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LipglossKiller 2 years ago

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ShaTayTay 11 months ago


Right now, I’m working a temp job. I don’t want to say I have a careless attitude, but I feel like I don’t need to go out of my way to make a good impression here. When the assignment is over, I’m gone for good. As long as I do my work, I’m fine.

Normally at my more professional jobs, I dye my hair back to a natural color and take out the blue, hide my gauges, and wear professional clothes.

This time, to hell with it. I’ve kept my hair black and blue, worn my see through earrings, and only wore dress pants or button up shirts when I felt like it.

I still work hard, but I’d rather not worry about how I’m dressed here.

Not only has no one said anything to me about the way I look, but my bosses love me. They’re so wonderful to me, they appreciate how hard I work and let me know it, and have moved me to one of the highest positions a temp can have.

It’s nice knowing that I’m being judged for my work, which I always work hard on, rather than my appearance which doesn’t matter. For someone who often feels judged for her appearance, it means a lot to me. 11 months ago

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