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iamevoxus 2 years ago


on my mind… michael buble cover 12 months ago


is my song for the day. and sums up how i feel aobut love right now.

christina perri – a thousand years13 months ago


this cover of an old song.

shout SA

all the singers in this video are famous south african singers and personalitys, singing against violence in SA.

love this so much, for the message, for the song, for my home country, for south africans. 13 months ago


this song first thing this morning… and i felt it fitting for lots of things going on in my life. a reminder to never give up hope. dont let them win.

hey now, hey now – crowded house13 months ago


in the air….

may the soppiness be with you (and me) :)

christopner cross – arthurs theme13 months ago


favourite artist and one of my most favourite songs ever! love!

the actual video is terrible, but love the song

david gray – this years loving13 months ago


collins deserves to be here

all of my life

love his music 13 months ago

iamevoxusi love

love love this man! his music (love his singing style and sexy voice) as well as him. i have no idea how old he is, but damn he still looks so good!

enjoy his old stuff and his new stuff. he seems really down to earth and fun too. long live the boss.

bruce springsteen – working on a dream13 months ago


frank turner

if ever i stray

i like this one best14 months ago


a little more upbeat

frank turner – i still beleive14 months ago


an all time favourite

van morrison – days like this14 months ago


my mood.

silver lining – hurts14 months ago

iamevoxusmy song

for the day :)))
kind of sums up how im feeling lately.

unwritten – natasha beddingfield14 months ago


is the guy i want to watch and get to know his music… so far what ive heard i like. im impressed. good stuff.

alex clare

this was the very first song i heard by him – cover by etta james -
damn your eyes
twas love at first sound

too close

treading water


love you14 months ago


pretty sure i have put the song on this list at least twice already, but i love it so…

so here it is, been listening to this this morning

sad eyes – bruce springsteen14 months ago

iamevoxusmy song

for valentines day :)

isley brothers – this old heart of mine14 months ago


this song

when you were young – the killers14 months ago


for the eve.

lithium – evenescence14 months ago

iamevoxusmy song

for the day :)))

played this song a few times today… had the main chorus in my head all day and thought would check it out on youtube… been loving it ever since lol. everytime i listen to it, start wiggling and bopping. find it hard not to do some form of dancing to it. i like it, its sexy sweet and groovy all rolled into one.

ub40 – the way u do the things u do14 months ago


song deserves to be here. always makes me laugh and smile. needed this today!

“i have a tendancy to wear my mind on my sleeve…” ha ha…my fave line

barenaked ladies – one week14 months ago

iamevoxusjohhny clegg

i love this guy, hes my hero for all hes done for south african music and fighting against apartheid right from the start… this guy represents all that is south africa… the vibrancy and the amazing culture of its people. he brought people together through amazing music… this song brought tears to my eyes this very moment… cos i get homesick sometiems esp when i hear his stuff.

big big johnny clegg (and savuka) fan amazing african/south african inspired music. have to take big breaths here… and push back the tears. cos im feeling so emotional watching this. blubbering mess. always makes me homesick.

cruel crazy beautiful world

scatterlings of africa


spirit of the great heart

emotional… beautiful beautiful music

proud to be south african and african :) cant ever forget my roots and my home country 14 months ago


better than me

lips of an angel14 months ago

iamevoxuslast song

and im off to bed

all i want – staind14 months ago


im a dreamer

maybe – sick puppies14 months ago

iamevoxusthe boss

my favourite springsteen song

sad eyes14 months ago

iamevoxushave i told

u lately that i love… van morrison?

into the mystic14 months ago

iamevoxusthis is

the song ive had in my head last few days… and esp today

not my time – 3 doors down

thats how i feel right now… that its not my time… not now… 15 months ago

iamevoxusmy song

for the eve… cos i like the song and the vid

pink – try15 months ago

iamevoxusthis is my song

for tonight….

moon river – henry mancini15 months ago

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