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Prepare for the Economic Collapse-NWO

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Serena Welcomes Spring!Went to the Coin Shop today

checked out the cost of silver because I’m already priced out of the gold market. today silver sells for $39.00 a coin. that’s $5.00 over spot. I’m anxious to start saving them. 2 years ago

Serena Welcomes Spring!Studying About the Collapse in Argentina

I’ve been reading about the collapse in Argentina in 2001. They’re still not totally out of it. It’s worth studying about it to be enlightened on what happens when a country goes through an economic collapse. I believe we’ll be going through one soon and I’d like to be prepared as much as possible. 2 years ago

Serena Welcomes Spring!Stage 1

First I’ll move to a new location, save money and start buying my food storage and first aid items and other items I’ll need to sustain myself during the dollar collapse, economic transition, or any other natural (or unnatural) disaster where we’ll have to sustain ourselves until the gov’t intervenes (like Hurricane Katrina).

I lived in California during the gross wildfires of 2007. I’ve always been prepared but now I want to even more.

We all know that this country is unstable. I want to be able to sustain myself and my loved ones if (when) something happens. 2 years ago

Serena Welcomes Spring! 2 years ago

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