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OceansElixir 3 years ago

Jurogumo 7 months ago

Saraband 2 years ago

knives 2 years ago


Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

2013 is the year of the snake (also the zodiac sign I was born in) perhaps this is the year I should make a lot of changes :D 22 months ago

knivesNorth Korea

I recently finished a book called ‘Escape From Camp 14: One man’s remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the West.’ It was a very horrifying read; the extreme lack of human rights described within this book often made me feel disturbed, helpless and guilty – I did not know political camps like this still exist to this contemporary day (until recently). I think more people should read and be aware of this story, you’d feel extremely guilty when you compare your life to theirs :(

Whilst reading this book I felt I had to help somehow so I donated some money towards Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) it is a non-profit organisation to rescue refugees and raise awareness about North Korea. Shin (the escapee) used to be part of this organisation so I hope my small contribution will be at least useful to them. 23 months ago


Today, I received a lovely Vincent van Gogh card and a pair of colourful cranes all the way from the USA. You know me well – thank you, Avittorio! I was having a pretty bad day and this has cheered me up! I will take good care of them and use them for motivation! It is also certainly nice to be involved in the 43T community (to the point of sending each other stuff) even though I am still quite new. I hope I will be around for a long time. :-) 1 year ago

knivesMerry Christmas!

I’d like to wish everyone on 43T a happy christmas and especially to those who have followed my steps.

Here is a quick drawing of pikachu (full of cuteness and happiness) as my gift to you all. I would have drawn something better but I am tired from working (。´-д-)疲れた。。

knives. 2 years ago


Today, I received a package from my Korean pen-pal I had for years but I haven’t heard from in a year! The package consists of Rilakkuma stationary (can’t get enough of them :P), some cookies, a really cool memo showing the history of Korean palaces in the Chosun dynasty, a bracelet and a letter! What a nice gift to receive on my day off with work ( ̄▽ ̄) it made my day that I had to post an entry for it lol. Now it’s time for me to sort out my parcels and Xmas presents too, which I had no time to do lately but seeing this package has got me all motivated so as they say in Korean drama… ‘fighting’! 2 years ago

knivesHomemade Coasters

I made some coasters out of leftover comic books. I’m not sure if they’re worthy enough to be gifts though. But they are definitely sturdier than my crocheted ones! :) 2 years ago

OceansElixirI needed this today

My friend J. sent me this today. It’s gotta be one of the most awesome awesome flash mobs. Ever.

Mars, Uranus, and Pluto have completed their transit. I feel lighter, calmer, and more relaxed.

Saturday was another gorgeous weather day, made even better by uninterrupted hours of outdoor reading, with good coffee and a slice of strawberry pistachio cake in front of me. 2 years ago

OceansElixirConnections, time, aging

Yesterday night I went to watch a play with my brother. “Measure for Measure” was showing at the Shoebox Theater. I had never been to the venue, but immediately fell in love with it. It’s set inside a narrow building – no bigger than a smallish house. Exposed brick, bohemian-inspired decoration, and inside the auditorium no more than 35 seats or so. Really bad wine to go with it, too.

After the play, which I enjoyed, we went to have pizza (gotta love late-night happy hour). At some point in the conversation, bro and I started talking about our parents. They are definitely aging, and while still relatively in good health, they are not exactly the active type (especially my father). I worry about them, for various reasons that I don’t want to go into right now… At any rate, we talked about the future, and about my parents aging, and about what will happen if and when one of them is gone (hopefully very far away – but who knows?). Having seen what Alzheimer’s did to my maternal grandmother, her gradual but steady deterioration, and knowing how she spent the last years of her life (confined to a bed, having no memory at all of either recent or past events) brings feelings of dread… I am not sure how we (my siblings and I) will deal with this, if it ever comes to pass. Perhaps I am thinking too much, worrying too much… but the thought is there, in the back of my mind. And every time it resurfaces, it brings emotions of anxiety, fear, and all sorts of scenarios running through my mind.

Incidentally, one of my FB friends shared this today: I thought it was both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Today I received the first letter from I., a child S. and I are sponsoring in Mexico. She is an adorable two-year old who can’t write yet, but we got a letter from her mother. Little I. likes to play with dolls, her father is a taxi driver, and she has a 4 year old brother. The family lives in Oaxaca.

S. and I sent her two books a few weeks ago – one about colors and one about numbers.

S. had an idea: from now on, we will set aside a special fund for little I. (or charitable organizations / people in need). We will ‘match’ the amount spent on ‘frivolous’ purchases (going out to eat fits in there, since I don’t really go shopping or spend money on makeup/clothes) to go into the fund.

Someday, I hope to meet little I.

It is 8:03 PM. On the work front, to say that things have been crazy would be putting it mildly. I’m not sure how much longer I can cope with 14 hour workdays. I do like my job and have things to look forward to, though, and that keeps me going – at least for now.

I’m not terribly fond of quotes – I think they end up sounding trite (some of them being so grossly overused). But I do have a few that resonate with me, and today, some real life and some online interactions made me think of this one, attributed to Plato:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” 2 years ago

OceansElixirExcited and scared

The butterflies in my stomach sometimes turn into a stampede of elephants. It’s exhausting but exhilarating, too… I’m wide awake, looking at the world through a kaleidoscope peephole: the colorful glass pieces and the mirrors are there, the cylinder is turning, and I can’t wait to see how the shapes will align next. Everything is shifting so that everything can fall back into place. 2 years ago

OceansElixirLooking inside myself

In the past several days and weeks, I have written a number of entries on 43T, under different goals, and end up deleting them right before posting. I’m not saving anything, neither am I writing elsewhere. This had never happened before, and I wonder what it is, exactly, that is making me feel so guarded. Something to think about…

I have been thinking about life, time, and what really matters to me quite a bit lately. Something is shifting. I’m starting to make some changes. I’m scared and excited…

It’s been a beautiful, sunny, warm last couple of days. I’m drinking up the sunrays, while they last. I really thought I would have more endurance for the wet, grey, cold weather of the Northwest. As it turns out, it’s been harder than I thought it would be. What a beautiful place this is; though mostly always covered in clouds. 2 years ago

OceansElixirSunday, May 13th - 10:18 P.M.

The weather changed in a matter of hours. One day I was wearing a sweater and wool socks inside the house, and the next day I was in a tank top, windows open, barefoot and going out to the courtyard every so often to soak in the sun… My new apartment is full of light (and that is really quite something, in this place), and it airs beautifully. I do love it.


Today my head was full of thoughts on relationships and friendships – particularly those that have ended, or those that started as a great promise and then just… faded. I really wish I were better at doing the work that it takes to keep relationships going.

A few people that I wish were closer are just too far away… Today I missed my friends S. and M., wondered about I. and sent her good thoughts without her even knowing, remembered M., and her words, and how that all started, and listened to a song which brought memories of G.

One of my new friends in this city, T., seems to be taking an interest in me that goes beyond friendship. For some reason, this makes me feel awfully sad.


I received a spot bonus and a promotion of sorts at work. People around me appreciate what someone called my “innate ability to lead in a clear, direct, effective, but always compassionate way.” I wish I saw more of that in me. Some days I just feel like I’m drowning, and it’s all I can do just to keep my head above the water.


The city is exploding in flowers – blooms of so many different colors, sizes, and textures. It’s beautiful to look at. I went for a run today and caught a whiff of a flower. I was immediately transported to the 90’s, back in college. I don’t know what the name of the flower is, and I didn’t even stop to try to identify it. But whatever it was, it grows in Texas, too – or at least it used to – right by the fountain where I would sit after Economics class, waiting for G. and F. to get out of their class, so we could meet for lunch before our afternoon classes began. 2 years ago


Ask yourself this question: “Will this matter a year from now?
— Richard Carlson

I used to be able to follow this really well for some time in my life. I’ll try to remember it again. 2 years ago

OceansElixirA poem by Wislawa Szymborska

Las tres palabras más extrañas

Cuando pronuncio la palabra Futuro,
la primera sílaba pertenece ya al pasado.

Cuando pronuncio la palabra Silencio,
lo destruyo.

Cuando pronuncio la palabra Nada,
creo algo que no cabe en ninguna no-existencia.

Translated by Abel A. Murcia

The Three Oddest Words

When I pronounce the word Future,
the first syllable already belongs to the past.

When I pronounce the word Silence,
I destroy it.

When I pronounce the word Nothing,
I make something no non-being can hold.

Translated by S. Baranczak & C. Cavanagh2 years ago

OceansElixirWater as silk

Caravans of blue
the seawaves of Menorca
wrap my naked skin. 2 years ago

OceansElixirMucho más grave

Todas las parcelas de mi vida tienen algo tuyo
eso en verdad no es nada extraordinario
vos lo sabes tan objetivamente como yo.
Sin embargo hay algo que quisiera aclararte,
Cuando digo todas las parcelas,
no me refiero solo a esto de ahora,
a esto de esperarte y aleluya encontrarte,
Y carajo perderte,
Y volverte a encontrar,
Y ojala nada mas.
No me refiero a que de pronto digas, voy a llorar
Y yo con un discreto nudo en la garganta, bueno llora.
Y que un lindo aguacero invisible nos ampare
Y quizas por eso salga enseguida el sol.
Ni me refiero a solo a que dia tras dia,
aumente el stock de nuestras pequeñas y decisivas complicidades,
o que yo pueda creerme que puedo convertir mis reveses en victorias,
o me hagas el tierno regalo de tu mas reciente desesperacion.

La cosa es muchisimo mas grave.
Cuando digo todas las parcelas
Quiero decir que ademas de ese dulce cataclismo,
tambien estas reescribiendo mi infancia,
esa edad en que uno dice cosas adultas y solemnes
y los solemnes adultos las celebran,
y vos en cambio sabes que eso no sirve.
Quiero decir que estas rearmando mi adolescencia,
ese tiempo en que fui un viejo cargado de recelos,
y vos sabes en cambio extraer de ese paramo,
mi germen de alegria y regarlo mirandolo.
Quiero decir que estas sacudiendo mi juventud,
ese cantaro que nadie tomó nunca en sus manos,
esa sombra que nadie arrimo a su sombra,
y vos en cambio sabes estremecerla
hasta que empiecen a caer las hojas secas,
y quede la armazon de mi verdad sin proezas.
Quiero decir que estas abrazando mi madurez
esta mezcla de estupor y experiencia,
este extraño confin de angustia y nieve,
esta bujia que ilumina la muerte,
este precipicio de la pobre vida.
Como ves es mas grave,
Muchisimo mas grave,
Porque con estas o con otras palabras,
quiero decir que no sos tan solo,
la querida muchacha que sos,
sino tambien las esplendidas o cutelosas mujeres
que quise o quiero.

Por que gracias a vos he descubierto,
(diras que ya era hora y con razon),
que el amor es una bahia linda y generosa,
que se ilumina y se oscurece,
según venga la vida,
una bahia donde los barcos llegan y se van,
llegan con pajaros y augurios,
y se van con sirenas y nubarrones.
Una bahia linda y generosa,
Donde los barcos llegan y se van
Pero vos,
Por favor,
No te vayas.

~Mario Benedetti 2 years ago

C.AlexanderHappy New Year!

I will probably let my 43T account go quiet in 2012. I will come back to catch up with the 30 or so individuals I am still subscribed to (you know who you are !)and cheer you on when I have cheers. I am grateful that most of you are on FB so I can have daily contact with you.

Be well!
Much Love,
C 2 years ago


“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”
— John Lennon

Just stumbled upon this one. Makes me think and smile. 3 years ago

C.AlexanderOliver Twist

Oliver Twist is unwell. He has been in the Vet Hospital for several days. Please send good vibes out for him. 3 years ago


In 2008, heavee ( sent me a clipping from one of his begonias in the mail. I have wanted to post a new photo of it’s progress for some time but haven’t really been using 43T much.
So here it is.
So many of you have helped me with my View Master collection, my rock collection and my plants. I appreciate you all.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic3 years ago

DarkDogThe list

Alright, I wanted to make a list, but once again I fell into the trap of wanting to think it through, before writing it down. As a result there is still no list…

So, here goes, no order, no priority, no wondering if any of it is possible in my current situation:
  • I’d like to learn a new language
  • I’d like to learn meditation skills
  • I’d like to find more interesting work
  • I’d like to have regular massages
  • I’d like to try out Tai Chi
  • I’d like to try out Kendo

Well. That’s it for now, I’m sure I’ll think of more.

Why have I not tried any of these in the past few years ? Well, for 90% of them, whenever I checked them out, I always seemed to run into this:
  • These things are only available at times I can’t commit to, due to my work.
  • There’s some kinda club involved. I will not get involved in club politics again.
  • I’m afraid I’ll have to give up something I enjoy, to make time for this new thing. 3 years ago


“Do you think artists are supposed to be happy?”
“Everyone is supposed to be.” I said staunchly,and I knew that I was indeed an idiot and that was my destiny and I didn’t mind it.


From the book The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova. 3 years ago


Sometimes during a vacation I have ideas what new things I can bring into my life, so that my non-vacation-days are more fun and/or interesting. Unfortunately usually once work restarts I feel too tired to actually pursue these things.

So here I am, another vacation ends, even more ideas have appeared this time, I’m sure due to some added mid-life-crisis issues, and I wonder what to do about them.

Obviously, some more thinking and I think some research is required here. 3 years ago


There’s a virus that you can get from just saving images on Google or on random websites. I am pretty sure I got it from Google Images. It immediately begins with multiple pop-up windows and looks like an “Anti-Virus” program. It claims to have found infections and attempts to lure the user into purchasing the full version of this “Windows 7 Anti Virus” feature.

Once these pop-ups start, you can not type in any web address, or open any program on your PC. In order to get rid of this, you have to go to another PC and download a fix, save it on a drive and then upload it to your infected PC.

Here is more info:

Here is the site I used to clean this up:

I hope this helps. 3 years ago


I am finally feeling like “me” again. I want to look back on this time, laugh, and share a bottle of cold sake with my friends. They deserve it.

While recovering, I created a series of what I think are the very best photographs I have ever taken(this is one of them). I am waiting on a nice camera to come in the mail, and I have joined two Atlanta based groups via contacts that found my work on Flickr. I have also found some evening sketch groups that have a live model to help me build a figure studies portfolio.

I may be getting my year started late, but this start comes with much more gratitude and emotional strength. As always, I am thankful to my friends who made their presence known every single day.

Thank you
<3 3 years ago

C.AlexanderI love these photos!

I stumbled across this article and I was amazed at these photos. I especially love photos of passing storms. 3 years ago

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