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ClocksDeclaringWait. What? 43T is done???


Shouldn’t they send us an email or something? Or did they and I just missed the list? 3;

Either way… Not happy. At all. 6 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate... (50)


Goodbye. I’ll miss you. It’s going to be a long month, but I’ll be here when you come back. Learn lots. Do your best. If you can, have fun. Above all, be safe. <3 7 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI don't like... (49)

The feeling of my really dry hands. D; I need lotiooonnn… 8 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI don't like... (48)

The sound of the wind. When it’s extremely windy, anyway.

It’s so loud and makes it hard to concentrate/sleep/do much of anything that requires focus. xD But that’s nature for you (and SoDak weather)... 8 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate... (47)

Constantly changing weather.

Fuck you, weather. Make up your damn mind already… 8 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate... (46)

Assholes. Right now I pretty much just want to scream and cry and throw things and maybe kill someone/thing. Not as much now as I did a few hours ago, but still.

And doors on safes. My knee still hurts like a sonuvabitch. 9 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate... (45)

Not knowing when to keep my mouth shut.

Sometimes as soon as I think something I say it. I need to filter better. Damn it. 9 months ago


I haven’t gotten an ‘F’ since the fourth grade. Not one that I didn’t intentionally receive, anyway.

I’m a sore loser, I’ll accept that. But seeing my grade in a class go down a whole letter grade because of one assignment makes me so pissed I want to kill something.

I feel that I followed the directions for the assignment. She wanted originality, so I did that. I switched things up a little. But apparently doing that got me an ‘F’ instead of the, at the very least, ‘C’ I might have expected.

‘F’ is for not doing the assignment at all, or TOTALLY wrong. But from the way she described it, I only buffed up a few things. That, in my opinion, does not constitute an ‘F,’ goddammit.

And then I get a ‘C’ on the other part of the assignment for one little thing I fucked up. I’ll admit I fucked it up, sure, but does it have to half my entire grade?

Like I said, I’m a sore loser. I don’t take failure well at all. Hopefully I can talk to my teacher in class tonight and see if I can at least persuade her to up the ‘F’ to a ‘C’ or something…

Alas, my GPA suffers, and I cry a little on the inside (and out). 9 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate... (43)

Valentine’s Day.

I know, I’m so original.

But hey, it’s just the honest truth. 10 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate... (42)

Grinding my teeth.

I don’t mean to do it… I just all of a sudden realize that I am. Like, when it’s too late and my jaw and teeth hurt… Heh. Whoops? 10 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate... (41)

When things don’t go as planned.

Damn work. Really, it was just the damn tills being off, but anyway.

I was there an hour-ish later than usual. Blehhh. 10 months ago


I hate that my professors wait until the last minute to let their students know what they need for the course.

In particular, one professor waited until the end to post the book. A $70 book. I found it online for $10, but if he expects me to have it in time for class, it’s not my problem.

Another professor had her book posted long time ago. Yay, I got my book with time to spare.

Then she sends us an email today with additional supplies. Over twenty things. Much of which is paint—small tubes of gouache that is EXPENSIVE. And she says “buy these things ASAP.”

You think you could have sent this email, oh, I don’t know, WEEKS ago!?

What the fuck is so hard about giving us better heads up than that? Especially with such speedy supplies?

I’m screaming a little on the inside. 11 months ago

ClocksDeclaringWhy am I still awake?

Oh, that’s right. Because I’m playing designated driver to an idiot.

I hate drunk people.

Not the same as hating alcohol as a whole. At all. 12 months ago

ClocksDeclaringDespite the fact that my wisdom teeth were removed...

It still feels like they’re in my mouth, and I really don’t like the feeling. Before they were cut out I could feel them trying to poke through on the bottom jaw, and that same feeling is there—darn little bumps at the end of the row of my teeth. I’m starting to wonder if the surgery was somehow faulty and they missed parts of the teeth… And my dentist just hasn’t noticed it in recent x-rays. :/

I forgot my retainer Saturday night and skipped it yesterday (shame on me for that), and now it’s rubbing… My mouth doesn’t take much to move back, apparently. (Is that normal?)

Hell, are these bumps where my wisdom teeth used to be ‘normal’?

Damn teeth that are a pain in the tuckus but I’d die without…

(Wah-wah, Justin says to cry him a river. xD) 13 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate...

Naps. :c

Whenever I want to take one I can’t fall asleep, and then other times I will take one… I feel worse off when I wake up than I did before napping.

Nyeh. Guess who just woke up from a nap? Now I’m all cranky. xD 13 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate...


Brain, why you no be nice to me and let me sleep stress free?

What causes headaches, anyway…? 13 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate...

When you tell me I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do/doing something wrong, and in such a way that it makes me sound like SUCH a burden on you, S, but you don’t tell me what or how I can fix it and make it right.

I’m not doing what I should be? I was under the impression that I was! What exactly am I not doing that’s a part of my responsibilities, huh? Not to mention, why haven’t you told me sooner? You might be thinking I didn’t notice you going over everything that I did as if I didn’t do a damn thing to begin with, but I did.

Now you’re being told by our boss that you should stop that. So you even told the boss you were doing it, and neither of you thought to tell me I was fucking up so I could fix my mistakes? That really burns me, S, and I hate that you basically went behind my back about this rather than confront me and say, “Hey, B, you’re missing stuff/forgetting something/doing it wrong. Here’s what you should do so it’s right.

No one likes to be told that, no, but I’d prefer it over what you did tonight. It makes me feel worthless and useless and like a fuck-up that can’t do anything right, and it really ruined my opinion of you.

So thanks. It makes me that much happier that I’ll be done with you in thirteen days. And counting.13 months ago

ClocksDeclaringDang it.

County Fair gas station does deals on gas, kay?

So I go get gas yesterday and it’s 8 cents off a gallon. It had been 10 for awhile, but I hadn’t needed it then, so I figure I’ll fill up now or it’ll go under 8, right?

Nooooo. Ten cents again today! Dammit all, I shoulda waited anyway. I always do that. D: 14 months ago


We went in for flu shots today. Dude, I hate needles. D:

(And I want my ears pierced, and maybe a tattoo? Pfft.)

My arm is always really sore afterwards. I think it’s probably because I tense up before hand, but… Eh.

When I was really little, my mom had to hold me down to the table so the doctor could administer it; I kicked and screamed and tried to run. Heh. Luckily I’m not that bad anymore… 14 months ago


I don’t like to be touched. D:

High fives and hand shakes, stuff like that, I don’t mind.

I’m not sure if I don’t like what I don’t see coming or what I DO see coming more… If I see it, I feel bad trying to avoid it, but if I don’t, I don’t want the other person to see me flinch, either. D: 14 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI don't like... (Two in one?)

When people say our hometown (where I live) is boring and lame and stupid.

Admittedly no, there’s not much to do here. But it’s still a wonderful place to live, and it’s still home. Don’t knock it.

That being said… When we were out on vacay IN small towns this week…

Good grief was I just bored out of my gourd.

Small towns are nice and quaint and all, but sheesh. It’s fun for about ten minutes of tooling around, but once you’ve seen it all, well… Ya’ve seen it all, y’know?

I had a nice relaxing time (not to mention the wonderful wedding that we really went out there for), but the small town thing kinda killed me. We drove down the interstate to Rapid City for some shopping.

(I loved Keystone tho’ – it’s still one of my faves.)

So don’t knock my hometown.
And darn you small towns – I’m sorry, you’re just… Too slow for me! D: 16 months ago

ClocksDeclaringDang it...

I hate when people scare me!

Sue keeps creeping around corners at work and waiting for me to walk by. Then she’ll shout something and freak me out.




Not really enchilada, but you know what I mean.

I hate it when people do that, and now that Sue knows I do, she won’t quit. xD; 16 months ago


It sucks to want to watch fireworks but you can’t see them because of trees!

I love you trees, but sometimes you’re just in the way! 17 months ago

ClocksDeclaringHatin' on bird crap.

Yeah, this just sounds yummy, dunnit? xD

The birds this year are awful! We’ll be in an Alfred Hitchcock remake if they start dive-bombing us…

Otherwise, they’re just crapping on everything.

And our puppies feel the need to either eat it or roll in it.


Is that normal for dogs? Maybe it’s just a little dog thing; until these two I’ve never had a small dog before, so…

Regardless. Ewwww… 18 months ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate when...

You feel overheated and it’s only seventeen degrees outside.

I’m in the car and I could roll down the windows, though… Hm. 23 months ago

ClocksDeclaringNot to mention shoveling.

Too little, too late did my dad decide to call and ask me where I was.

Just got a haircut, Dad. Why?
Oh… You wanna shovel the drive way? You’ve probably already driven over it three, four times today, huh?
Yeah… There’s no way.
Well just shovel where you drive on it.
I drive on most of it. I might as well shovel the whole thing in that case.
Well sure, if you want to!
I don’t.

I told him I wouldn’t – after all, one of the few things he does around the house is use the snow blower, and since I’d already packed it down he could do it. But when I got home I decided I’d show him, so I start shoveling anyway. I probably got… A fourth done when my mom comes out and tells me to screw it. While I had a point that I wanted to prove (what, I don’t know) I was aching and tired already. That snow is some heavy crap.

So shoveling stinks. Thankfully I didn’t do the whole drive way, otherwise I wouldn’t be at work complaining about it. xD 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaringI greatly dislike unplowed roads.

D’you know how scary it is to drive when any second you could be yanked into the ditch?

One of the few craptastic things about living in the country: by the time the plow gets to your house, you’re already gone and packed it down on the road.

Phooey. 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaringI greatly dislike turkeys.

Unless they’re sliced up on my dinner plate.

I don’t know why I suddenly thought of this… Comes of browsing through entries I suppose.

When I was a lot younger my mom and I went to a friend of her’s to hang out… For some reason. I don’t remember why. And she lived a little ways out of town and owned horses, some cows, etc. So I was outside while they gabbed, giving the animals company.

From time to time she let her turkeys roam around the yard. I figured I’d wander over and say hi or whatever my young mind was thinking, and suddenly they started chasing me around the yard! I hadn’t even made it to them yet when they spotted me. I ran for probably five minutes before remembering there was a perfectly good house to go hide in. They followed me up the porch and gobbled at the door.

Frickin’ buzzards. I can’t even handle being around chickens too long, now. xD 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate not remembering dreams.

I say dreams, but in this case it’s more like a daydream. I’ll wake up in the morning and just lay there with my eyes closed, and suddenly this amazing story plays out inside my head. This morning it was partially similar to one I’ve had before, for some reason involving a guy who gets younger briefly and sounds like Vic Mignogna (I probably just butchered his name, my bad D: ).

But the crappy thing is, as soon as I open my eyes, it’s all gone. The bit I described above is all I remember.

The stories are always fun, exciting, and unique, and being someone who wants to write books, it really frustrates me that I can’t ever remember them…


Is there anyway to keep things like that in your mind longer, if not forever? I wish I had the ability to record every thought I had—that would make this a whole lot easier. 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaringI hate that feeling...

when no matter what position you’re in, your neck hurts like mad.

It’s-a making my brain hurt! :P 2 years ago

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