a day late. I got into bed early last night and realized that I had not done this.

I woke up entirely PAIN FREE. A small twinge in the adductor, but the adductor is it’s own special country with it’s own bylaws.

I felt cold symptoms all day long, decreased appetite and feeling tired. Initially I thought I’d just do a rest day.

Walked the dog.

Casually asked a friend if she wanted to go Bike riding on Facebook, and she did!

Sooo, 1 mile on the elliptical.
I did one legged bosu ball balances
some rocking on the wobble board
and THE TRAMPOLINE. I ran for 60 seconds on the tramp with a break in between. It was harder than it sounds but it didn’t really hurt…was just a challenge.
Work tomorrow which is a BIG step in my recovery, really, given that I do not have a desk job. Though I do occasionally use a desk there.

I really feel like I may have turned yet another corner in this recovery. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 64

PT day.

was able to run on the Lipty but did not get time to bike (yaaay!)
We did exercises and it was fun.

did some piriformis massage and psoas release.

PT observed me walk for quite a lot of time and noted that I was walking better than I had ever walked in the past, including prior to surgery. So, I am feeling good.
Lots of burning sensation in one area, but good.

Irritated that he waited to schedule appointments til this week and suddenly there were no appointments…I always feel like I am fighting for stuff that I need. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 63

Had a Good day.
Decided to bag the pool run this morning. I have only a few days left off work, and getting up that early was not of interest. Soon school will be back in session and there will not be scads of kids in the pool, so time enough for that.

I walked the dog extra long, and then slept really well for about 3 extra hours.

then I went to the gym and used the lipty, the bike and did some PT exercises. I stretched much more carefully and included some stretches for the Psoas as mine is apparently one of the big culprits. Even under anesthesia, apparently it was very tight and gave the surgeon issues when he was trying to move my hip around.
After stretching the psoas, some of my groin pain abated. Now I am left with a much smaller amount and pain that feels more surface-y than deep.

I can feel myself getting a little bit better daily daily.

Scared to death to register for the Princess half marathon. I want to do it because of friends, but I dont because I just know its going to be chaos, expensive, and not really about running. But well, if I adjust my frame of mind, i could have fun. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 62

Today was a good day though rather painful.

I had a Physician follow up today. I was SURE it was going to be awful, and that the surgeon thought I was insane. I was made to wait for a fairly long time, which is unusual in that office, so I decided, right or wrong, that the surgeon was actually aggravated with me and putting off seeing me.

He was actually pretty nice. I made sure to behave 100% NORMAl, which was a challenge.
He answered my questions very thoroughly.
I am doing well, though there really is no “outcome” report for 6 months…
He thinks I now have a “good frame of mind for the point in recovery that I am in”
I am tentatively allowed to register for the Half Marathon in February, as long as I understand:
1. I will not run it competitively (ha as if I ever could)
2. I understand that I will have to walk some
3. I will not “shoot him” if I actually can not do it due to unforeseen future.
I explained why I disliked the physical therapist and while he said nothing, he did not disagree with me, and just asked me to try to work with him.
He explained that for whatever reason when he got into my leg he noted that there were some very odd muscle imbalances and thus it would take me longer to recover and be pain free.
He was encouraging, and to an extent understanding. I am pleased.

Sadly I went to PT, and did a new thing on the trampoline and then promptly wanted to cry. Part of the process. 3 years ago

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