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successfully complete jamie eason's live fit trainer 12 week programme


Recent activity

iamevoxusi gave

up on this goal awhile ago. i got to day 61 and i last did it in feb… then i got sick and obviously lazy. i was so close but i gave up. soo… i am planning on restarting and finishing this trainer in 2013 at some point. im not sure if i will be doing it straight away… because i am considering doing james wilsons 12 week trainer first thing in the new year. havent decided yet. but i want to complete it in the new year at some point. 2 years ago

iamevoxus 3 years ago


getting sick was not part of my plans.

symptoms are worse nows. 2 years ago


think i will be going to the gym tommorow as i have been struggling with a small cold, sniffles and a sore throat lately but its been manageable, except now i have officially lost my voice today. i can barely speak.

so have decided that i will not over exert myself on sunday, and jsut take another rest day, and hopefully things will be better on monday when i go back. i will still be going to work, even tho i can barely speak, as if i call in sick, it will be hard for work to find cover and we are extremely busy restaurant and then the floor staff will struggle cos one person down. im considering asking to work the bar, cos i dont think i can work like this, trying to speak to tables and take their orders when i can barely speak and they wont be able to hear me. so i might just work all day and night on the bar. which sucks, cos its hard work and i make no tips. AND i worked the bar tonight cos our barman is on holiday. grr. but i jsut dont think i can serve tables tommorow. 2 years ago

iamevoxusday 61

completed. shoo it was a toughie. i usually spend a hour and a half in gym, today i took 2 hours. worked back, biceps, abs and sprints and boy did i feel it.

was sweating buckets and very flushed. but i know im working my body hard.

i quite love ending my strength training with HIIT sprints.

tommorow i have a meeting at 930am right through till 12. then 12 -4pm i am working. then break till 6pm then working 6pm -11pm.

the gym only opens at 830am on a sat and sun, therefore i cant do it in the morning before work. my 2 hour break is not sufficient for me to work out as well as showereing and changing etc in time. besides i like to use my work breaks as breaks if i can and just relax before going back to the madness. therefore i am making tommorow my rest day.

on sunday i will complete day 62 before work, as it should be enough time. and then i will finally be finished week 9. got there in the end… only took me a month!!!

3 more weeks of working out consistantly and i will be finished with the trainer. and then i might take a break for a week, or jsut do some other less structured workouts or whatever i feel really for a week, and then im planning on starting this trainer all over again. 2 years ago


day 60 this mornign. good session, i was sweating buckets.

it was a legs session and my legss are feeling it – i think a little of it is from todays sesion but the majority of the aches in my legs is from the 30 mins HIIT training sprints i did yestereday. and gonna do that tommorow again. basically do those sprints 4 times a week when im not doing legs days (2)

so if this is what im feeling like now and i got 2 more days of HIIT sprints on top of various other upper body work… well i think my legs are gonna explode! but to be honest i love this feeling, means im doing somehting right. 2 years ago

iamevoxuswent to gym

today after a long absense and finally completed day 59! gosh i put on weight and got unfit in a month and a half. annoyed with myself about it but hey ho, least i am back now. tommorow i will be going in super early cos im working all day at work and cant fit it in any other way and doing hamstrings/glutes and calves aka legs.

day 60 – bring it on. 2 years ago

iamevoxusgoing back to

the gym tommorow to finish this baby!

when i last left it i was on phase 3, week 9, day 58. so im going in to complete day 59 tomoz. chest, abs, shoulders and sprints.

im looking forward to going back and finishing what i started.

got my workout log, got my bag packed, already set up alarm for the morning.

i am ready!

i am also planning on when im finally finished this trainer… im gonna do it all over again frm the beginnning… and not have such big gaps in my training this time! ie… not lose my motivation! 2 years ago


a bit on this lately. i should have finished it a month ago. instead i got to the final phase 3, week 1 , workout 2 and then the motivation died.

well…. i am planning on finishishing this… cos its a great trainer and i like to finish what i started.

due to this trainer and the nutrition… i am actually at my lowest weight in years since i became obese 3 years ago and then steadily lost a bit of weight… i never thought i could reach my current number… i kept plateaing before it, now i am at it… and i want to break through it!!! so yeah back i go… back on the trainer! i can do this. motivation will be back. i refuse to throw away my hard work. 2 years ago

iamevoxusi have been

enjoying doing this trainer. i am currently in the final week of phase 2. next week i go into the final intense phase 3.

i have been sticking with it for the last 2 months, and i totally love the whole thing. i love having a workout routine plan that i follow at gym, it totally works for me.

over xmas and new years weeks i divided week 7s workouts over those 2 weeks, as it was impossible to fit 6 workouts in those weeks what with the gym being shut half the time, and all the festivities going on… so i jsut went 3 times in the xmas week and 3 times in the nye week. and now all the festivities are over, am back to normal 6 times a week sessions.

im very much looking foreward to starting phase 3 which will be tough im sure.

im planning on doing this trainer again, once i finish the whole thing. but i might start in phase 2 not phase 1 so i can keep with the cardio. we shall see.

after doing it a second round, i might look into other cool workout trainers i like that i can do. 2 years ago


thought id say this… but i cannot wait to do cardio next week!

i still love lifting weights and stuff… but im so ready to blast the fat! and only cardio can do that.

so bring on the strength training and cardio next week, cant wait.

i am in my 4th week this week, and have been sticking with it all, not craving anything… and enjoying the fitness as well as the nutrition… i dont crave savoury foods/sugary foods… my body has adjusted to not having sugar and white flours and breads. this way of eating is becoming a lifestyle. i love eating clean and knowin i am putting good food into my body.

in the first week/second week… i did get these incredible “hangover” headaches… cos my body was in shock from all my new eating habits and basicly detoxing my body from crap food and in state of shock from lack of sugar and junk but that only lasted 3 days. they felt like migranes tho. but i know i wasnt the only one to go through that. others have been through the same. other than that… which was a bit hard. i had a really bad “hangover” headache when i was working a sat busy shift at one point. it would have been ok, if i could jsut crawl in bed and sit/sleep it out, but having it while working in a busy restaurant was mad! it was tough but now those are distant memories. that was the only hard part on this journey, but i came through it, and making strides so far. happy happy happy!

so yeah… looking forward to cardio… woohoooo! :)

also have to say… there is a fantastic awesome support group on fb. i dont think i would survive with out those peoples support and motivation!

great information, help, tips, recipes there. fantastic inspiring people sharing and motivating others. also lots of before and after pics. great support group. 3 years ago

iamevoxusweek 3 completed

today is the first day of week 4. its been going great so far. im taking a day off from the gym today. i do 5 days of gym this week. so making this one of my days off.

clean eating has been going so well. i do not crave junk… or carbs… i cant remember the last time i ate white breads, potatoes, pizzas and pastas (and i work in a italian restaurant, where i used to eat it all the time) i do not have any cravings for sugary foods and savoury snacks… esp now that i have cut sugar out of my diet, and my body has gotten used to it… i have other sugar alternatives i use. there is a healthier way to make anything, and the food tastes so good, and i even have deserts/treats that taste sinful, but are good for u and made with usually little or no fat/sugar. i have had no cravings whats so ever. so many recipes… so little time.

i want to make this amazing chicken curry i saw online soon… looks so good.

over all im pleased how things are going. im guessing by the end of 3 months i will be slimmer but not have too much muscle definition, cos right now have to work on blasting away the fat. but maybe i will have a little cos i am doing a lot of strength training through out… but im reckoning that i will do the trainer again a second time for a nother 3 months after that… and then i will see a true body transformation with more defined muscle tone.

oh and i was so good on the weekend… i went out for chinese and some drinks with some friends… and instead of ordering loads of chinese and rice/noodles and saucy stuff with everyone else… i jsut order one bowl of stirfried chicken and veg, and enjoyed that. i also stayed away from the wine that was flowing, and the subsequent cocktails afterwards… instead i had 3 gin and slim line tonics to keep me going the whole night. i contemplated not drinking at all but figured i would get grief over it so opted for that instead. bit annoyed by the alcohol bit, but figured that was prob the healthiest choice i could make under the circs. im not planning on giving up alcohol, but i am trying to avoid it if i can for now… while im working on this. but otherwise im pleased with how i did on the night. 3 years ago

iamevoxusphase 1, week 2


again, have eaten totally clean all week and went to the gym 4 times a week doing weight training.

starting week 3 later today, and will be moving from 4 days in the gym to 5 days in the gym for the next 2 weeks i beiieve.. again for more weight training. no cardio. that only starts in phase 2.

im loving the nutrition and the work outs so far. going to try and do another food prep on my day off on wed this week, or on other day off on sun.

this week past i had such a busy food prep, i spent ages cooking. from 4pm to 8pm… i made curry and rice (this was for my parents – i didnt eat it, chicken vegetable stirfry, sweet potato and courgette baked dish, chicken muffins, pumkin protein bars and frozen peanut butter cups… all these have been portioned out and i eat them through out the week, freeze accordingly. i have also stopped eating pizza and pasta at work all together… and jsut order the chicken breast dishes, and sub the potatoes for green beans etc… also been going strong with the egg whites, tho i have my days when i hate them, i find alternate ways to enjoy them, morning time is harder than eve… eve i have them as a frozen desert… (dont ask lol)... i think i will prob make egg white pancakes for breakfast tommorow… those are quite nice actually.

oh and this is just the best tonight i got in from work… and one of my part time work colleagues texted me. i havent seen her in about 3 weeks cos she is at uni somewhere else, and works by us occasionally. anyway she was back at work yesterday and today for this xmas holiday season… so she texted me tonight saying… randomly out of the blue… telling me im looking amazing, obv from the diet and the not smoking! and to keep it up. there was no actual reason for her to text me… she just wanted to tell me that. cos we were so busy all weekend at work, that we didnt have time to catch up properly (our restaurant is really busy). i responded saying i had only been working on the fitness and diet again properly over the last 2 weeks, but wasnt aware it was that much noticible… and she said definately keep working on it, its showing and that i look so good!

so that was really cool :)

anyway, its all going well. 3 years ago

iamevoxusi have

been eating clean all week. this has prob been the cleanest i have ever eaten ever. i have not craved or been tempted by the wrong foods not once, despite being surrounded by it, and offered it at home and in my work. i jsut say no, and i know the food i am eating is way better, healthier, and tastes nicer, and fills me up. i have also completed all my gym for this week, and tommorow will be my third and final rest day before i start week 2.
im pleased with how its going so far, im eating differently, but i am always full, i am never ever starving. i eat 6 times a day! a hell of a lot of protein and good food. lots of egg whites, lean meats/fish, veg, brown rice, healthy starches etc. no bread, and no certain dairys. i use splenda sweetener for sweetening things, no sugars. drink protein shakes when i need it and take various supplements. oh and have i mentioned that i have 10 egg whites a day…. yeah im not joking. its been amazing. the fitness is hard but its not meant to be easy, im out of shape so course its hard. and the first 4 weeks (phase 1) is cardio free… its muscle building time :) . im sticking with this program. im also trying to stick to the nutrition, as i believe its more important than the fitness… u need to eat right to fuel ur body to grow the way u want it to.
im so pleased to say that i have completed week one! 11 more weeks to go!

phase 1, week 1 – done. awesome! 3 years ago


all my suppliments today. and have eaten clean and well today. 3 years ago


this tommorow. going shopping for some certain foods and supplimentation for this. starting the fitness on tues.

theres only 4 days of fitness this first week. so figure i will use tommorow to get the shopping stuff done. and gym on tues wed thurs and fri. rest tommorow and sat and sun.

the fitness days do increase as the weeks go buy, eventually it is 6 days a week each week. but for now this is how it is. and i need the time tomoz to go get stuff in town.

the nutrition starts from tomoz. 3 years ago


anyone thats interested, this is it.

jamie eason’s live fit trainer programme3 years ago

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