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In Spiritus: Meditation & Pantheistic Lectio Divina (43)


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BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 2006MAKING OUT: This is

an absolutely WONDER-ful video! Hip hip hoooooorahhhh!!!!

Don’t copy and paste, that won’t bring you to the right video, highlight it, then right click on it! 9 months ago

BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 2006I recently signed up for

and have begun an actual meditation class (vs. just sitting on my own without any instruction.) I have been doing well with the assignments we have been given to sit twice daily for a particular period of time. It is a JOY to sit on my mat each time.

I find that meditation comes…..dare I say this…..easily, for me. (Likely as I am not entirely new to it. I dunno…) Others in the class appear to be encountering the kinds of struggles and challenges I am not, at the moment, but I will embrace & examine whatever comes up, if and when it does. One thing that has come up though, which has been helpful, and occurred to me just after sitting in meditation is that I am looking at one of my relationships in a way that does not honour what it actually is. Very helpful indeed.

I am going to treat myself to a zafu & zabuton (sp?) set though, and sooner rather than later. I am thinking of it as an investment. The photo is of they type I’d like to have. That company has gorgeous options! They’re like….jewels….big puffy jewels. 11 months ago

BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 2006Serenity and detachment

“She is detached from all things; that is why she is one with them. Because she has let go of herself, she is perfectly fulfilled”.

(Attributed to the Tao Te Ching, but I am not so sure about that… it anyway…it speaks to how I feel about myself on the best of days.) 16 months ago

BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 2006This doesn't really fall under

the rubric of Pantheistic Lectio Divina, but it kinda sorta falls into the category of Meditation. Or, might. If I am lucky.

Most of my immediate fam-damily will be here this weekend, plus a few aunts and uncles and cousins. This is where we are “from”, so many of them choose the summer months to return for vacation and reverie and to show the next few gens where they grew up (many are also still here, on my Father’s side, not so many on the Momma side). If I had my druthers I would ask them not to come to the clusterfuck that is this place in August, but hey, whatcha gonna do? They want it, it’s their free time. C’est la vie. Where are we going to park…they ask…well, good luck with that, I say. Where can we stay that’s affordable….they ask….I laugh. Where can we eat that’s affordable, they ask… hour away, I say. T’aint nuthin’ affordable ‘bout this place! That’s why I work more than one job. Anywho, it is GORGEOUS here. And, wowsers man!- we all get to be FROM here. Were raised her, have deep, deep roots here, in such an extraordinary place as this. Our working class blood is in the soil where the tourist horde, who ain’t from here (LOL) treds. But I digress….where was I….right….The how it falls into the category of this goal partially is thus: Church. These are my maternal kinfolk. We wuz all raised ta be good lil Cath-o-lics. So, to appease my still practicing Catholic kin, I suggested a pilgrimage to the local Catholic church, together, as a family, where most of us were reared, baptized, confirmed, and Thank God, not molested. I still have a deep love for that church even though I no longer practice Catholicism. We all have positive memories. And funny ones: getting swatted in the back of the head by the old ladies (Grandma, various Aunts, their friends) when we were “acting up” during mass, giggling, fighting with our siblings, falling asleep…..SWWAATTTTTT out would come the latest edition of the church bulletin, all bullet like in it’s rolled up approach to the back of our heads if we happened to be within reach. I suggested this for altruistic and for selfish reasons. I’d like to experience this again with them. It’s been a long time since we were there together. But, by the time we get there after a whole day in the company of a few of them that are…...a challenge, as much as I love them…I am going to want to shoot myself in the head or be wishing, just wishing, for that swat on the back of my head to distract me from family politics. So… there….maybe I can just wander around and get lost in the stained glass….and meditate. and remember, gratefully, again, that this place, and these people, were the cradle, the nexus, the origin of my spiritual life. 2 years ago

BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 2006So, almost every

Sunday morning I do two things: I listen to the program on New Dimensions Radio, and then I choose a spiritual reading for myself for that morning, at random, from among my many sources, and then I meditate or take a long walk.

I just don’t happen to be posting about it, but it’s ongoing. I put this goal up to express it, but I find I don’t express my spiritual side here much. Not sure why.

I just went down thru my goal list and realized that while I am actively working on many of them that I am just not posting about it. I guess that harkens back to what I was saying earlier about not really using the site as it is intended. Oh well! LOL2 years ago

BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 2006Lectio


I am currently rereading Woman Spirit Rising, as edited by Carol Christ and Judith Plaskow. It’s subtitle is “A Feminist Reader in Religion”, an anthology on spirituality by women.

Part One: The Essential Challenge; Does Theology Speak to Women’s Experience?

Part Two: The Past; Does it Hold a Future for Women?

Part Three: Reconstructing Tradition.

Part Four: Creating New Traditions.

The contributors are a Who’s Who of feminist scholars and theologians:
Zsuzsanna Budapest
Carol Christ
Mary Daly
Elaine Pagels
Merlin Stone name a few. As a child, I was immersed in the Catholicism of my Mother’s side of the family. For the most part we, my siblings and I, did not begrudge it; I am grateful for the experience, though I no longer consider myself a practicing Catholic as such. It provided a sound spiritual foundation, for all of us. It opened the door that my soul has continued to walk thru on it’s journey. I will always have a fondness for some aspects of it, as much as I have distaste for some of the dogma and politics. I feel like my early spiritual education made my spiritual “continuing ed” possible. I am able to appreciate these women and the contents of their essays because I first came to appreciate and want to know more about women and the Divine Feminine (for I thought they were) because of Mary, and Mary Magdalene. When I discovered Mary as a child I thought “There she is! There is a woman, finally!” in that big book. I never bought the bullshit about the virgin birth (puhleeese)or that Mary Mag was some kinda ‘ho….I knew, instinctively, that their rightful place alongside Jesus had been supplanted, co-opted, denied them in their own time politically and then historically by virtue of their gender. As a teacher he didn’t preach or espouse an exclusionary, segregated kind of religious/spiritual experience; he traveled with, lived with, and preached with men and women (that’s one thing that made what he was doing and saying “dangerous” to the Romans at the time) though misinterpretations of the Bible (and what documents were deliberately left out) make it appear that he was more patriarchal. But don’t get me going off on that tangent, I don’t like to get enmeshed in those dialogues here….the ones where I rant on about how his teachings espoused equality, egalitarianism and the recognition of the Divine in us all….not just the Divine in men, or just in Christians. Or the tangent about the Council Of Nicea…OY!!!! I won’t go there. Poor Jesus. Wouldn’t he be pissed off to see how his words have been misinterpreted, bastardized…..but I bet he’d love feminist theologians! WWJD? He’d be cheering them on, that’s what. Givin’ ‘em a dorky high five and a “You go gurl!” Because they GET it…....they’re bringing it back home to us, full circle, where it belongs: with all of us.

From AMAZON, reviews:
“I was introduced to this book in a feminist spirituality class, taught by a methodist (woman) minister. This and its sequel, Weaving the Visions, helped change my spiritual life. It affirmed the feminine face of God for me, and it did help me to know there are others out there seeking the Femininity of God. That we all have our own, bizarre path to the Divine One; be it one sex or another. This book opens up to a world of feminist thought and ritual; how different feminists, scholars and religious leaders experience divinity and come to terms with it. There are Christians, Jews and Pagans here. An excerpt from “The Color Purple” which Christ seems to favor in other publications. Truly a wonderful work of art for women. A feminist must have.”


“Womanspirit Rising is an important book for anyone looking to explore religion outside of the traditional patriarchal understanding. It provides a new perspective and new options for the experience of religion, spirituality, and the divine, particularly for women who have experienced isolation or oppression in their religious tradition. The volume brings to attention the realities of not so long ago when women were absent or ignored in the study of religion, within the context of academia and in the larger realm of society. The essays contained in this volume are written by many of the most important female religious scholars including Mary Daly, Rosemary Radford Reuther, Phyllis Trible, Judith Plaskow, and Carol P. Christ. These women, along with many other contributors, wish to challenge the traditions of Jewish and Christian religious traditions and the burden of inferiority of women that has emerged from and been sustained by them.

The contributing authors vary on their approach to the equality of women (whether they should be equal to men or be elevated above them), the anthropomorphic language of god/ess, whether or not religious understanding can be restored to a place where women can find liberation and value, and the relationship between women and nature. Thankfully, the editors allow these differences to be held in tension within the volume. This provides a plethora of language to surround and begin to define the importance of women’s experiences within the realm of religious understanding. I found healing in the openness for religious expression in new terms: those according to women and their experiences.

This collection readily addresses the reality that the idea of a male god has oppressive consequences for women in other realms of life outside religion; male conceptualization of god has given male humans control and power in all of society. One of the most meaningful chapters for me, “Why Women Need the Goddess” by Carol Christ, was about the social and political implications of the image of a goddess. Instead of being oppressed by men and a male god, a new vision of the divine is offered, one where women have power and control over their own lives in a way that is affirmed by their understanding of the divine. This provides hope for women not only in religious contexts, but in the world of work, home, and public society.” 2 years ago

BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 2006I wake fairly early.

Today I was awake about the time the sun was rising.

It’s a perfect time of day for quiet meditation and prayer on my big bay window seat, overlooking the islands and the bay. Gentle stretching, some Reiki, some EFT. No Lectio Divina this morning yet, but maybe later today; there’s a Parabola article entitled “If You Want To Be a Rebel, Be Kind”. (My Lectio Divina is all inclusive.)

I live close enough to home to be able to walk home for lunch some days, and if I am not that hungry I spend the time “unfurling” with some meditation, yoga etc, or some reading. My job is stressful, and honoring my spiritual self in times of duress is as important as making sure I am taking care of myself in other ways.

I have realized I don’t post much under this goal, but I do work it daily, walk it daily, my spiritual path.

It’s continually evolving from within and without; very important to me. It isn’t important to me whether others understand it. It is important that they accept it, as I would and do theirs. There are many paths to the Divine. No one faith or belief system holds all the answers or truths or keys. I wish more people embraced that. Fundamentalism is inherently divisive and destructive. 2 years ago

BeeQ, hangin round the 43'hood since 200608-15-2011

New Dimensions Radio

Two of the most recently aired programs on New Dimensions were also among the most interesting I have listened to this summer.

I like that they approach their topics from both spiritual and scientific perspectives. To me, the two have never been mutually exclusive.

New Dimensions is always worth a listen…... 3 years ago


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