quit drinking so much Coca Cola

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iSqueakMore ginger-ale less cola

This summer I started on lessening my Coca Cola consumption, it’s honestly a terrible habit to kick but I try daily.
I’ve began drinking more Ginger-Ale, granted it’s still soda, but there’s no caffeine and I’ve always find it a bit funny when I can feel the bubbles.
There’s no explanation there really, but back to the main topic of this goal and entry.
I’ve tried switching from the regular size 12 oz can to the smaller size 7.5 oz. I believe in a way I’m possibly lessening my intake. But I always seem to switch back to the regular. Price wise, would you consider buying three twelve packs for $10 or stick with two six packs for $7?
The cost matters for me in a way unfortunately, and the three twelve packs seem like such a good deal.
Also I tend to occasionally count how many I have in a day, Thursday I had a total of three, yesterday two and today I haven’t had one yet.
In the condition I am in since yesterday my hunger level is very low and I’d much rather have my Ginger Ale or water. Thinking about the cola currently makes me want one right now but not unless it’s really necessary. 19 months ago

iSqueak 23 months ago

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