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JadedForeverFinally :) -

I was finally able to wear that vintage-like lace jacket that I bought & fell in love with!
And yes, I’m still in love with it! :)

I’m hoping to wear it more often now!

This is not my jacket but it is the closest thing I could find to it!

Picture credit – Pinterest 10 months ago

JadedForeverYesterday -

I wore a pair of my new shoes that I’ve had but hadn’t worn yet!
They are really cute!
Bronze ballet-type with a big bow on the front!

They look like this but without the glitter! 21 months ago

JadedForever 2 years ago

JadedForeverShopaholic? -

Even in my dreams last night I was shopping for vintage clothing! (LOL)
I was looking at lace blouses!
I hope I found something good!
-JF 1 year ago

JadedForeverOoh La La -

I tried to dress vintage for a wedding that I went to!
I was really happy with my outfit, it was kinda out of my comfort zone!
Dressy blouse, vintage flowery skirt, 3 pearl bracelets, vintage locket necklace, textured tights, really cute shoes!

I got 2 compliments on my locket necklace!

And 2 songs that I thought I’d share, enjoy!

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Paris (Ooh La La)

Ooh La La – The Faces (Without A Paddle Soundtrack)

-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverJust Being Me -

Wore my fedora type hat today for the first time!
I got lots of looks, I hope that was a good thing!
I smiled back at strangers when they looked at me!

Outfit change & hat change today, wore 2 different hats in one day!

And a song just for fun, that I just discovered!

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful.

Picture credit – Chictopia. 2 years ago

JadedForeverAntique Swap Meet -

Yeah, I went!
I can’t resist vintage!
I seriously have a problem! J/K

I may have bought some vintage jewelry!
I only bought 3 things, I didn’t spend that much $!
And I resisted one of the things I wanted because I thought she wanted too much $, even though I loved it!
Technically I kinda went back to buy it but she put it away already…
-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverWhat to wear? -

And why do I wait until the last minute?
I don’t think they want to see me in jeans, a tank-top & sandals at their wedding! (LOL)

I’ll be in my closet if anybody needs me!
-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverI'm Just So Happy -

Remember the lace jacket that I bought from the Goodwill that I was so in love with?
And everybody at the Goodwill loved it too!
It fits me, I am just so happy I could cry!
It was meant to be mine!

I still need to try on the skirt that goes with it.
It was a two-piece set.

-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverThrift-Store Shopping -

I bought 2 jackets at the thrift store!
One of them has my favorite colors in it!

Met someone friendly in line & we were talking about our purchases!

-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverMake-Up -

I was thinking I want a new affordable foundation for sensitive skin!

Anybody have any suggestions?
I really like the cream kind, but I’m open to suggestions!

-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverVintage? -

Today I wore a top my Mom made many years ago!
It still fits me!
-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverWhat to wear? -

I have an excuse to get dressed up!
I was invited to a wedding, Yay!

I love weddings!

-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverHalf-way There -

I didn’t wear a t-shirt today! (LOL)

But I did wear my jeans with a dressy black polka-dot shirt!
It fits loose but it was a thrift store find!

I wore 3 pearl bracelets & a large silver cameo ring!

And I did my hair & wore a new flower headband!
I’m proud of myself for wearing it, it’s quite bold & so stinkin’ adorable!
It takes confidence to wear a bold headband with a large flower!

Enjoy the song!

Shontelle- T-Shirt.

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverHmm -

So not working on this goal.

I am doing well at buying clothing for this goal!
But every time I go to get ready I just throw on jeans & a tank top!

I need to take the time to put some actual outfits together so I will actually wear something else other than my jeans & a t-shirt!

But I do an excellent job with my jewelry, hats, etc!

A song to go with my entry, enjoy!

Jessica Simpson – With You.

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverAntique Swap Meet -

I may have accidentally bought something on Sunday!
Catch me I’m feeling a little faint! (LOL)

I think it has a similar look to a very small fainting couch, mine doesn’t have a back-rest on it.

I have no where perfect to put it right now, but it’s so cute!
And it was so inexpensive!

And I guess I can say this is dressing my house up in vintage!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine.
Edit. Technically it might be a divan, I’m calling it my fainting couch anyway!
It just sounds better! 2 years ago

JadedForeverI'm In Love -

with a jacket!

I found a beautiful 2 piece Cream colored Lace-type jacket & skirt set with tags on it at the Thrift store!

As soon as I saw it I knew that I loved it!
Someone else loved it too, she saw me put it in my cart & commented on how beautiful it was & how sexy lace is!
I think she was hoping I would put it back, no way I was already in love with the jacket!

I didn’t find anything else in the Thrift store that day but that one special find made me happy!

And when I went to pay the cashier also complimented how beautiful it was & asked if I was going somewhere special or if it was a gift!

I need to take it to the dry-cleaner & it better fit or I’ll probably cry.

Picture is from the Internet, not mine.
This is not the jacket but the closest thing I could find, it’s hard to explain what it looks like!
It’s not just lace but looks like crochet/knit & lace? 2 years ago

JadedForeverI Found Gold -

OK, it’s a gold sleeveless shirt, but it’s still gold!

I found it at the Thrift store!
I still have to get it washed, so I hope that it actually fits me!

And I have good taste!
I got a compliment on the shirt as I was waiting in line!
It has a little bit of a vintage look to it, that’s why I like it!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverI'm Charming -

Today I wore my gold colored charm bracelet with red hearts & other charms!
And my large Swarovski crystal necklace with 4 red hearts, which I adore!

The other day I wore my gold large ruby heart, which I also LOVE!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverDreaming of Paris -

Wearing my sterling silver Eiffel Tower pendant for the first time!

I really hope that I get to see Paris someday!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverA Steal of a Deal -

I have been holding onto this find!
And now I deserve to wear it!
Since I finally got my dental work done!

After Christmas I bought a faux leather faux shearling soft brown color jacket!
It was originally $89.00, imagine my surprise when I scan it it up at, wait for it $8.99!

I had wanted a jacket similar to it & was waiting for the right jacket & the right price & there it was just for me!

This might be one of my best deal’s yet!

Picture is from the Internet , not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverMe & My Cameos -

Today I wore a recently purchased $5.00 cameo bracelet!
This could become a favorite of mine!
It fits really good on my wrist & it’s really pretty!

I also wore my green cameo cocktail ring!
I LOVE it!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine.
I couldn’t find a picture that looked anything like my bracelet.
Edit. 2 years ago

JadedForeverOn Christmas Eve -

I wore my newly bought vintage flower skirt!
I LOVE it!

I asked him what he thought about it.
He said “It looks like something my Grandma would wear.”
I said “Thanks!”
I took that as a compliment, it is vintage after all!

The skirt has these wonderful pink & red flowers with green leaves & stems that appear to jump off the fabric! (Soft & puffy)

Picture is from the Internet, not mine.
I bought it from the Goodwill! 2 years ago

JadedForeverFascinating -

Wearing my black feather fascinator with the netting on it today!
Now if I could just get it to stop falling off, I’ve pinned it now!
I almost lost it twice already, not good.

Wearing my baby blue cameo with a woman & child, it’s one of my favorites!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverFor Saturday -

Wore my beautiful moonstone necklace today & my sparkly blue flower cocktail ring!
I love moonstone!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverMonday -

Today I wore another one of my cameo necklaces!

I bought a fancy fascinator, it’s burgundy & quite bold!
Not sure if it’s vintage-like, but it’s fancy!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine.
I changed the picture, mine is similar to this one!
This is not me. 2 years ago

JadedForeverCameos -

I have a real love for cameos!

Today I wore one of my favorite cameos for the first time!
It is a very bold cameo on a very bold chain!
Wearing it made me feel special all day long!

Even better that it was originally $50 but I bought it for $13!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverPink Ruffles -

And I don’t mean chips!

How pretty is this dress?
I love it!

And I’m just dreaming, no plans to buy!

Picture is from the Internet, not mine. 2 years ago

JadedForeverThursday -

I’m dreaming of this jacket, it’s so pretty!
I have no plans to buy it just dreaming!

But wouldn’t it look great on me with a vintage outfit?

-JF 2 years ago

JadedForeverYesterday -

I wore a small orange polka-dot bow in my hair!

-JF 2 years ago

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