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vidhisha42 3 weeks ago


37. i have nice skin
38. i am a mensan
39. i give up on people who give up on me
40. i keep secrets.
41. 7 months ago

Withthelostboys32 Things I like about myself

1.My eyes are shaped nicely?
2.I have pretty clear skin
3.My thigh gap
4.My birthmarks
5.I’m creative
6.I’m cheesy.
7.I always try to help
8.I’m forgiving
9.My passion for reading
10.The weird expressions I make
11.I really love my style
12.The words I make up
13.the useless facts I know
14.How I do not give up on my friends
15.How I love animals
16.I honestly love that I am a lesbian.
17.How open I am about my sexuality
18.how I stand up for what I believe in
19.I love how I stand up for the ones I love
20.How I will literally throw myself in front of a punch to protect my friend
21.I love to laugh
22.I can act like a 3 year old,but them like a wise old mage when necessary
23.that I’m trying to love myself
24.That I am trying to be happy
25.that I’m trying to learn to forgive
26.That I’m trying to learn to let go
27.That I smile alot
28.that i want to get better
29.That I want to be positive
30.That I forgave my cousin just now
31. that I feel happy at the moment
32.That i’m making progress 8 months ago

Withthelostboys 8 months ago

DomineVitae 13 months ago

Nylissit 20 months ago

Cheryl-lynn lyttle10 thing I like about myself...so far <3

1.My Big Blue Eyes
2.My Hair
3.My Cuteness
4.My Kindness
5.I always see the best in others
6.I am an encouraging
7.I am a romantic
8.I love to bless others
9.I am great mum
10. My Singing Voice 22 months ago

Cheryl-lynn lyttle 22 months ago

flower childUntitled

1)My Brown eyes
2)My Family
3)My Haircut right now
4)My abilty to make people comfortable enough to open up to me and tell me there secrets
5)My honesty
6)I am romantic
7)I go with the flow
8)I optimistic
9)My ability to always see the good in people
10)I give people secound chances
11) my immagination
12) I am a dreamer
13) My idealistic views 2 years ago

flower child 2 years ago


Hopexx3 2 years ago

Hopexx3--It's our time now--

71.) My ability to help others.
72.) My organizational skills.
73.) My get this done attitude
74.) My grandios ideas of what I will accomplish in life.
75.) My ability to get along with anyone.
76.) That I am nice.
77.) That I am good with computers, not programming or coding, just in general.
78.) That I love tea!
79.) That I am very optomistic.
80.) That I can handle situations others cannot.
81.) That my past has made me stronger and I have grown much from it.
82.) I have great taste in perfume, Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas, try it!
83.) My curiosity for the world and life.
84.) My whole hearted passions that drive me.
85.) My direct approach to happiness.
86.) My thrive to be the best.
87.) My good intention personality.
88.) I have good advice and insight.
89.) I am not afraid to ask for help.
90.) I have an opinion about it, you just have to ask.
91.) I love to laugh.
92.) I love to be myself, let my hair down and all.
93.) I am independent.
94.) I am completely on my own and handling it.
95.) I’m responsibly old for my age.
96.) I grasp onto others good doings and make them my own.
97.) I am almost fearless.
98.) My beliefs are important to me.
99.) My family and friends love me.
100.) I am me, the most genuine person I know. The person I have wanted to become ever since I can remember. Life is what I make it and life is mine. 2 years ago

Hopexx346-70... el mismo color nos pinta por dentro~~

46.) I’m reliable.
47.) I’m honest.
48.) I wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it was out of protection.
49.) I am very responsible.
50.) I’m mature for my age.
51.) I am great at mental math.
52.) I speak Spanish :)
53.) I love learning new languages and about different cultures.
54.) I love to travel!
55.) I like alone time, but I enjoy hanging out with others.
56.) I like to cook alot, try new combinations of ingredients.
57.) I want to do everything!
58.) I am able to help others doing what I do now.
59.) I have great experience in the field that I want to go into.
60.) I am easy going.
61.) I’m pretty laid back.
62.) I am adventurous and try to make my boyfriend be more adventurous.
63.) I love the climate of the Midwest, especially the fall.
64.) I am amazing at logic puzzles.
65.) I like challenges.
66.) I love that I love running marathons.
67.) I am creative in my own way.
68.) I can be goofy but also serious.
69.) I treat others like I want to be treated.
70.) I don’t think intellect is everything, although it is very important. 2 years ago

Hopexx321-45: ...I can't afford a ferrari, But that don't mean i can't get you there...

21.) My eclectic taste for life.
22.) My range of music that I enjoy and love.
23.) My fashion sense, with more money I would definitely rock it out more, but I do what I can.
24.) How much I enjoy trying different ethnic foods. I love eating and enjoying what others have to bring to the table of life.
25.) My ability to have fun while my inability to dance throws me in the middle of a dance group of my friends.
26.) My taste in scarves, boots, and hats.
27.) That I truly enjoy the little things in life, although I forget to notice sometimes.
28.) That I believe love and compassion are more important than money and power.
27.) That I believe in the equality and rights for all.
28.) That I look great in red, my favorite color!
29.) That I make a superb older woman: tea in hand, crochet needle in the other, and a good book by my side.
30.) That I am not afraid of trying new things.
31.) My curiosity and adventurous nature.
32.) That I want to do a million things with my life that all have the same goal in mind: promoting the well being of others.
33.) I embrace the fact that I am a bit of a nerd.
34.) I love that I am a different person, with my own personality and not the quite girl who was super shy.
35.) I am a mix of all of my life experiences and not just set in stone one way.
36.) That regardless of my past, the future is all mine.
37.) That I want the world in the palm of my hand.
38.) I allow others to love me fully and I to them.
39.) I am a great handshaker.
40.) I give wonderful hugs.
41.) With my nephews I do truly revert back to the 5 year old me.
42.) I try to help my nephews have an amazing childhood by being the goofy aunt ex: having a blowing bubbles contest in our pop when we are at a hibachi grill.
43.) That I’m not afraid or timid to be me, although me is quiet and a bit more self reserved.
44.) I love that I am going to get what I want out of life and give back as much life to others as I possibly can.
45.) Life is going to be what I make it! 2 years ago

Hopexx31-20: Slap some butter on me, cuz I'm on a roll!

1.) My eyes.
2.) my brown hair.
3.) My smile.
4.) My passion for bettering the lives of others.
5.) My perseverance.
6.) My self motivation.
7.) That I won’t allow myself to give up.
8.) My idealistic views of the world, how it should be at least.
9.) My open mindedness and acceptance.
10.) My passion.
11.) My ability to make others feel comfortable.
12.) My kind heart.
13.) My trust in that everyone is good in some way.
14.) My optimistic views.
15.) My ability to run marathons.
16.) My go for it attitude.
17.) My hard work ethic.
18.) My career driven goal setting.
19.) That I do not “throw like a girl” and that I am some what athletic.
20.) My honesty. 2 years ago


1. my blue eyes
2. my hard work ethic
3. my competitive nature
4. my big heart/how i am able to care about people so much
5. how i never give up on people
6. how smart i am
7. my soccer skills
8. my ability to save money and spend it wisely
9. my ability to discipline myself
10. that i am able to entertain myself
11. my vision of my future 2 years ago

SaveMeThisTime 2 years ago

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