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Sister MorningSongTook a shift I didn't need

so this kid could get to something more important 19 months ago

Sister MorningSongIt's an act of kindness to yourself and others to celebrate earth day

I’m spending some time learning about earth day, and thinking about ways to green up my time on this planet. Not just for today but starting today. 1 year ago

Sister MorningSongWill work any shift for a coworker

i never say no
even if i dont want to
because i wana help them out
then again i also end up with overtime pay sometimes
so thats cool too 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongFree ice cream

usually i work through my brake to make the extra dollar…. but they were giving away free ice cream so i went and got some for everyone i work wiff. 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongGave a child a cookie that his mom could not afford to purchase

And it felt damn good too. 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongI got a free sandwich today because somebody didn't have enough to pay for it so they left it

i wished i had money to pay for it for them but i’m poor. it was given to me for free. i was going to eat it greedily but then i thought, nah, i’ll give it to my dad, he deserves somethin nice 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongI clean my dads room

He will leave it a complete sty, grossssssssssssssss. But he works twelve hours a day and puts food on the table and pays the bills. So I clean his room sometimes because it feels better to me to be in a clean room, and i think he might be happier if he didn’t sleep in a sty. 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongAt work sometimes customers can be kind of rude and angry for no reason

so i smile at them, even if their rude. I say have a nice day with no sarcasm, and sometimes i see people lighten up before they leave. 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongWhen I hiked the A.T.

I stayed at a camp site where they had a box with a journal in it with peoples signatures and short updates on their travels. It was out of paper. So I took some of the paper from my journal and left it there with a quote “When you have worn out your shoes, the strength of the shoe leather has passed into the fiber of your body.”

and I left the thermals i was carrying because i didn’t need them and someone else might. 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongAttending the climate change awareness talk

after the sustainability in our town effort/
farmers market

is an act of kindness because its good for me to know more about how to make my town sustainable, about climate change, and to support my community by attending the farmers market and buying something. 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongmy act of kindness for today is going to be for me

i’m going to take very good care of my body today and then i’m going to dye my hair. i havent dyed my hair in seven years and I’ve never been a blond. Heres to it! 2 years ago

Sister MorningSongMaking brownies for my dad

God knows I dont need them lol

bonus used up his bananas that were about to go bad, and crumble the extra cookies that were about to go stale for a topping. 2 years ago

Sister MorningSong 2 years ago

cutie8917 2 years ago

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