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Magical Vocaloid

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MewMewCandy 4 months ago

Spirit_hunter 14 months ago

Rin Asogi 2nd Goal to bring up.

I Really Like Magical Vocaloid! I all comes to show what we wanna do! From Super Powers, To Learning songs in the Best Japanese we can! And Even Duets when we can over VC! Effort girls, Effort! I Want to bring up this Goal as Well. But first and For-most.. Who’s Who?!?
That’s Figure the out in the System as well.. This gives me like, 10000000000000x More Ideas for the School System/ Goal System. 14 months ago

Rin Asogi Magical Vocaloid.

I Wonder How We are gonna do this.. Lol. But If I Was Magical, My Power would be the Power of DROP BASS! Wouldn’t that be Awesome. Lol. But That would make everyone GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Right now, DROP BASS! Drops the Bass And Starts Dancing. Awesome Right? Think of your power, And Leave it below on what it does, And Who’s Your Vocaloid. 20 months ago


Trick and Treat, Bad Apple, Luka Luka Night Fever, and World is mine are my fav in order. :3 21 months ago

♒Serenity♒Yumeko Aimegumi

Here’s my oc vocaloid! Yumeko Aimegumi. 22 months ago


YYYYYYYYYY is this goal dead? D: Anyways still currently taken spots: Miku, Miki, Gumi, Lily, the two Lukas, and the two Rins. Meiko, Seeu, Teto, Neru, and Haku are still available and I think others as well? 23 months ago


YYYYYYYYYY is this goal dead? D: Anyways still currently taken spots: Miku, Miki, Gumi, Lily, the two Lukas, and the two Rins. Meiko, Seeu, Teto, Neru, and Haku are still available and I think others as well? 23 months ago


This goal seems dead…where is everyone??? :/ ? Well I guess I’ll just post some pics to liven it up! ^ . ~ Anyways, these are my fav vocaloid pics and cosplay pics so…yeah…o_o
L.Luka signing out and getting ready to post pics 23 months ago


Hi Zakuro-sama! :3 Who would you like to be from the available spots? 1 year ago

Rin Asogi No wait I Change it..

I’m Doing Scissoroid… In English, My Way Cause I’m Doing it with some one Cause I wrote my Own Lyrics!! 2 years ago

Rin Asogi I'm Doing a Solo..

I’m doing the Solo Lillium~ By Me, Myself, And Miki~ 2 years ago

Rin Asogi ^-^

I Wanna Do a Duet With Rin Or Len Or Gumi. One of the 3, Idk What would sound right with either of them though, So that’s why I wanna know if who I Picked was a good choice… I’ma Have to figure out the sound bits to them because I might try kaito (Is we have him) Because Miku and Kaito Sound good together and make a perfect couple!~ 2 years ago

Rin Asogi I Decided I'ma Leave this goal For a stupid but practical Reason.

I gonna Leave this goal for 3 reasons that make me seem Childish but Yeah.
1. I’m Not Miku Hatsune, When everyone knows, I, Am Always Miku hatsune, And when My place is taken, I’m not gonna adviously be happy.
2. I don’t get what a magical vocaloid is, And No one is Explaining. But it doesn’t matter Anymore.

3. When I go on this goal I’m Unhappy because of reason number one.
Yeah, I’m Miku. I run the world, Whoevers the new Miku, You can’t steal my plac because I will Stomp the enemy and the World is mine. So No thank you, I’m not gonna stay. And Love and joy isn’t the matter either. Because we are pop candy.. So po pi po pi po, Miki’s Out.
New Miku If you had no Idea what I said I just about named, 5 Of my songs. Clueless.. Tata Vocaloids, The Orginal Miku is out. 2 years ago

♒Serenity♒I know, I just have to add a gallery xP

These are a list of pics (might include cosplay pics so we can get a hint of what we’ll be able to look like for real [ones that we think are cute]) of the spots that are closed. They’ll be in the comments section if you want to look at or add more pics. :) 2 years ago


can I be seeu 2 years ago


can I join 2 years ago

*LilyKay* 2 years ago


Can I join? 2 years ago

Goddess_Miku 2 years ago


how can we become vocaloid’s, i really want to know, i always want to be a vocaloid, is it a spell or something, plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me plzzzzzzzzz 2 years ago

chichi45 2 years ago

1FoReVeR3 2 years ago

Rin Asogi 2 years ago

♒Serenity♒Spots Open!

Hello! This goal is to become a vocaloid in real life but with powers! =3 The spots open are Gumi, Teto, and Neru! Miku Hatsumi, Luka Megurine, Kumi Hatsumi (Miku 2), and Rin Kagamine are taken by my bff/sisters and I! <3 Miku ~ Corina/Autumn, Kumi ~ Ichigo/Winter, Rin ~ Fall, and Luka ~ Zoey/Spring/Me. Anyone can join! =3 This is a transformation magical girl team so we not only get to look like them, we also get powers! =D <3 2 years ago

♒Serenity♒ 2 years ago

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