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kendrafortune12. Triple chocolate chip cookies

I made these to the recipe used for Sainsbury’s bakery cookies – and they were totally yummy. A great success! 11 months ago

kendrafortune11. Herman the Friendship Cake

Not a total disaster, although mine came out more like a bread than a cake! 12 months ago

kendrafortune10. Fruit tea cupcakes

From the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book, these are a variation on the Earl Grey Tea cupcakes. Not my idea, I’ve given up on experimenting after the three layer cake disaster. This was suggested as an alternative to Earl Grey, so I used strawberry and forest fruits flavour instead. Can’t get over how much sugar is in the frosting though! (half a kilo!!!) 19 months ago

kendrafortune9. Almond cookies

To be honest, I was still a bit sore about the whole debacle with the last cake, mainly because I turned up with the cake I’d spent hours making, and my friend’s friend said, “Oh, I should have made one of my giant cupcakes” and then proceeded to lecture me on where I’d gone wrong with my cake… yeah, I know where I went wrong, it went wrong when I opened the fridge door and had one egg too few. I’m not a complete imbecile, I can read a recipe, but I had fewer eggs than I thought I did. Point is, I can make a decent cake, but I couldn’t exactly run out to the nearest 24 hr supermarket at 11pm because it’s four miles away and I don’t have a car.

Anyway, rant over. I spontaneously made almond cookies today because there was literally nothing sweet to eat in the house and I had a craving. And they were good so I ate all of them myself. (This may be why everyone thinks I can’t make an edible cake – because I eat the evidence personally.) 19 months ago

kendrafortune8. Angel cake (ish)

It was sort of meant to be like an angel cake – three layers of sponge all different flavours. But it was a disaster. I didn’t have enough eggs and I completely messed up adjusting the quantities of ingredients. The pink cake had pink goo bubbling out of it in the oven, and now isn’t pink at all. And I managed to make the icing sugar completely disappear by adding slightly too much milk! Then I had no more icing sugar so I had to make emergency chocolate topping. It looks horrendous and the pink cake is unsalvageable. More to the point, all the cakes are so big that I can’t put them on top of each other without them falling over!!! So this was an actual disaster. It took me about three or four hours, it looks terrible and I bet it’s not even going to taste nice!

Good job my friend’s other friends bought her birthday cakes… 20 months ago

kendrafortune7. Banana cupcakes with chocolate icing

Chocolate Philadelphia makes fantastic chocolate frosting. Who knew? 20 months ago

kendrafortune6. Snickerdoodle slices

Having never heard of Snickerdoodle cakes I managed to hear them mentioned twice in the space of one day, and then found a recipe in my cake book, so I thought I’d give it a go. Anything with that much sugar and cinnamon in it is bound to be a hit with me. I made a bit of a mess of it so no photo, but it tasted okay. :-)

I’m also re-trying the coffee fairy cakes I made previously, hoping that the icing will work better this time! 2 years ago

kendrafortune5 - almond fairy cakes

Almond icing was brilliant, cake pretty good but could have been a bit lighter, and the pink and purple glitter was a definite hit with the girls at work! 2 years ago

kendrafortuneI like cakes

It might be telling that I gave up on a goal called “fit into my old jeans” in order to add this one!!!

I like cakes, so it stands to reason that I should learn to bake them.

So far I have baked:

1/ Double chocolate muffins (a bit lop-sided, not a bad start though)
2/ Iced coffee buns (icing a bit of a mess but the cakes were nice)
3/ Rich chocolate Amaretto cake (Amaretto wasn’t in the recipe, but it tasted pretty good!)
4/ Banana cake 2 years ago

kendrafortune 2 years ago

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