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lose 5 lbs NOW!!!


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hhannah 3 years ago

hhannahDOWN 6lbs

lowing the carbs, getting back to more cardio, smaller portions, 2 weeks to get here. Hope to be down to 130 by December 20th. That will be 13 lbs in a month. But keep the curves… 2 years ago

hhannah7k run on tuesday 7k run today

beautiful sunny probably last days I will get to wear shorts here in T.O. was up to 14 degrees here today. The more I run the better I feel, the better my clothes fit, the more I shine, the more I shine out…the more the world shines back on me!!! 2 years ago

hhannahDAY 1: the challenge Approx 1500 cal.

No Alcohol, ran 53 flights of stairs at lunch, then weight lifting workout this evening 295 reps.
1 yogurt 35 cal
1 yogurt drink 140 cal
1 glass milk (shit thats alot of dairy – i should watch this!)
1 apple 80 cal
1 coffee with tiny bit of milk lol!
1 pear 75 cal
1 small tofu dessert 90 cal.
2 rice cakes 35 cal each
1 peice of fish 250
1 bowl homemade coleslaw vinigar and green chile past dressing
1/2 whole wheat bagel with almond butter. 2 years ago

hhannahEntered into a competition at work

we stole “Biggest Loser” as the name and its all about losing body fat. So weight yes it comes into play but the main goal is to lose body fat percentage. I decided I would do it this time – as it ran once before between a few guys in the office and one girl and one guy did lose 40Lbs in 3 months, another got his body fat down by 12% and won and while they did this they had fun trying to temp each other into eating bad foods (as there was a money prize at the end for the winner) somedays they would find burgers on their desks or cholocate bars! The one thing thought was everyone was so engaged in it and it motivated them to bring healty lunches, compare, share tips. So I decided I would like to be a part of this. Weigh in was friday ( i am in the normal for everything range) 143 lbs, 5”8, 48lbs of muscle 23% Fat,4 visceral fat, Fitness age is 26!!!! that is great considering Im 41 and the oldest one in this contest….and also the one with the youngest fitness age!!! holler! THe next weigh in is Dec.20th then Jan 10th,then final it Feb 27th. WIsh me luck…IM not in it to lose alot although IM alot heavier than I was 4 yrs ago when I moved into that office 126, so there is room for weight loss and I have a good body type to lose BMI. JUst have to really focus focus focus!!! wish me luck !!! 2 years ago

hhannahas of this morning down 8lbs!!!

Almost there, way to go! You are awesome H. 2 years ago

hhannahdown 7lbs

as of this morning…sadly when I wrote the goal of losing 5lbs i only had 5 to lose…its actually turned more into 10lbs. SO almost there! 2 years ago

hhannahFinally broke through to the other side of the benchmark

to see the needle go just under. I lost 4 lbs while away this past week, not by not eating, not by being extra active, it was the right food, the right place and the right company. Less is more and as Kate Moss said…”nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” THe bathing suit pictures taken this past week are proof of that! 2 years ago

hhannah9 out of the past 12 days

have been alcohol free. WHile I worry about failure on my weight and health goals, I may not be perfect but this isnt a bad result. It shows alot of promise and Ive been getting so much more accomplished. 9 out of 12 is better than saying I failed 3 times. 2 years ago

hhannahdone. no workouts necessary, no magic lotions, potions or weaves!

sick for 2 weeks root canal – then off to Turkey for 10 days. between having a locked jaw and it being so warm I have easily gotton down. Tomorrow is the real rest,now that I feel wonderful> 2 years ago

hhannahits been a good week - down 3 lbs with workouts daily and

a run today. I feel better and jeans feel ever so slightly looser. This is a good thing because I refuse to buy bigger clothes! As soon as I get on my good routine and stay on it I instantly feel better about myself and eat better. Small victory but I will celebrate it none the less. 2 years ago

hhannahmore egg white omelettes...edamame dinners and I will be there

good news is i am back to 133 as of today! while initially i said 5lbs that was before i gained a few more…so while I have lost five i need to lose the original five. Going good – 1 carb day on the weekend caved for french fries. Tonight I went to ultimate hockey training. No garbage no alcohol. 2 years ago

hhannahDay 4 no carbs. Had a run at lunch

allowing 2 glasses of wine while I watch survivor tonight. weigh in was still about even…no great loss yet. Food diary today had
1 coffee
small egg white omelet
cut up veggies
handful of almonds
chicken breast with stir fried greens
1 fat free yogurt
2 glasses of wine – about 1100 calories at the most. 2 years ago

hhannahfell off a bit there, now back on three days no carbs or wine

feeling cleaner and healthier already – got in a good run at lunch – wasnt able to do much while I passed damn kidney stone! weight still same today but I hope to see it start to move down over the next couple of weeks. I will be going to a gala on April 18th and want to look fabulous!!! 2 years ago

hhannahDay 3 no carbs...

oh no except 1 bite of my sons big mac…thats are rule – If I buy him McDonalds…he has to give me one bite! So that one bite doesnt count…its just what might keep me sane. Today I will make Chile, that will keep me on track! 2 years ago

hhannahalright so it seems that the trick for this one for me hinges on

NO EATING IN THE EVENING!!! yes i know this. The good news is this morning I was 127!!! Im pretty close, I know I can do it…I said I wanted to get to 126-124. Work outs 3 days in a row…need to keep up this momentum. 3 years ago

hhannahsomehow Im back to 130...lets try this again...

the goal is not only to get it to 126…but to keep it there for a while. Damn! No crap today…thats a start. 3 years ago

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