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natasaroseDating new people

Hi everyone i’m new to 43things and looking for some good dating 2 months ago

natasarose 2 months ago

martineb734 3 months ago

coldclarity 17 months ago

ladybirdy 8 months ago

yivonnie richards 11 months ago

mbherleman 12 months ago

lex86 14 months ago

Suprwhogrl 15 months ago

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sonjaroo 16 months ago

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10550 19 months ago

Matt 20 months ago

creativelyn 20 months ago

Cameron A Bailey Sr 22 months ago

rockwilder 3 years ago

ImRobby2 2 years ago

Timzor 2 years ago

rockwilderFebruary 2012

I went out on 4 dates this month, with four different men. One was my ex-husband. The other was a guy I used to work with. And two of them I met on an online dating site. The last two won’t go any further. Well, at least I tried. I guess keep on trying. 2 years ago

Siera-RayneIt's not everything but it's nice :)

I am currently dating a very sweet boy named Poe Si Sit. He buys me stuffed bunnies and is scared of turtles. 2 years ago

Siera-Rayne 3 years ago


A little less than a year ago, back when it was spring semester 2011.. I was walking from my last class back to my car. It was election time and a bunch of people were handing out fliers and stopping people to encourage us to vote for so-and-so. Anyway, I walked into that area and this guy walks pass me and stared at me while I kept walking on. I stared back at him, waiting for him to advertise election week… but instead he asked me for my name. We continued to talk for a while and the whole time I was wondering when he was gonna work in his advertisement on me. But then he asked me to go on a date with him! I was so… unprepared and shocked. I looked around to see if it was a joke and he was just dared to ask a random girl out. Yea, that was my reaction.. hahaha!! I didn’t answer him immediately, because so many things were going through my head. My first thought was, “NO WAY, I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM!” But then another voiced asked, “Why not?” I mean.. really, when would this ever happen again in my lifetime? When a stranger dude sets his eyes on you and immediately decides to ask you out? Hahahahah!!! Oh my god, sound so like a movie! And… there’s also the thought like.. what if he’s a rapist?? So, I rejected him. I felt rude for not saying a Thank you (I was still in shock), but I think I made the right decision and didn’t get raped.

So, I decided to write down this short incident under “Start Dating” cause it almost happened.. hahaha I don’t know when’s gonna be the next time, but until then! 2 years ago

brendafreedom 2 years ago

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