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get gold on gaiaonline!!!

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I am twenty seven, and I was born in 磯野 波平Japan. 5 years ago


huh? 6 years ago


coco 6 years ago

Tremble500i dno

i dont think it worth it 6 years ago


um…....... 6 years ago


It wasn’t even worth it. I started about 3 years ago back when Gaia was actually fun, and yeah. Back then it was great. Now that it got all commercialized and overrun with people who joined 20 minutes ago and bought all of their money.. It’s just not worth it. What’s the point in working so hard for everything you get when people can just spend 20 bucks and be millionaires? 6 years ago


Gaia online gets lame after a while, find something more visually stimulating like an xbox or something and play on that. 6 years ago


Here’s my sage advice about getting Gaia gold. Buy one of the monthly collectibles and than begin trading the collectible for the last month’s one with another issue, after you have an older one, try to trade it for an even older one. The older it is, the more expensive it is.

After you have the oldest monthly collectible you can find, just sit.. and wait for it to become priceless. 6 years ago

babi_sialget 100000 gaia gold...

hmm… 7 years ago


this doesnt even work you try to click on the link and it doesnt work 7 years ago


do you really get gold on gaia for posting here? 7 years ago


If it doesnt work houdinigold, can YOU get the items for me??? XD 7 years ago


ok i will email you 7 years ago


sniff You had my hopes up for nothing YOU SHALL SUFFER!!!!!! T__T 7 years ago


Grrrr Houdinigold it doesnt work!!! I knew these things were fake FAKE! XP Help please T__T 7 years ago


ok thanks it better works or there will be some serious wacking here _7 years ago


All you have to do is download the refresher and then open it about five times ( I did it eight times ) and then you will be rolling in gold in no time 7 years ago

Fatal2Help please

Hi could someone email me a real survey that gives free gold and items. My email is leviatian651@yahoo.com. Thanks _7 years ago


I did it…hope it works _7 years ago

savanney593A question

how do i get gold on gaia? 7 years ago


I want lots of gold on gaia, I’ve been doing it the way they want me to, but I’m just not getting enough.

So I need to know how to get lots of gold quick. 7 years ago

GriimDarnit, you were suspended, make a new one and send it to me

Anywho, anyone want gold?

Make some gold, although slowly, if you have internet explorer. Just search for an auto reloder on Google and download it from bestdownloads.com or whatever the site is called… You can make like… 2k every 5 hours. It’s not bad. 7 years ago

macdaddy25A question

how can i get gold on gaiaonline 7 years ago

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