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toomuchcoffee 2 years ago

bermudamohawk 2 years ago

bermudamohawkso maybe not EVERY day

but I’ve accomplished my goal of making a habit of reading. 2 years ago

buffalosnowangel 2 years ago

john_swaleTomorrows the 22nd

That means I have until the 20th September to see how far I get doing everything I want and need to do.
30 days of focused effort. 2 years ago

bermudamohawktake 2

I grabbed my Nook and a Corona and read on the beach for about an hour tonight. A nice, easy, YA book. It was bliss. And I hope it’s the start of daily reading… for the next 30 days :-) 2 years ago


I’d say I failed at this. Probably need to do something. 2 years ago

bermudamohawklife has taken over my life

I hope to breathe again in a couple of weeks. Then I’ll give this another shot. 2 years ago

toomuchcoffeeback to day 1- no fast food... 7.22

yup, I caved. yesterday. 2 years ago

toomuchcoffeeday 4.

This is a good challenge for me. I almost caved today. I was running from one work thing to another and needed to eat. I almost stopped at fast food.

I did stop at grocery store to pick up some food instead. 2 years ago

toomuchcoffeeday 3 no fast food

I”m embarrassed to say that this is hard. I work at my desk every day and there is really no where to go to get away and just read my book. I wind up going to fast food to get away from it all and take a breath.

Today, I didn’t go to fast food, I went to Pandera and had a yummy sandwich. I brought lunch, but I just wanted to get outof the office.

I really do need this goal. I am hoping i can break this annoying unhealthy habit.

It really helped to know that I was doing this goal. 2 years ago

john_swale30 days

I want to keep this simple, just one thing as a focus on here; so.
lol I’ve sat thinking what to write for about five minutes now.

Use my time more wisely.

Sigh for me it feels like I just don’t get stuff done and use what time I have constructively so lets have a crack.
:P also it’s a bit of a cop out as it means I can do anything. 2 years ago

buffalosnowangelmy challenge(s)

  • Be in bed by 11pm Sunday through Thursday nights, 12:30 on Friday and Saturday nights. I get very little sleep and what I do get isn’t restful because of insomnia and nightmares. They’re so bad at times that I actually avoid going to bed. But I’m told that just being in bed is restful, even if I’m not sleeping; so that’s my goal.
  • Have at least one serving of fruit and/or vegetable per day for 30 days. Since POTS started, by body has developed all kinds of intolerances to fruits and vegetables, so this is actually really difficult for me. Normally, if I have one a day every day I’m sick…but I’m hoping that by pushing through and having one per day I can build up a tolerance to them. 2 years ago

toomuchcoffeeday 2

No fast food.

This was hard. I’m embarrassed to say so. At about noon I was headed to barnes and noble to pick up a map and I got a little hungry. McDonald’s was right there. It would have been so easy to just go through the drive through.

I did stop at Taco del Mar, which is kind of fast food, but I’m not going to count it becauseit’s not a drive through. I sat in the restaurant and ate a pretyy healthy meal.

I’m really glad I have this goal. I really need to break this habit. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkfirst 30 days

Read and write. Preferably doing each for 30 minutes a day, but any effort will count. 2 years ago

toomuchcoffeeDay 1 - no fast food.

I’ve changed my 30 day goal to not eating fast food, rather than yoga.

In the last few years, I’ve started eating fast food and I hate that I do. It’s mostly out of convenience and that I have a job that I commute more than5 minutes.

Yesterday was Saturday and I was tempted to, after tennis class, just becuase it’s so convenient to stop in . I looked a mess and didn’t want to staop a the grocery store.

I came home instead. ate at home. 2 years ago

BeautifulDayI'll join!

The two things I want to do: Paint for an hour every day for 30 days AND! Take a picture every day for 30 days

I hated a lot of things about high school but one thing I miss is how artistic I used to be. I took painting classes for 3 years and I loved taking pictures. True, I wasn’t very good but I did have the occasional pretty picture and I was definitely getting better at painting. I know that painting is probably going to take some time to get used to again but I really want to get back into doing things other than school and imgur and icefilms and boyfriend stuff (not that I don’t like those things too). 2 years ago

BeautifulDay 2 years ago

hopena 2 years ago

john_swale 2 years ago

toomuchcoffeeDo yoga for 30 days.

this might be a little tough, because I’m doing it on my own not a class. (I do better with classes)

Today I’ll find that yoga mat and get the videos out.

3o days. I can do this. 2 years ago

toomuchcoffeeFor inspiration 2 years ago

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