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JWillow 3 years ago

JWillowButtons & Baubles

Sat in front of the tele last night, sewing baubles back onto the couch cushions. That done, I decided to sew the button back onto a jacket, mend a small hole in a t-shirt and hem the legs of some pj’s.

Now, even though there’s a box full of jewellery I need to fix, I’m retiring this goal as done! 5 months ago

JWillowFinding a few

items of winter clothing in my wardrobe with little holes in them has kept me busy with mending this week.

They’re not big holes but I’m concerned now that I may have a silverfish or clothing moths problem. 6 months ago

mad580 6 months ago

grandmonsterI see that

it has been a month or more since I last posted here. I did make the other curtains for the bathroom.

I have been holding on to several projects that others have asked me to do. My daughter sent her first afghan home with her father for me to mend. It has been months that I’ve left it in the bag untouched, without ever even looking at it. Today, I dragged it out of the cloth bag and found that an hour with it, some yarn and a needle, it is repaired and looking spiffy.

Now, I have a puncture wound in a friend’s husband’s sweater, which will take a bit of creative weaving of a couple of different yarn colors to attain a match. Fingers crossed that the matching will be close to perfect. 11 months ago

grandmonsterI got out

the sewing machine today and made a curtain for the shelving nook in my downstairs bath and one for the French door between the kitchen and my office, both from saris. I’ve left it out because I have at least 2 more curtains to make for the bathtub surround. I also scraped my old heating vent cover with a wire brush in anticipation of painting it to match the new floor in the bathroom. Right now, it’s all about the bathroom. 12 months ago

grandmonsterprobable fix

I ordered a vintage Indian sari, which I plan to make into a curtain for the shelving nook in my downstairs bath. The sari is gorgeous and when I opened the package it had what looked like an inch wide ink or dye stain going all the way through the folded layers. I wasn’t sure what to do, because the seller didn’t indicate any washing method. And, I used hydrogen peroxide with a bath mat under it. It looks like 90% of the stains are gone. Yay! 13 months ago


got around to mending the hole in the pocket of a pair of jeans on the weekend. They weren’t on my original list but they’ve been hanging on the back of the door knob for the past month & I got tired of seeing them there.

Only took me 5mins to do whilst watching tv!

Still aware of the other things I have to tend to which have been on my original list for far too long & added items I’ve discovered recently:

~ 3 x summer dresses to hem
~ repair broken jewellery pieces
~ clean silver jewellery
~ find a way to mend handbag handle
~ mend small hole in blue dress
~ get power point in dining area replaced
~ unpick cushion cover and replace
~ find a way to stop the bathroom vanity drawer from opening by itself! 13 months ago

JWillowReviewing the fix it list

Looking at my Fix & Mend list from a few months back, I’m rapt to discover that I can tick a few items off and only have a few left to do now. :-)

~ 3 x summer dresses to hem
~ hem new jeans ✔
~ repair broken jewellery pieces
~ clean silver jewellery
~ get kitchen lights/light switch sorted ✔
~ find a way to mend handbag handle
~ stitch sleeve on work dress ✔
~ wash/clean walking sandals ✔
~ fix broken leg on mirror stand ✔
~ mend small hole in blue dress 14 months ago

Maggie FriedrichsFront brakes on van

I have the new pads on the driver side, but I can’t get the lug nuts broke loose on the passenger side. I am going to take it over to the dealership I work at and have them break the lug nuts loose for me. I will get the oil changed there and get a quote for two new tires. 16 months ago

JWillow2 down

Finally hemmed a pair of jeans & a pair of black trousers that have been hanging in the wardrobe unworn for the past 6 months!

It was like having new clothes all over again. I wore the jeans on the weekend and the black pants to work yesterday. :-D 17 months ago

KAREN FRASER 17 months ago

JWillow2 small things

This past week, whilst cleaning out cupboards, I came across two things that needed fixing.

Instead of adding them to the list of items I already awaiting repair, I got to it:

1. fixed broken drawer base
2. repaired broken cord on back of picture frame – now re-hung 17 months ago


I did the desk and didn’t show the before and after photos. So, I’m putting my after picture here and I’ll add the before in my last note. Apparently, though I thought I was buying a waterfall desk from the 1930’s, I was actually buying a waterfall vanity from the 1930’s. I asked my sweetie to cut out the decorative piece above the knee-hole and reverse it, add a bottom and sides to make a drawer to put my laptop in when it is not in use. 18 months ago

JWillowIn addition

I just looked back over the list of things to Fix & Mend from February and it hasn’t changed much. In fact, I’ve

~ 3 x summer dresses to hem
~ hem new jeans
~ repair broken jewellery pieces
~ clean silver jewellery
~ get kitchen lights/light switch sorted ✔
~ find a way to mend handbag handle
~ stitch sleeve on work dress
~ wash/clean walking sandals
~ fix broken leg on mirror stand (so I can sell it)

If I keep looking, I’ll be sure to find more to fix so will stop at this lot for now and see how I go in the next month? 18 months ago

Maggie FriedrichsBathroom faucet

I finally replaced the faucet and the drain. I won’t call this done as I have to caulk around the sink and the backsplash. I also have to find a way to attach the vanity to the wall. It is just sitting there loose. Getting the metal ring out of the sink drain was the most time consuming. I hope to get the sink caulked over the next couple of days. Once the sink is caulked then I have to remove and replace the caulking around the tub/shower. 19 months ago

grandmonsterThe desk

I purchased an almost antique desk 2 weeks ago and used some wood filler in order to make the top smooth before I begin the painting.

Ahh. the painting. I have a pale terracotta paint on my dining room walls and I want to have a pop of color in the dining room so my choices for paint for the desk are bright violet, teal, or royal blue. I’m leaning toward the violet because I have turquoise and chocolate brown in several places in the room.

Edit: after debating colors for the desk, I decided not to put it in my dining room and kept it in the office I’ve been using. Then, I decided to paint it the color I wanted ~ a bright green. This is the before. 20 months ago

Maggie FriedrichsFinally, the bathroom sink faucet

I have finally started working on replacing the bathroom sink faucet. The handle for the hot water broke at least a year ago if not longer. The hot water could be turned on but it was messy looking. I bought a faucet a couple of months ago, and I have been putting off doing the replacement because I wasn’t sure how to get the old faucet out. I started yesterday. It will probably take me a couple of days to complete because of everything else going on right now. It will get done. I will hopefully tackle the toilet next. I have new guts for the toilet longer than I have had the faucet. I want to get that installed before the toilet starts running. I don’t want to pay for water we are not really using. 20 months ago

Maggie FriedrichsEntering fix and mend season

I’ve been out walking around the house. I have discovered a lot of fixing and mending that I need to do. I am going to work on the list a little at a time and hopefully by next fall I will have the majority of it done. 20 months ago

Maggie Friedrichsschool uniform headband

My granddaughter has to wear a uniform to school. The school requires a uniform headband if one is to be worn. We purchased a head band, and after she wore it several times the cloth covering was coming loose. I put it up for several weeks. I finally got the glue gun out yesterday and fixed it. It took all of 3 minutes after the glue gun warmed up. I am so glad to have finally fixed this and again wondered what takes me so long? 21 months ago

grandmonsterBracelet fixed

I was rooting around in my bedroom jewelry corner and started gathering up things to get rid of. I found a bracelet that I’ve had for more than 42 years. Long ago I lost a charm off the bracelet and replaced it with a charm of my baby son in some kind of metal. (It was a 70’s thing to do.) Another charm had dislodged itself and I had procrastinated about tightening the jump ring. It’s now back together. Yay! 21 months ago

JWillowSew & Go!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a groovy pair of genie pants – cheap, cheerful and super comfy!

Yesterday when I went to put them on to go out for lunch, I noticed the stitching had come apart at the drawstring join.

Usually when I notice something like this I take off the garment and leave it on the chair in the bedroom, to await repair. Instead of this prolonged irritation, I got the sewing kit out and stitched the pants up whilst they were on me!

5mins later I was good to go. :-) 21 months ago

JWillowStitch in time

After seeing Maggief927’s post that she got to sewing some buttons, I logged off and sewed the button back onto D’s shirt!

It wasn’t painful. It wasn’t hard. It’s done, at last! 22 months ago

Maggie FriedrichsButton on GD uniform shirt

She has 3 blouses for school that go with her uniform. I found her blouse plus a button taped to a piece of paper on the dining room table when I got home the other night. I finally got out the white thread and sewed the button back on before I left the house for work today. It took about 5 minutes. I am happy I did it right away. 22 months ago

Maggie FriedrichsGranddaughters closet fixed and enhanced

I fixed the pulled out rods, by securing the rods into the studs like they should have been originally. I added a peg board with hooks in different sizes for my Granddaughter to hang her purses, scarves, and bags. She was so excited and spent 1 hour arranging and rearranging her purses. I also added a hook for her to hang her bathrobe up on the outside of the closet. I am tired of finding that on the floor. 1 fix out of the way. 22 months ago

grandmonsterI'm not sure

this counts in the “fix & mend” goal and I’ll just put it down anyway. I have some sheer curtain things which the packages called window scarves. When I decided to put them up in my dining room, I just hung them over the ugly curtain rod that was in place. They are probably 18 feet long and dragged the floor by about 5 feet. I had purchased 2 pretty rods with glass teardrop finials on each end. I decided to put these at the top of our 10 foot tall walls, just below the crown molding. By carefully folding them evenly over the rods they do not reach the floor which makes me very happy. Oh, my sweetie saw the rods out and he was the one who ran out to the garage to get the ladder and level. All I had to do was put them up. 22 months ago

Maggie FriedrichsEmergency fix

I had to add some coated wire fencing strips on the bottom of my white picket fence to keep the puppy in the yard. Our puppy, Gordito, is so small he can still squeeze under several places around the yard. I am trying to get them all blocked with the green coated wire fencing before the puppy slips out and gets hit by a car or eatten by one of the large dogs in the neighborhood. I should have this done by tomorrow. 2 years ago

Maggie FriedrichsAlmost too much

to write down. I can’t believe how many things need attention around the house. I should already have sizable list, but I am afraid to write all of the things down I have seen that need attention. I know it won’t go away if I ignore it, but right now it is a little overwhelming. 2 years ago

Maggie Friedrichsfixed the loose siding

I fixed the loose piece of siding on the garage while I was cleaning out the gutters and hanging the Christmas lights. I found a wasp nest behind the piece and cleaned it out and reattached the piece. I am seeing a lot of things that need attention around the house. Most of the repairs will have to be done after winter, but I am making a list as I am going so I and prioritize. 2 years ago

Maggie FriedrichsStill working on the list

but my wonderful brother-in-law and I went to pick up the drywall I need to fix the closet and the porch wall. Its in the garage. I need to fix the closet first. I hope to start on that tomorrow. My granddaughter is off school today, and I don’t want to try and do that with her home. She can paint the wall after I have it up. I am hoping to have the wall on the porch fixed within short order, but I don’t know how much damage is behind the wall until I pull down the wall board. Getting the drywall here was the biggest part of the battle. 2 years ago

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