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Make an end of the world (just in case) shopping list

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ideclaireNecessities -- I'm talking stockpile here

The Bare Necessities…...


- FOOD (more to come for this one)

- Carmex or other lip moisturizer
- Eye drops
- Moisturizer/lotion
- Elastic hair bands: I need to keep this mess in check if shit get’s real.
- Soap
- Lighters, matches

- Headlamps, lanterns, flashlights
- Batteries…. even if it’s just to throw at people/etc. and/or punch/hit with

- Plastic bags. I swear to god those are going to be useful one day…in the end. Except I won’t have to go out during the apocalypse and to pick ‘em up. For just under my kitchen sink lay a veritable gold mine of precious, precious plastic-gold.
Lord knows what they’ll be used for in the fut’ (yup that’s short for ‘future’ and yup, I know I’m an ass.) You could weave them to make stronger materials, cloths/textiles, etc. Also, water filtration, water-proofing and sanitation, not to mention basic storage. Hopefully they’ll be worth a pretty penny come the end of the world…. Actually, I kind of hope that now sometimes. Not the end of the world bit. No. No. No. The hoping-I-could-make-money-off-plastic-bags bit, that’d be nice…. Also, what would a pretty penny be in fut’, apocalyptic, wasteland world?

No, no. It’s okay. I know about these things. I’ve seen The Book of Eli, once.

Either way, in the end, it’ll probably be the little things that’ll matter the most… That we will miss the most. (Heaven forbid) 2 years ago


....just in case….

p.s. I found A LOT more image results for ‘weapons’ than I did for ‘water’ or ‘drinking water’ ….that kinda sucks. 2 years ago


water water water water water. 2 years ago

ideclaire 2 years ago

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