Wish Flowergirlresumed a belated but very Happy Birthday for June 16th :)

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Zanna Campanula 2 years ago

Jessy 2 years ago

h.g. ~happiness 2 years ago

Kimber~ 2 years ago

Kimber~HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!

HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!
HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!
HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!
HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!
HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!
HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!
HaPpPpPpPy BeLAteD BIRthDaYYY (((((Flowergirlresumed))))!!!!

(((((Flowergirlresumed))))) epic celebrations…

i hope you had a fabulous birthday ((((Flowergirlresumed)))...:)

i picked this tune for your birthday…i hope you like it! it’s from a Canadian band called hey rosetta & the song is called red heart…it’s one of my favorites…:)

i’ve so enjoyed getting to know you here on 43 things. thank you for helping make 43 things a very cool place to be. wishing you a fab year full of love, magical moments, loads of fun & laughter…

much love & many warm hugs kimber~ xx

sorry for the lateness… 2 years ago

Solena D. 2 years ago

Theskysthelimit1976 2 years ago

Solena D.Oh my fur and whiskers!

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

Dear Flowergirl, I’m so sorry to be this late for your birthday, but accept my wishes for a glorious year ahead, full of laughter and serenity, and friendships that continue to grow!

Happy birthday!!!2 years ago

JessyHappy birthday, dear Flowergirl!

Here is a cake made of flowers just for your birthday. I hope you have a wonderful year! 2 years ago

hopena 2 years ago

wren 2 years ago

Theskysthelimit1976A very belated wish!!

Late but with the same fervor I wish you a glorious birthday month that trickles into an awesome birthday year! You are a beautiful member of this 43things community and it is a pleasure to celebrate your beingness!! :) I wish you all the good things the universe has in store for you this year! 2 years ago

JWillow 2 years ago

JWillowDear Flowergirl

Although belated, these wishes are hoped to bring you the very best of Birthdays…a year of blooming happiness and love, peace and joy!

Hope you had an amazing day Flowergirl!

Happy Birthday
J x

so sorry I didn’t these wishes are late!2 years ago

wrenBirthday wishes that are late

but no less sincere! I hope this is a wonderful year for you. You are such a thoughtful friend and mother, and you deserved nothing but the best! 2 years ago

Todd Schoonover 2 years ago

Todd SchoonoverHappy Belated Birthday

Obviously I’ve been too busy fart-assing about and not paying enough attention to birthdays to have let this one slip by. I’d try to blame it on the riots in Vancouver, but other than the fact that we were both former colonies of England, there really is no connection between them and me missing the lovely Flowergirlresumed’s birthday. I could also imply that it’s because no one tweeted, fakebooked or shared with me that it was her birthday, but that’s just another excuse for being tardy. So instead of delaying further, here are my wishes for her for the coming year:

May she have lots to relish in life, and not just pickles but other things of substance that she recognizes in the moment instead of after the fact. May she face those fears head on and then realize that they weren’t things to fear to begin with but just opportunities to take. And may there be more laughter than sadness in the year ahead. 2 years ago

~to the water~ 2 years ago

~to the water~I CANNOT BELIEVE

I missed your birthday…..... :(
Please accept my belated birthdays wishes! I hope it was a good one, as you deserve the best of days on your special day!!! :)

~hopped 2 years ago

HippieChick2 2 years ago

HippieChick2Happy Birthday FlowerGirl!!!

A little late in my birethday wisahes, but I hope it was and will continue to be a wonderful celebration of life and that you have a great year ahead of you!!! 2 years ago

heaveemetal 2 years ago

heaveemetalWhat an oaf I am...

for missing the chance to thank you for remaining part of the community and sharing your insight with us.
And to say Happy Birthday.
I love reading what you have to say… 2 years ago

Saraband 2 years ago

SarabandSo sorry

... to have missed your birthday, dear FGR :)

You’re such a caring and kind-hearted presence here and I for one have good reason to take this opportunity to reflect on and be thankful for your kindness.

I hope you had a special day on your birthday; I’m sure the birthday cake was delicious! May the year ahead be filled with special moments great and small, and may it lead you gently along your path to light, laughter, peace, tranquillity, happiness and acceptance.

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xx 2 years ago

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