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tangerine_now 2 years ago

tangerine_nowIt is time to do this again.

Soon, grasshopper, soon. 22 months ago

tangerine_nowRecap July 30

(original entry: July 30)

Sooo long since I looked at my Things list. Let’s see how far I get before the kiddies wake up.

1. Learn to play guitar: NOPE!
2. Keep a journal here for a while: Actually that journal, of sorts, is here.
3. Release my books on bookcrossing: I promised my books to someone through Freecycle – which reminds me that I still need to arrange the pickup!
4. Cheer people on: Slacking here because I’m not so much around anymore.
5. Learn to juggle: NOPE!
6. Get a hot stone massage: Still no luck. All my own fault. I had time for it last week but I didn’t book anything. Stupid.
7. Investigate how I would go about setting up that little business I was thinking about: I have so many projects going on in my life right now, it is amazing. And that is apart from the kiddies. Some time ago I spent an afternoon collecting reading material which was good and inspiring. This may materialize in time. Who knows?
8. Practise Discardia: Did. Still need to get rid of some stuff. Anyone want to buy a tandem bike?
9. The Gratitude Attitude!: Not doing well. Been cheering others on their gratitude trips, does that help?
10. Pledge not to share on FB etc.: Haven’t shared.
11. The Adventures of Punky & The Shrimp: Also look at the other blog for recent snapshots.
12. Whip my ass back into shape: Losing weight but because of not eating. Too busy. This is not the right way to get in shape, also because I am still a potato just a slimmer one. :-/
13. July Bootcamp: Closing that Thing today. Failed.
14. Explore my spirituality: Did that! Still doing it.
15. Have an online drink with my overseas friends: Wasn’t there. Maybe next time. I’m taking the Thing down.
16. Meditate: NOPE!
17. Complete the 30 day song challenge: NOPE!
18. Go to C’s wedding in the beginning of 2012: Don’t know if it will be in the beginning of 2012! I understand there was some sh*t about getting a date for the wedding at church but maybe that is solved by now. Hoping for a card every day. <3
19. Add my voice to the Great Song: Every day.
20. Translate and edit: Oh Yes! Made it four pages further along. Out of 73 so still a long way to go.
21. Swim to England: NOPE! Apart from the lousy 1 km I have so far. I suck.
22. Shamelessly promote the Dread Pirate’s blog: Checked it out lately?
23. Fear not: Fearing a great deal.
24. Do a charity walk: Will be training again tomorrow.
25. Run like I did in my dream: Ran this week at the train station. It didn’t hurt so much as it used to.
26. Eat the frog: No notable frogs were eaten.
27. Walk 365 miles in 365 days: ARGH! I have done loads of walking! Seriously! In France I walked a tour of the lake (12 km) twice, once with a kiddie (8 kg + bag) on my back, and to the Pic de l’Aigle. I have walked to various supermarkets several times. I have walked to the Vondelpark to meet up with Emily and her man. I have walked and walked and not recorded a single thing. Argh. I will make an estimation and add that later. (I think.)
28. Get back on the mountain bike: Too scared.
29. Make a list and do things until I am FREE: NOPE!
30. Make bread alligators: Not yet.
31. 5 a day: I suck. 2 years ago

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