Walk daily for at least 10 minutes

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I actually got 20 minutes in. These hills are killer! Good exercise for the chihuahua and I. It is still cool out and it still hurts my ankle to walk much but I know I need to keep it up. 2 years ago

CheriseGreat Morning

It is just so very pretty out. The Chico and I really enjoyed our quiet peacful walk. There are still lots of flowers and Grandfather Mountain is just awsome on the skyline. The pictures I take just never do it justice. 2 years ago

CheriseBeautiful morning walk

Chico saw his girlfriend Bella as well as several other friends. So clear out. Everything is green and many flowers blooming. Nice. Got my 10 minutes! 2 years ago

Thymex 2 years ago


The Chico for a walk around the other block which is actually a hill, no make that a side of mountain. Heart rate definatly elevated! Whew. These hills are a work out unto themselves. 2 years ago

CheriseGot my

Ten minutes. Just came in from outside and we have a thunder storm brewing. It is really cool outside for a change. 2 years ago

CheriseTook the Chico to the park.

We took the dog to the park. We also ate our lunch while we were there. It was nice but hot. Chico was going everywhere at once. You would have thought we never let him out.

It was nice that respite comes in for a few hours. We also ran errands picking up drugs and depends without having to be slow.

All in all a good afternoon. 2 years ago


I did manage this with my dog. I weighed myself yesterday day morning. I’ve gained 5 pounds. It is such a struggle. I know I have to really focus and get back on the core plan. It is hard for me when you live with two sweet fiends. Talk about addictions. I can leave it if it’s not in the house. But my MIL and DH. They get crazy! Lol.

It really is upsetting to be gaining weight back when I worked so hard to start getting it off this spring. Back to the drawing boards. More will power is needed. Oh yeah, time to get a subscription to cooking light my favorite magazine!

Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead! 2 years ago

CheriseMore then 10

Took the boy for a walk. Then later escaped to the park and walked there too. 2 years ago

Cherise 2 years ago

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