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HardSunSadistic Saturday list

1) paying work (discounted greatly but still paying)

2) promotions

3) supply shopping

4) schmoozing

5) supporting other artists

6) banking

7) junk-hauling

8) returning an insane number of calls

9) changing clocks

10) taking the junk out of my trunk

11) updating financial records

12) catching up on laundry

13) hated yet paid work 3 years ago

HardSunHarrying Halloween list

1) got boyfriend off phone so I could start my day (he’s re-employed, by the way, thank God)

2) did most of the dishes

3) took my vitamins, which doesn’t happen every day

4) cleaned the shattered glass off the floor when I promptly washed my vitamin-taking glass and then watched it tumble out of the dishrack as if by magic

5) put the Halloween tablecloth and a couple of small decorations on the table, which is all the decorating I’m doing this year. I really don’t care about Halloween anymore and if it weren’t for the guest I have coming later I really wouldn’t have bothered at all. I’m getting stressed out enough that holidays mostly seem like annoyances to me. I always thought something was wrong with people like that and now I am one of them…and now I know from the inside out that there’s something wrong with people like that. 3 years ago

HardSunThrilling Thursday

1) had fix-it guy over (AGAIN, but I think we’re done now)

2) did reading

3) tidied up kitchen a little

4) rescheduled my session

5) checked in with network

6) paid a bill

7) planned some of my Christmas shopping

8) did some more hated but paid work

9) went to class

10) spoke my mind 3 years ago

HardSunWonderful Wednesday

1) had meeting

2) worked on my novel

3) didn’t let the dishes pile up to begin with

4) did some paying work even though it’s work I absolutely hate with every fiber of my being

5) went to my other meeting

6) ate something good for dinner

7) helped my boyfriend out of a tight spot

8) did my reading

9) wrote one of my best friends to thank him for his support

10) shared good news with some other friends 3 years ago

HardSunTerrific Tuesday far it feels more like Terrifying Tuesday. I’m feeling kind of off today. But anyway, time to start getting stuff done and tracking it.

1) made tickler call to client

2) planned Artist Date

3) updated checkbook

4) asked boyfriend for support on something

5) meditated

6) washed hair for the first time in over a week (yeah, I know, thanks for sharing – you’re welcome)

7) worked on my novel

8) emailed counselor about yet another new stressor

9) talked to boyfriend about budgeting issue (thank you for asking, sweetiepie!)

10) did some work 3 years ago

HardSunMarvelous Monday

1) called rep about advertising deal – I signed the contract so what now?

2) called one of my best friends just to cheer up his Monday morning

3) washed all of the many dirty dishes in the sink

4) started planning for Christmas

5) worked on plan for my novel

6) typed up boyfriend’s latest lyrics for him

7) talked to counselor

8) cleaned desk off slightly

9) practiced

10) actually brushed my teeth before bed, which is great because often I’m so tired anymore that it’s hit or miss 3 years ago

HardSunSexy Sunday list that sacreligious?...Nah, good luck compiling that many lists of “begats” without somebody, in all holiness, wiggling their eyebrows at somebody else and saying “come with me to the boudoir, my pet!”...or whatever the translation in ancient Hebrew would have been. So, the what-I-got-done list for Sexy Sunday!

1) church

2) actually made my monthly offering…most of it, anyway – it’s a tight month

3) worked on the plot for my novel

4) fed myself something before leaving the house again (no small thing with me)

5) talked to friend about splitting the bill on an upcoming gig

6) rehearsed and refreshed so me old material

7) came up with some new possibilities for friend and myself to play together

8) talked to accountant about pulling money out of my sole investment, which is really going nowhere

9) talked to client and told him he’s going to have to calm down and WAIT because I can’t give him everything he wants right now, which is fine because he doesn’t need it now anyway

10) talked to elderly friend who was depressed about birthday 3 years ago

HardSunFreaky Friday list

1) did an hour’s work for my actual career

2) took cat to vet

3) let phone ring because I wasn’t up to talking my boyfriend through more vicissitudes at 10 in the morning when we’d been up until 11 the previous night doing the same thing

4) researched birth control options

5) called boyfriend and had a QUICK conversation so I could get back to work 3 years ago

HardSunMan what a day

1) had repair guy over yet again

2) tried desperately to help boyfriend avoid beating up on himself

3) made phone calls

4) got through initial approval for record production money

5) screened my incoming phone calls, which was good because I needed to do number 6…

6) take a break to cool down and rehearse for my recording session before…

7) helped boyfriend get over the initial shock of sudden job loss

8) did a lot of garbage for (second or third, depending on how you see it) job

9) went to Bible study

10) helped boyfriend figure out some options as to what on earth he’s going to do now 3 years ago


1) had devotional time

2) stood up to my neighbor who’s been treating me like filth way too long

3) responded to emails

4) bought more cat litter

5) mailed out boyfriend’s promo package

6) arranged for counseling

7) applied for production money for my album

8) got ready for the repair guy to come tomorrow

9) updated checkbook

10) took out trash

11) prevented boyfriend from doing something impulsive and childish

12) stopped boyfriend from beating up on himself

13) helped boyfriend draft a letter to responsibly do something constructive about his feelings so he wouldn’t be up all night feeling lousy…man, he was a project and a half tonight. But, I remember feeling and saying the same exact things when I first started my business, and I remember wishing everyone would stop talking nonsense and start just plain LOVING me, believing in me, and maybe helping me refine my ability to deal with certain problems.

...and I think #2 may have worked. The neighbor has surely gotten my email by now and hasn’t responded. I think she’s embarrassed. And she should be. We’ve lived next door to each other for the last 2.5 years and for the most part you wouldn’t even know I’m over here, I’m so quiet and unobtrusive. For her to complain about things the way she does is just plain indecent. Hopefully after I move out she’ll get the sort of neighbor she deserves and realize how good she had it. 3 years ago

HardSunGood progress happening

1) signed the contract

2) got my spinal adjustment

3) called the vet

4) made an appointment to see a gym, maybe join

5) mailed the bills

6) sent my weird client a tactful but instructive email about something he’s doing dead wrong

7) signed up for one workshop (free!) and rescheduled my reminder to look at the schedule at a center that isn’t free…I might have money next year

8) made boyfriend’s promo package

9) talked to mother

10) talked to counselor 3 years ago

HardSun10 October

1) had handyman over

2) talked to sales rep

3) paid bills with a credit card because paying a couple late every month is probably trashing my credit, and this will stop the cycle; starting next month I’ll be able to pay everything on time by either check or debit card with money I actually possess

4) covered the chair

5) finished my composition

6) finished the dishes

7) dropped cat off at kennel

8) did laundry 3 years ago

HardSun9 October

1) called elderly friend to see how chemo is going

2) called old friend to see how life in general is going

3) made plans for Artist Date next week

4) identified selections to include on boyfriend’s promo CD (I have decided that after this I can only have one more boyfriend-related accomplishment in my list of 10 today. I’m too much of a caretaker and I have to break that habit NOW.)

5) checked both of my checking accounts – things look okay. Spare, but okay.

6) had extended-length chat with God.

7) attempted to clean an upholstered chair that my cat hurled on; seeing that it is pretty well ruined, put in an inquiry about a custom slipcover.

8) took out the trash – a larger and messier undertaking than I had planned or wish to discuss.

9) talked boyfriend down from a horrible depressive dip (that’s the other boyfriend accomplishment for today so number 10 will have to be something else).

10) vacuumed the spilled cat litter off the rug; made mental note to stop buying trash bags at the dollar store.

11) got package ready to send back to store (this couldn’t be number 10 since this was something from my boyfriend – well intended and lovely but way too small) 3 years ago

HardSun8 October

1) registered for workshop

2) planned set list

3) saw friend at the pub and caught up

4) performed

5) helped boyfriend with PR campaign

6) worked out a glitch with a friend

7) touched on composition

8) got in a billable hour of work

9) resolved a computer problem

10) started a new composition

11) researched options for mastering my recordings 3 years ago

HardSunSo far today...

1) called sales rep and scheduled phone interview for Monday

2) did research on Facebook privacy and security for boyfriend (who’s being cyber-bullied) and myself (through whom cyber-bullies are trying to get at boyfriend); disabled subscriptions and blocked known troublemakers

3) updated Facebook page and checked email

4) did health-related research, figured out what I needed to know

5) finished writing chorus accompaniment for new song

6) did the “homework” from my workshop last weekend

7) printed stuff

8) blocked more potential cyber-bullies

9) talked marriage with boyfriend (!!!)

10) reorganized planner 3 years ago

HardSun 3 years ago

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