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plant a vegetable garden

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GetThereGo big or go home!

I may have jumped in WAY over my head on this goal, but I am loving it! My indoor sow veggies are doing well (looks like I’ll have a ton of zucchini, butternut, tomato, and onion… wish those peppers would come up though) and this week I’m prepping my raised beds :) I’m so pumped! 2 weeks ago

GetThere 2 weeks ago

PaRaP 8 years ago

ogdred_weary 4 weeks ago

lapland 1 month ago

UddyBuddy 2 months ago

littleandfierceCommunity Garden Plot

My city has several community garden plots. Ever since I discovered them I’ve been a bit smitten. This year I think that I’m finally going to rent a plot! I can’t get one until the first of April (I’m in Alaska, so this makes sense), but as soon as I can I’m going to put down my $35. That just seems amazing to me—only $35! Now that I’ve decided I want to do this, the next step will be to visit my local Cooperative Extension to learn more about vegetable gardening up here. 2 months ago

cscott90 7 months ago

nolaccr 2 years ago


Yay, I have tomato plants on my balcony! 9 months ago

evilgerbil 5 years ago

Megan 10 months ago

In_focus (Andia)Planted a few herbs in a pot.

Looking forward to seeing their growth. :) 11 months ago

eggplant__ 11 months ago

In_focus (Andia)Container gardening

I think I will do this in containers. I also need to make a nice design that protects my little planned crop from the plump squirrels that operate like an unruly, furry, street gang. Last year when I planted a few tomato plants they destroyed them. Pulling off the fruit eating a bite off of each tomato. Wasteful beasts. 12 months ago

Jay JeongUntitled

I registered a field to grow some vegetable in my apartment community, but I never have any experience. Please give me some suggestions. 12 months ago

Jay Jeong 12 months ago

jes fagan 4 years ago

Rhonda Stark 14 months ago


I’m interested in plants and herbs, and their vast effects on the body. I’d like to grow my own garden with vegetables and herbs, free from pesticides, and so that I may share the benefits of my garden in a healthy and comprehensive way with myself and those in my life. 15 months ago

landlover13 15 months ago

user47780 15 months ago

Tara Carlson 16 months ago


Storkey 18 months ago

rebeccapaquet 17 months ago

LeeLensAlbeit tiny

Had baby tomatoes and potatoes this summer – not very tasty, considering the overabundance of rain – but still living vegetables! I was so proud. Definitely hoping to do it again, more successfully, this year! 18 months ago

LeeLens 21 months ago

StorkeyFirst step completed

Spent the day outside building a raised garden bed for the new vegetable garden. Measures 2.4m x 2.4m x 0.2m.

Was a lot of work but really rewarding. Included:

- Digging out and leveling the soil.
- Going to the hardware store to get the wood sleepers, brackets to screw the sleepers together, screws e.t.c. I opted for natural hardwood sleepers which were a little more expensive, but they look great. Totally worth it.
- Putting the sleepers in place and ensuring they are level (if they are not level, water will always run to one end – not good).
- Screwing them all together which was a real effort with hardwood. Lots of drilling and a few blisters from screwing it all together. Tough wood! Used galvanised screws which should last a long time.

Anyways, a big day with a great outcome. I now have a big raised garden bed box just waiting to be filled with heaps of vegetables.

Next step is to get a load (about 1.5 cubic meters) of good quality soil delivered and to fill the garden bed.

Then comes the planting of vegetables e.t.c. until one day we have delicious homegrown produce.

The box is large enough that we can grow heaps of food, and there is plenty of room to rotate crops each year to keep the soil healthy and disease free.

I have purchased 3 books (they were on sale and really cheap) about building and tending a kitchen garden and vegetable garden. So while I wait for a free weekend to do all the dirty work that remains, I am going to delve into the books and come up with a plan for the garden – what to buy, when to plant, how I will look after it all e.t.c.

Exciting and hopefully healthy times too! 18 months ago

Dorene B 4 years ago

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